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  1. Learn to use your 2 and learn to move more so you don't get hit much. Next time you're playing try to observe how useful your shield is. With most things in this game shields are useless in most cases. Also look for some exalted blade builds online for reference. You can forma your frame upto double digits if you want but your true source of strength and survivability is in your mods and basic ones like Vitality needs to be pretty high rank.
  2. Its a great game. Being an unstoppable ninja is addictive. Can't say theres a better game like it in the market now and you get a little of everything with the content.
  3. Probably nothing. Theres no real reason for them to make higher ranks and no reason they can't just save your affinity points past 30 like the ones that intentionally ignoring rank up tests. A new weapon for each rank past 30 would be nice and an incentive to players to rank up. Though something like "supreme super duper master with extra cheese" rank sounds fun.
  4. Yup. Used to farm Kuva all day just to keep my stocks in check rolling new released rivens and reselling unrolled ones. Used to be annoyed if my plat amount was under 2k but now I try to have around 500p just for the occasional boosters and sell rivens and frames when i really need the it.
  5. +1. I think only newer players or whales tend to spend actual money into the game especially when they get the 75% discount thingy. Once you start selling rivens or know when to go gung ho breaking relics and sell the stuff you get from it you can easily make 500-1k plat perday if you want to or have the time.
  6. I doubt weapon type is an issue. Javlok can use it and its a speargun. You can even add it to the Opticor for some reason. Its not an issue if it weren't for the zoom totally takes out alot of what you can view. A trolling teammate trying to get you to self damage, a railing. The weapon looses alot without using that zoom fire mode thus my feedback. Just think it'd be a good fix for the weapon.
  7. Tonfas are pretty much my goto melee now. The combo doesn't really make you jump out of the blue or random slam attacks that throws the enemy around and been very good for me so far. 100% status Lesion with Healing Return when I think i need it. Most Heavy blade with Cleaving Whirlwind for occasional spin 2 win. And an Arca Titron for the occasional heavy attack spamming.
  8. Hi and a very good day to you all. Komorex can't use Cautious Shot. The zoom fire mode is the only part that makes the thing useable and self damage is too easy esp when its fully zoomed like that. Please change or better yet remove the self damage part. Its an awful weapon because of it esp when the other fire modes aren't really that good. Thanks and have a nice day.
  9. Once you have decent parts and cleared the veil returning to low level nodes just to spam Void hole and one shotting everything does feel fun. Still need a better engine and reactor though but it is fun once you start feeling a little more nimble.
  10. My list of positives and optimism about the game. - Looking forward to what Empyrean evolves into like how POE gets more polished through the years. Ships pretty decent but I'm still hunting for a good reactor but only have 2 nodes left to clear and I'm not rushing it. - Finally got to make my own dojo and almost done with all the railjack and other researches apart from Hema and colors. Having fun decorating the hell out of it. - Melee 2.0 or whatever the current iteration is was really good imo. Everything feels smoother between gunning and slashing, damage is buffed. Can't complain. - Kuva weapons are great. Brakk, Tonkor and Karak are great weapons to play around with. All in all. Looking forward to 2020. Edit : 500th post. I'm spending too much time here.
  11. Most probably your mods aren't maxed and what frames you're using. With some frames you can really be comfortably tanking lvl 100 stuff without thinking too much about it. As mentioned above, Wukong, or Nidus and Excalibur Umbra can survive pretty well. Invest on a few things like Magus Lockdown so you crowed control when you need to and should be kinda cheap. Make sure you have a decent melee weapon because most of the time its faster against hordes of grineer compared to downing them one by one (personally i use telos boltace, Lesion with the healing return mod, or a redeemer). Little tips like using using Saryns 3 to really buff your status weapons and melee, Nidus 3 on the Lich, using Zenuriks Temporal Blast on the lich is a thing i usually do to really make stuff easy, letting Wukongs clone or a spectre take the agro while you shoot the lich from afar. Little things add up to make things easier. But level 100 should be a walk in a park once you got your mods and builds in check.
  12. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank#Primary Scroll way down to mastery rank benefits and you can check what weapon you can craft. Prime or peasant weapons all are listed there.
  13. You're not ready for this one. Its ok to skip it.
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