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  1. This. Just tried to do a relic mission and got the countdown to select reward and....nothing. Nothing showed up. Couldn't move my character. Couldn't click on anything. Had to Ctrl+Alt+Del out of the game. ☹️
  2. Hi there! If you're still looking for a clan, my husband and I have a small rank 10 ghost clan called "Council of the Titticlus". We're also older gamers and not super chatty but we have a good sense of humor. Most of the research is complete in our dojo except for a couple items that need a ton of mutagen samples (ugh!) and some of the dojo colors. Only ones really in the clan is me, my husband, and my daughter. I play more than they do and I'm a pretty casual player. I work part-time so I'm not on all the time, but when I have a stretch of days off I will be on for several hours at a time.
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