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  1. So basically, OP wants the most efficient endo farm back, as the Arbitration was before the update, which I could totally understand. As a guy that has dumped himself into rivens, me myself lives in a constant endo drain situation, so doing Arbitrations was once a part of my daily course. It helped me a lot since I can farm tens of thousands of endo in a grasp instead of standing stupidly in the trading chat to look for Ayatans. While some other players, need endo less or want other rewards more, this is totally understandable as well. What I can't understand is that why the people with opposite thoughts seems to be in such an offensive stance? This place is supposed to be used to disguise, not to scold at someone because they need something you don't need that much. "I need more endo from Arbitrations." "No. Endo is crap. Nobody needs endo. Get lost." Besides IMO, having people that needs less endo doesn't mean that DE must decrease the drop amount THAT much. It's like that you added a bunch of new rewards into the Arbitration, and you gain rewards twice as fast than the old Arbitration, then that should be fine already. No need to cut off the amount of endo in my sights. Like, you're feeling yourself smoking too much, but instead to simply smoke less, you cut the cigarette into quarters. Doesn't make sense for me. DE could've simply separate the drop table, one with the old endo drops, and another with arcanes, with some mods both sides.
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