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  1. I'll add my voice to those wishing for a revert. Warframe has been a great shooter. One reason for this was the graphics design; clear, stylish, functional. On missions the enemies were clearly identifiable at a glance. At no point had you strain your eyes to know what's happening. Now, doing an interception at Xini, Eris started to hurt my eyes. Contrasts are way off, lights are burned, dark areas basically black. There's no depth. A lot of the time it's hard to see where your frame ends and the background starts. The infested and your frame look like Christmas decorations playing hide & seek. The game has the look of an overbusy cartoon now. Parts of it look like World of Warcraft. This is not good. Start of Xini, Eris. The infested blend into the background. This is not good in a shooter. Xini, Eris. So dark that it's hard to see where you're going. Edges just blend into darkness. Stairs and platforms appear to have no texture. Please. Revert.
  2. What really runs rampant is the idea, that it's edgy to call customers who don't like a product "entitled". Extra C00l points for doing this in a DE-staff feedback thread.
  3. Agreed and welcome to video gaming in 2019.
  4. The strange thing about that is, they've already made changes. For example, the "Do 40 waves of defense" was changed into another challenge. Neither are the challenges same across all platforms. For example, PC has "Fully socket 3 Ayatans", while console(s) have "Fully socket 5 Ayatans". So being unable to make changes because "Nightwave has to be the same across all platforms" doesn't seem true.
  5. The irony is that they might not even read this comment. I've read pretty much the entire thread. Don't remember there being any replies from DE-staff beyond the first post. Certainly none for tens and tens of pages. Also zero moderation despite trolling that's gone on for 30+ pages. In the future, would be nice to know beforehand when the feedback is processed.
  6. What? They actually removed the bait blueprints?
  7. You write things that make sense to YOU but to me it is just as if you aimed to answer and then just talked off topic. So I guess you feel rather pleased with your replies and I cant be arsed to tell reply to your every assumption and tell you how much you missed the point. Just know this: You missinterpreted pretty much every thing I said and repeated whatever you "argued" in this topic before. I kinda see now how you got yourself into a lot of arguments. You dont seem to read very well. You have premade assumptions of reasonings behind people's opinions, then you show off how you can "logically" dismantle that. Your premade assumptions however are wrong. So everthing you said isnt even CLOSE to the topic. Just... dont even reply? Please? It just infuriates me how you spout things that SOUND right and have nothing to do with what I was saying. Yep. He's been fighting his own straw men for 40 pages now. Congratulating himself on how he picks apart others' "spurious" opinions. Basically the Ben Shapiro school of Discussion, "(PS4)guzmantt1977 DESTROYS DE critics with FACTS"
  8. It's now 5.4.2019. 27.2.2019 - 3.3.2019 4.3.2019 - 10.3.2019 11.3.2019 - 17.3.2019 18.3.2019 - 24.3.2019 25.3.2019 - 31.3.2019 1.4.2019 - 7.4.2019
  9. Yeah, me too. Nightwave begun on 27.2.2019. It was Wednesday, so there were less chores than on full weeks. It's now the 6th week of Nightwave. Total standing from this week's chores: 43 000. Standing required: 300 000 Weeks to complete: 300 000 / 43 000 = ~6,98 = 7. If the season is 10 weeks long, that means you need about 70% of all chores. Sans the fugitive captures. In my opinion,
  10. He's been doing bait & dismiss for 30+ pages now. Basic troll tactic. Incredible, really, that this can go on for so long. And in a DE staff thread too.
  11. This does not mean that everyone or even most adults need just 7 hours of sleep. Rather it means, that 7 hours is the minimum amount of sleep some adults can sleep and maintain their health. The average for adults remains ~8 hours, even in that chart. Per the site, too few make that ~8 hours a priority. Many have forgotten what being "truly rested" feels like. Light from electronic devices (such as when playing Warframe) interferes with proper sleep. Too little and poor quality sleep for completing Nightwave challenges is definitely not recommended.
  12. Blatant bs that promotes abuse and damages health.
  13. I'm MR 25. I have all the vaulted mods. They hold nothing for me.
  14. Indeed it is. Lack of sleep can destroy your health, end your career and break your family. Get enough sleep, tenno!
  15. Indeed. And Nightwave is horrible for both new players and veterans looking for something specific. Say you want a certain helmet, With alerts, you wait for the alert and are done. vs. With Nightwave, you grind ~50 missions. This takes more than a week. Then, you wait for the helmet to appear in the cred store, which can take many weeks. And if you start in the middle of the season, you may never see it. Credits reset. All the grind was for naught. Yet people keep saying that Nightwave is more convenient and respects your time.
  16. Thanks, KnosssosTNC, for the list. This totals to 39 missions. The only one of these I benefit from is the 8 PoE bounties. This makes it 31 chores for the week = many hours of boring busywork. Please, 1) bin the whole Chorewave 2) bring back alerts 3) use money & resources for making, 3.1) quests 3.2) another enemy faction 3.3) more maps
  17. The customer is always right. Even when you don't agree with them. You're trying to police customer feedback. This is directly contrary to the purpose of the thread, so you're derailing it. It's against forum rules. You're insulting and misrepresenting other posters. This is against several forums rules.
  18. No the irony is that there are people criticising on rather spurious grounds and trying to get the people responding to the thread to believe that comments critical of their criticism isn't also valid feedback. See how that goes? At what point did DE ask to spam your opinion on other people's opinions? At no point. What you're doing here is picking fights and filling the thread with pointless arguing. This makes it living hell for DE to find the actual feedback. If I were the customer feedback girl, I'd rather hit myself in the face than sift through a thread like this.
  19. The great irony here is that this is a feedback thread. Specifically made by DE staff to hear people's opinions. And the DE Defense Force thinks they're doing a service to DE by shooting negative opinions down.
  20. That's not "doing the math". That's making up bs to justify your prejudices and calling it "math". In real science, that is exactly what you shouldn't do.
  21. As things are now, I'm pretty sure I'll complete the first "season" of Nightwave and then take a long break from Warframe. It's already called Chorewave for a reason. To get the lvl 30 armour, you have to do about 100 chores, many of these composed of multiple missions. Nearly all of them are a boring grind already done. And with seemingly very little basis with hunting the "Wolf of Saturn Six". How on Earth does scanning 5 targets for Simaris help you fight the Wolf? Or doing 3+3+3 random missions? Or 10 Syndicate missions? Or sitting for an hour in lvl 1-6 Earth defense? Or redoing the Titania quest I already did a year ago? On top of that, Nora keeps babbling about you being true to your truest self. Yeah, I really ain't. Nora,
  22. Not to mention we now have 100 thermia fractures to close in ~10 days.
  23. "I can do this, so I'm going to invalidate others who can't."
  24. I absolutely hate that, 1) I'm being pressured to play content chosen for me. 2) Doing so takes a lot of time. 3) The content is mindless chores. Either let me play what I choose or take away the time constraint.
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