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  1. Hey DE I know you are working on Railjack so I figured I should finally let you know about this. If you equip Wukong and enter the Railjack's tactical interface and use his tactical ability Celestial Twin you will create a Celestial Twin but you can also tab over to the ability on the ability strip and quick access it to create a second Celestial Twin. I must admit I haven't used this long but it has been fun as a solo player on Railjack missions and I think its time I let this one go. P.S. I haven't told anyone about this this is the first time I have mentioned it anywhere I am sorry for
  2. Your right and I do agree with you I'm not saying we should go back to that. I'm saying thats what it was and there was a fair bit of risk involved with getting in the middle of an enemy platoon and just swinging with melee. Lets face it though there's not a huge part of the community that does wall running maneuvers or wall climbing maneuvers instead just doing bullet jump + aim glide + slide(if that). Maybe we edit it so that wall running + bullet jump + aim glide (this is just an example) does the same thing as just bullet jump + aim glide does now not really reduce the amount or the speed
  3. While going into the codex to look at my lich history I discovered that you cant look at the cinematic for the liches. The screen just goes black and visuals don't return until the cinematic is over and even then you cant see the orbiter or the warframe/tenno until you exit all the way out of the codex.
  4. Really one way to make melee more dangerous is to go forward with the new movement system concept. While I do love the system it allows for even mediocre players to immediately get into a group of enemies and out again with out too much difficulty. It basically allows a player to be in the middle of a melee fight one second and out of danger in the second. Instead of the old school way were you had to run. Yes run no bullet jumping no weird mechanic (except for the poll arm weapon trick and even this couldn't fully do what we do now) to move around the map as quickly as we do now. I know that
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