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  1. Diluted thermia is currently required to fight the Exploiter Orb, which drops Hildryn part blueprints. However, so far the only way to get diluted thermia is from the thermia fracture event. This ends in a little over 4 days. When the event is over, is that it for diluted thermia? Will the event repeat? Will there be months of waiting for the event to repeat, like with Plague star? Once the community runs out of diluted thermia, will the Exploiter Orb be unsummonable? Is the door to Exploiter Orb gonna get locked again too?
  2. Oh but there is a use. Riven challenge: "Complete a level 30 defense mission with the objective taking no damage". Repelling Bastille. Voilà !
  3. This, dear community members, is what Warframe has come to. What possible reason or purpose does this challenge have? How is it even a challenge? Why does Nora want us to bullet jump 150 times? Why does she pay us for it? How does it help in the fight against the big bad Wolf and his fellow escaped inmates? Does anyone feel like "once and future bad-ass" for doing this? Are you being true to your truest self? I can't even.
  4. I've had this problem. What has helped is simply waiting and refreshing the page. Seems the login server needs time to think.
  5. "Others can make an effort. I won't. I'm entitled to the rewards of their work."
  6. Just happened to me twice in a row. After completion of the 3rd fracture, canister disappears. Second time I picked it up, archwinged to the next fracture, and no longer had it.
  7. Good news, tenno! There is a report system. You can access it by, 1) support desk 2) submit a request 3) report user or hack 4) choose one category: - report AFK player - report harassment - report exploit or player cheating - report scammer / fraud Please use this often and judiciously to clean up the leechers and make the game better for all of us.
  8. As the topic says. Each time I change to a different warframe, I have to individually recolour three weapons, sentinel, archwing, two archwing weapons and K-drive. Doing this with a single click would be great.
  9. What is burning me out is being pressured to play obscene amounts of content for a prolonged time for time-exclusive rewards. Without Grindwave, I'd choose my own goals in the game. For example, - Axi R2 relic missions - Broken War components in Lua - Void trace gathering These I'd do with my own time, without stress, when I want.
  10. Together with 100 Thermia Fractures, Warframe is taking pretty much all of my free waking time this week. It's definitely a grind. I have absolutely no idea how someone working 9-5 could do it.
  11. I know I am. And there's still ~7 weeks of this left, before yet another wave of pre-chosen grind awaits.
  12. It's not about proper typing. It's about you wanting people to read and comment to what you wrote. When it's a wall of text, most will not. It's nothing personal - it's just too hard to understand.
  13. Not to mention we now have 100 thermia fractures to close in ~10 days.
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