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  1. Currently there's a lot of visual customization in the game. Colours, skins, models, you name it. However, sound customization is almost entirely missing. Weapons always sound like their type, so do warframe abilities. You can't have a deeper pitch for Rattleguts, or a higher pitch for Grendel's first ability, let alone a whole different sound. Tone, pitch, duration, intensity, timbre, there's a lot of possibilities. DE, how about it? Respectfully, Enialyx
  2. When kitguns appeared, they were only as secondaries. I then creatively named them based on the chambers: Catchmoon, Rattleguts, so on. Later on, primaries were added. So now there's two catchmoons. My creative solution is again to name them (chamber) I and II. However, all previous secondaries now need to be renamed. Kuva weapons come with lich names on front. This is basically (gibberish) Kuva (type). Renaming them to shorter non-gibberish forms again costs money. DE, plz. Weapon names are QoL. Don't force players to pay for QoL. Respectfully, Enialyx
  3. There's 19 Kuva weapons, each with weighed RNG bonus towards the low end. The max fusion count is 10, so let's say it averages with the weighed RNG at 7. That would mean 133 liches, with Cassini raffles at times taking hours as you max weapons. It's certainly not a speedrun, but it doesn't need griefers who make the grind longer by making other players wait on their time. This is what the troll wants and also gets.
  4. 1. Which means slower murmur farming in total. 2. Killing liches is basically never a problem even in public groups. 3. The conversion will happen in further liches just as well, which not stabbing the lich prevents. Downing the lich 3 times means: taking the lich down waiting for regeneration taking the lich down waiting for regeneration taking the lich down waiting for the lich to yeet This slows down the murmur grind and takes time and attention away from the mission objective. Hmh. This would still mean an extra minute of waiting. As many missions last just several minutes, it still increases mission time and slows down the grind. For trolls, the anger meter solution would essentially mean yet more trolling opportunities. You could, for example, essentially camp at Earth defense node to grief others. If the players are so weak vs. low-level liches, then they're essentially engaging with the lich system to leech other players. This is a MR problem and can be rectified as so. If it happens with high-level liches, Warframe is a cooperative game and other players are expected to help. Because pre-making groups shouldn't be the solution for mission griefing. This means extra effort and letting griefers off the hook.
  5. Also, I would like an official answer if this is endorsed behaviour. Should I report players who do this for mission griefing?
  6. The results: No murmurs from liches Preventing other liches from spawning Much slower murmur farming Worse grind As such, this makes for an excellent way to troll other players. Getting a lich takes just 5 minutes, after which you can go troll pubs while leeching murmurs from others. Now, I realize expecting public groups to behave nicely is a losing prospect. However, it doesn't have to be so. The whole issue could be alleviated by correcting game mechanics. My proposal is that if you don't stab the lich after a certain time, the lich kills, ejects from group and fails the mission for the player involved. All rewards, including murmur progress, are lost. This has been a long-standing issue. It's already been covered for example in here: Please reconsider this issue, DE. Respectfully, Enialyx
  7. Nyx: Mass MC has great crowd-control potential. Inaros: Beefed up sandstorm is one of the best stationary CC abilities. Hydroid: Only frame with 100% additional pilfer chance. Max range puddle in defense is quite relaxing. Trinity: Go-to frame for keeping lures & Tenno alive in Hydrolyst hunts.
  8. You know they are coming. Get ready for that Mutagen Hema goodness.
  9. Wondering, since Yareli has Madurai as her default aura polarity.
  10. You can get forma from random public relic groups in 10 minutes.
  11. Lichs were envisioned to be something you do along with other gameplay. Considering there are tends of Kuva & Tenet weapons, each of which requires 1-10 valence fusions, this is pretty much warranted. However, currently I have to go out of my way to kill the lich. I can't even farm normal relics while doing so. Why?
  12. Leveling these up is so slow! What are your recommendations?
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