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  1. I'm missing Ceti Lacera and intrinsics. But yeah.. rather just wait till i actually need to max those than sloggin through levelling em.
  2. Probably on a separate game mode. Will definitely need a new bullet sponge enemy that can actually survive more than a few melee swings from tenno.
  3. This is false. Ones an event that involves a boss fight and you can farm made formas out of them, the other is an equivalent of Baro kiteer selling the same thing hes been selling but hes staying for 24 days. How are the two the same? Ones worth farming for 24 days to get all the forma you can. The other one are just selling a few skins and recurring items from events pasts. I would bother reading the rest of your post at 2am in the morning here but the first few sentence made me decide otherwise.
  4. Just like with Baro mate. Its hard to be hyped with nothing new to buy or to work for. Not saying no thanks but can't really show enthusiasm either like OP. Lets just say i'm going like "neat.. new color palette". Do a few bounty runs.. and logs off. Just like with Baro.
  5. Thanks but pretty hard to be too grateful since it doesnt feel like a new event. Would be neat if theres new zaw arcanes or such or even Zaw parts. The Plague parts are getting pretty old. The cosmetics are nice. All in all feels more like a filler episode.
  6. Maybe farfetched but expecting some sour threads about "As a MR18 veteran with 1000 hours on steam who can't even do tridolons, I should be able to get 30+ riven slots and buff peasants as well even though i choose not to be a slave to the grind". "Its borderline grind 2 win softlocking those fancy buffs, its against good game design mechanics, and discriminates my rights and shows MR30 players are trump supporters". Will definitely claim first to call it if there are any threads of such.
  7. Maybe a neat feature for the operator ish but yeah.. the warframes already have abilities that mirror the glider and climbing. The thing is with BotW the world is huge and more vertical than the open worlds that we have. Warframes ability to air glide, operator dash and wall jump are all tailored to warframe open world scale. In principle their both similar abilities and functions the same ish.
  8. I'll bold my suggestions on your goals and arrange them according to what i think is the order it needs to be done as a tl:dr. Join a clan. This unlocks 3 free frames, the archwing amesha and a lot of people to connect and learn from. Do the quests mate. Enjoy the storyline, the world, earlier quest filled sections of the game is one of the best parts of the game. Don't spoil yourself going to hydron with a taxi and be a useless mr21 whos afraid to even run 2 excavators at the same time with a full squad and cant even do teralyst at that MR cause hes a hydron baby (rant for a random
  9. Its the easier way to do something. Thus cheesing. Didn't mean to bring a negative connotation to it. Just proposing to the OP its possible to clear the test with other frames rather than relying on that one trick.
  10. On topic : Nope. Not missing out on any points so you can just happily level stuff up without worries. You should just practice some more. Maybe you can clear it without depending on wukong. Pretty sure its not impossible and even if you fail you can try it with wukong later if you really need to cheese it.
  11. Novas slow and Wisps motes makes it easy. Bring a specter if you need more firepower but you shouldn't need it. I recommend Wisp for an almost no hassle run.
  12. Stahlta, Exergis, Rubico Prime Pyrana Prime Stropha or a Plague Kripath
  13. You get to forma someone elses weapon as you have mastered the said material.
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