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  1. We already played it. Did you know the past, present and future all exist at the same time? So we already played everything Warframe released. *_* we perceive time as slow. Which is now in the present. But just to be funny. If you want to time travel into the future. Just fly around the world over and over. You’ll go into the future and back to the past every day lol. Anyways, seriously though, the past, present and future all are happening at once it’s just our brains perceive time in a slow linear way.
  2. Agree, some items i bought n ended getting the bundle for one locked item and that sucks you Can't get a discount off things owned already thats part of the bundle.
  3. Its a goodthing this is F2P game. If not you would be upset you spent money and got bored. Im usually bored when playing solo and not with friends but content wise. Ive done everything except complete a few achievements. Other than that im waiting for more content. Im glad i don't have enough time to play because I'd be just as bored as you but like all games. You have enough time to play it and do everything. Youll get bored really fast but like i said earlier luckily we don't have to pay to play this game. Have a good one.
  4. It’s a zaw. So unless the weapon is an actual nikana, that mod will be specifically meant for said weapons. The reason why that amalgam mods don’t work for Zaws is because it’s parts slapped together vs the 4 types already made for that extra hp regen. Yes, it would be nice to have a zaw benefit from those certain amalgam mods with bonuses but it would be unbalanced. If a zaw can benefit from that mod bonus then you’ll might as well overhaul the entire mod system to benefit all kit guns/zaws. Then those secondary shotguns that use pistol mods instead of shotgun mods should be able to use shotgun only mods ect.
  5. Use a nyx wit it’s 4th ability just out of shot so it looks like your doing that new reworked mag ability lol.
  6. You don’t need twitch prime for twitch drops anymore. You only need twitch prime for exclusive twitch prime giveaways.
  7. Don’t forget many other ways to watch the stream live. Many used mixer, YouTube, other twitch streamers hosting the live stream ect.
  8. Happens to me all the time. Especially on items I kinda really wanted but no big deal. All these disgruntled posts about drops are crazy. Everything I see is all rage against DE. Those that go to the Warframe site and it says “ twitch account linked” are you sure it’s linked to the right platform you play on? If it is the correct platform. Have you tried contacting twitch support? They would have the log info for your twitch account and would show the time you streamed a particular channel. Also, if you did a AFK twitch stream and didn’t have your volume at 1% but muted. You wouldn’t have gotten the drop.
  9. Open ticket with twitch support. They sent out a system wide drop for those that had the lotus ephemera. Now they’re responding to lots of nekros prime drops but no lotus ephemera drops. So you’ll need to wait for a response. However l, you got no drop that was free for everyone to include those that don’t have ps plus ect. So, I’d start with twitch support because they would have your log info and can assist you if your really want those drops. I can understand the frustration but DE aren’t always at fault. Sometimes it’s on the twitch end or owner of account. I stayed logged out and checked my inbox after 31mins to confirm I had the ephemera drop. If I didn’t, I would’ve relinked my Warframe and twitch prime account and try again. If that didn’t work then I would’ve contact twitch and DE support about it. Your not the only person who I’m sure didn’t get any drops and watched that submitted a ticket. Well, good luck and just be patient. You’ll get a response from DE when they reach your ticket in the order it was submitted.
  10. They did say it could take up to a few days to weeks to get your items. So if you still haven’t received your items. Open up a ticket with twitch. As I’ve stated earlier to someone else. Some people I know got their items long after while I got mines during the stream. Someone got both of their items just yesterday. So, open a ticket with twitch because they will have the logs for your account and know if you were watching the stream. If you had your volume muted while afk watching. That counts as not watching. Your volume needs to be at 1%. I’ve noticed when I don’t play while streaming is live with drops. I have zero issues with twitch drops. Anyways, if your that disgruntled about nekros prime then go to twitch support because DE has no control over the drops and can’t reward you with those items because it came from twitch. Also, twitch has your account logs and will be able to confirm that you did earn the drop and then you’ll get an answer to why you didn’t get your drop. Just be happy you didn’t need twitch prime for these drops nor psplus. This isn’t the first time they’ve given away free prime frames. So you’ll get lots more chances to get free frames. GL, hope twitch support can help you get your item.
  11. I’m going to assume since they did the full wukong rework and have everyone 3 forma per wukong crafted they just added the prime version of him since it was a brand new makeover and seemed like a new frame. I’m thinking atlas prime isn’t ready yet. Making a primed version of him is tough. Then you’ll need to see which of the weapons are ready for the prime version and how do they look ect. I’ll be upset if they drop nezha prime in December instead of atlas. Been waiting for atlas this whole time. I’ve even spent hours creating skins for atlas following their guidelines for them to accept your design. which is a pain in the arse. I even created a sumo frame using multiple frames and a kuva guardian stomach. That supposed to be a tank passive ability has taunt aura that automatically taunts enemies and builds rage by the enemies taunted. Also, gains rage regen multiplies up to 4x by allies taking damage from enemies and him as well. Then his first ability is him doing a leg stomp to taunt all enemies, second leg stomp created a 10m ring that gives you a damage buff and damages enemies inside the ring. Also, stun and pull enemies together to you and then you can hold down the ability to do a powerful charge that drains rage crazy while damaging any enemy inside your ring and holding your charge to release when you reach 500% dmg charge buff increase . On impact they ragdoll and any object(s) they hit will multiply the initial damage and then take the damage after landing on the ground. His second ability is to roll around knocking enemies down but the bad part is he will get incapacitated for rolling around to long, 3rd ability is to clap and CC blind enemies in range and his 4th would be to suck all the oxygen in the room to get really huge and explode and do an AOE that knockdown all enemies and does 40% damage to enemies health with a dot tick based on the amount you held 4th ability down.
  12. They did say that be patient with ephemera and nekros drops. That’s why I stay logged out of game and I checked for the ephemera drop earlier to make sure the drops are working. However, I know some people who got their inbox items later. I too have spent lots of money to support DE. However, Im not going to get upset at DE for not being able to buy wukong prime right now for 140$ plus tax. Remember, DE doesn’t own twitch nor Sony. So when it comes to problems like that it’s really not their fault. But on PS4 some people I know just got their items while I got mines during stream. Hope you get your item if not then I’m sure something free will come up in the future again. This was a free drop for non twitch prime members and those who don’t have ps plus.
  13. You can get it now. I just helped someone who was just rank 1 hit 15 in under 2 hours
  14. Strange, I got her alt helmet on the last day of nightwave or the one before that. I figure save all the points and wait on the last day to spend just Incase they add something worth buying. However, I bought any camo skins during the first series and then when I maxed out. I made more credits and spent everything on potato’s for weapons. Well, I’m glad plague star has forma again. I bought 50 forma and left 3000 on rank 3. Now I need another 50+ for new frames coming out and possibly building another frame for quicker farming or whatever reason to go with a totally different build.
  15. No, but you easily could with ember on a low level survival.
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