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  1. Khora benefits the most with the new changes. I finally have my balanced pilfering strangledome/accumulating whipclaw damage build. The only nerf I see is number 2 no longer gives bonus dmg to enemies. So when you cast 2 then 4 or 4 then 2 you don’t get that extra buff. But venari heals without using energy, stack vasca kavat and you have a consistent heal and revive. Things get intense you can make your venari heal you extra. However, if you drop the strangledome augment you can do a nice whipclaw build and add viral to your melee weapon and you’ll spam viral whips. EMBER Embers complete energy drain? Unless you mean her meter? I never run out of energy with her and she reminds me of a mixture of chroma with elemental perk and mod augment, Garas splinter for heals and Revenants mind controlled army(because fire keeps spreading from enemy to enemy). But just dump her thermostat and kill enemies with fire for them energy orb return. She’s not that complicated. Just need to play her differently from before.
  2. my zeni I use it when I’m going to fight enemies 60+ because I can max my combo and lockdown that stop and go another place and start building it up again lockdown and jump back to the other side. If it makes you feel better. Why don’t you use a ferrox or azima to lockdown an area. I have no issue with my zeni doing ESO, arbitration’s and high end rotation c interception farming. So, next time before you rage out and complain about wanting to lockdown an area during solo play. Objectively look at what you are doing, does it take less than 5 hits max to kill a mob of enemies, what focus school are you using ect. If it takes 3 full combo rotations to kill one enemy then you know your in the right area for the zeni secondary Why is it broken? If you are 1-5 hitting enemies and they’re dying. You are doing it wrong. Until it hits the 50s-130s.
  3. Idk, but I got melee weapon right away. Might have been because I had mod drop rate and drop rate booster on. Yes, I know mod drop rate buff is for “ mods” but I noticed All the times I’ve ran the boss fight Ive got full weapon set drops until the mod booster buff ran out.thats when I got same parts to drop over and over. I used all 20 extra keys to get one set Vs having that mod drop booster. there might be a bug or a coding error that has the boss drop items in order or starting with whatever drops first then goes in a 1,2,3,4 rotation drop till it cycles back to the first dropped item. I’ve noticed it on other boss farms, beacon drops, and silvergrove farming. I have terrible RNG luck and since I got the mod drop booster and did a consistent farm on one boss. Looked like everything the boss can drop would drop only once until it started back at the same item you got the first time and kept on repeating. Like I said earlier. After the mod drop booster ended that’s when it seemed like regular RNG for a boss would drop the same items and make farming tedious. I had no problem farming two sets in a row with the mod drop booster stacked with the drop Chance booster.I’d have to get another mod drop booster to see if it was just luck or there is a bug or a coding issue that forces enemies and bosses to drop all items on their drop table in order starting with whatever item dropped. The two random groups that stayed with me farming got a full set of the infested glaive weapon and both said it took them forever to farm. On my solo farms using apothics I got all items dropped once from Loki, saryn and Oberon. So, it could be just luck or when the mod drop booster and drop rate booster are stacked with each other there is a coding error and it causes enemies/bosses to drop the loot table in order starting with whatever dropped first. I’ll update this when I find someone with the mod drop booster and join with them to see if both boosters together does mess with the drop tables.
  4. Have you clicked the contest link and read what is on the page? Anyways, it’s not a big deal to get a shawzin if you want to enter. Also, most of the questions have been answered. So, like any contest in the past. they provide what they are looking for and if you have to ask if you can do this or that. Then your either doing something that is against the policies of the game and what they listed down as what qualifies and what does not. Other than that it’s just like I said earlier. This is like every other contest we’ve had in the past. The macro questions have been answered. all Warframe sounds are 100% okay to use and any sound not from Warframe would be a copyright issue. So besides knowing that the games policies always apply to contests what other legal and official rules do you need posted?
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