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  1. Currently, it's impossible to obtain several color palettes such as, Bastille Discord Gamma Red/White/Blue Rollers Spektaka Transmission Twitch Having them available would help with player retention, provide sources for new gameplay and maybe even sell plat. Sources could be market, Baro or Nightwave, as already has been with Gamma and the Lotus Ephemera.
  2. I ran the numbers through probability calculator, available here: https://www.calculator.net/probability-calculator.html ------------------------------- The chance for not getting any Protea part in 80 runs is: (1 - 0.1111)80 = 8.0952915797038E-5 = 0,00008095 = 0,008% = less than 1 in 10 000 = possible, extremely bad luck ------------------------------- If you got enough parts to craft each weapon over 20 times, it necessitates at least 180 runs. (Velox = 2x20) + (Stahlta = 3x20) + (Stropha = 4x20). The chance for not getting any Protea part in 180 runs is: (1 - 0.1111)180 = 6.2161733334863E-10 = 0,0000000006216 = 0,00000006216% = far less than 1 in 1 000 000 000 = unlikely. If true, it's bugged. ------------------------------- For comparison, the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302.6 million and the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million. No Protea part in 180 runs would be over three times less likely.
  3. Ah, got it. And got the mod too! Appears the grille was open, just looked closed.
  4. Currently farming Cyclone Kraken. This one has me stumped. Cache is located behind a grille, with two of these mechanical container feeders going in it. The space between the feeders and the floor is too small to fit in between. The grille can't be destroyed.
  5. Considering what Sony did to Star Wars Galaxies......
  6. Add to this people leaving ESO after 1-2 rounds. Many of them have zero consideration for players who are focus farming or getting Braton / Lato Vandal parts. They want their weapons or frames leveled and that's it. People say "play solo or get a group", but I don't play Warframe to solo the content or sit in recruitment chat. Still, it's not really the players' fault that the mechanics works like that. It's a design problem, further exacerbated by lack of easily customizable matchmaking. ESO is skewed pro affinity farming and anti focus & Vandal part farming. For example, you can get affinity constantly, yet only really get focus for the first 45 seconds. That leaves most of the round dry. On top of that, host migrations hit during the focus period, skewing abilities and your energy.
  7. There's a difference between progression and difficulty modes. Progression: playing through the game using certain general rules. Difficulty mode: the general rules of the game. As a casual, I don't want the general rules to change. In hard mode, they change radically. I play Warframe because I like the rules it has. I'm not extremely casual. I'm MR 28. I haven't had to engage in "hardcore" content to get there and I don't want to. Hard mode MR points changes that. Instead of an optional difficulty mode, it becomes content I'm expected to play through. Just like @Jarriaga said. Within the general ruleset, I should be just as eligible for progression as a person using a different ruleset. With hardmode, I'm not. I don't like Warframe becoming more of an elitist game.
  8. @Jarriaga is right. This is really bad. Basically means that it's not an optional difficulty mode, but content. I have nothing against players who want to play with harder difficulty. To each their own. However, I'm not happy about being forced towards hardcore content as a casual.
  9. Here's my advice: Mobilize in exilus slot Staying alive mods, such as Primed Vigor and Adaptation Strong melee with good range Get the thingy Wait for monsters to crowd into one spot Throw the canister to the crowd when there's a couple of seconds left before destabilization Murder Get another thingy and repeat
  10. This is all well and good, except it means quitting far before zone 8. Thus screwing those who are hunting for the Braton & Lato Vandal -parts, as well as focus farmers. It's really a design problem. There needs to be separate places for parts, focus and frame/weapon affinity.
  11. The probability for not getting a 10% drop in 300 tries is: 1.8739277038848E-14. In percentage: 0,000000000001874%. Respectfully, it's far more probable that there was a bug and you just didn't find it. RNGs are programs like any other and can malfunction or be designed poorly.
  12. Jesus Christ, people. Take a break from Warframe, see a doctor and try and sleep some more.
  13. I used to think they're horrible too, but after realizing you can level up the standing & drives via the K-Drive races, it's been a breeze! Daily standing is done in about 15 minutes :)
  14. My sk8rframe needs some new bling.
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