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  1. Also: I'd make lenses recoverable from frames. Either similar to arcanes, freely replaceable and changeable, or at least transferable from basic to Prime frame of the same type. Further on, I'd make lenses upgradeable after placing them. No more having an eidolon lens somewhere, and grinding it to lua lens from the start. If lenses were recoverable, this would be possible then and there.
  2. I would get rid of the "focus orbs". ironically, they make it harder to focus on the mission. they often spawn in awkward places in some missions (PoE, I'm looking at you), they spawn after the mission phase is already over, and you're flying to the next one Instead, I'd have focus collect automatically, constantly, after maxing affinity.
  3. How do you like the Focus system? How would you like it to be redesigned?
  4. Adding my voice to this. Being able to reclaim, upgrade and move lenses from old frames and weapons would be super. For example, I have an old Mesa with Eidolon lens installed. I also have a Mesa Prime without any lens. Transferring and upgrading it to Lua would be the natural thing to do. DE, plz?
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