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  1. Still around for sorties occasionally and whenever theres any new weapons to try. Main reason for slowing down is probably rivens. Couldn't make thousands of plats anymore so no real reason to spam kuva missions or invest on random weapons. Tried Destiny 2 already and dropped it just as fast. Right now playing Shadow of the tombraider and some mobile mmo stuff.
  2. Not as good for everyone really. Been only spamming Marduk for that A6 since atlas came out and still haven't got one but atleast I've got all the axi relics needed for the other new stuffs. Wouldn't recommend Disruption either from my personal experience.
  3. Octavia. Whips. Invisibility refreshes automatically when you spin2win. Its easy.
  4. You seem to have problems comprehending what i meant when i say its not my job to "fill the holes". Concept mate. None insults found. Just that your pessimist views is common in brainstorming but were not in that phase. Were in the "isn't this idea cool", "list your unique playable concepts" phase and you seem to try too hard trying to push down general ideas in a fun theory crafting thread like theres a deadline and things need to be ironed out. You do you man. And before you say "but its not playable because its hard to balance", its workable. Flaws are meant to be ironed out in the designing phase. Want me to play dev with you and talk like i'm pitching my idea for a paycheck? Why? You're just a random person in a forum.
  5. I dont have to think too much of it. Only the concept which is a modular frame. DE is the one thats paid to think every nook and cranny about each frames into their game. This my friend is a forum thread. Its not an actual frame concept meeting among DE game designers. Just for fun theorizing stuff that'll never happen. Shouldn't be too hard to get the idea behind that and be nitpicking like work. What i have in mind is basically abilities 1 to 3 is based of what chassis, systems, neuro is used with the 4th part being his Blueprint. His 4 is a skill thats uniquely his. Devs can choose which skills that are available from each part. For example Baruuk lull is the only ability he can have from Baruuks skill set but with a penalty of either range or duration so he doesn't undermine Baruuk itself or skills that are reliant on baruuks mechanics like his 1. Abilities with 90% damage reduction maybe will only have 75% compared to the original. Molt from saryn, loki switch teleport or his invisibility skill capped on its duration to 15 secs. Hard to find balance obviously but it'll be a personalized frame much like kitguns and zaws. You have 40+ frames i think to choose from. Pretty sure thats alot of customizing options. Its a concept mate. I'm not bothered to think about how it'll work in game with every single frame without being paid for it.
  6. And ignore the point i made above? Its not my job to balance and work out the kinks since its just for fun hypothetical posting but the concept is what the threads about.
  7. A riven on a Tigris Prime. Or anything thats not the standard Tigris P build.
  8. Personally Id like to see a modular frame like kitguns and zaws but for frames. Parts require different parts from frames say you want Khoras 4 Strangledom you use Khoras Neuroptics, Volts 3 shield maybe require Volts Systems, Saryns 1 requires Saryn Chassis. Sounds OP but you can balance it with having less stats for example a poormans Strangledom, limited range Saryns 1 and your modular frame will have to be balanced in what skill you're choosing as well. + even if you take strangledom doesnt mean you get the augment so it adds more limitations. And devs can decide which skill from each frame you can add to the modular warframe so that something like Lokis Invisible cant be abused but maybe switch teleport. Especially with most frames having great synergies lately having something like Limbos 4 is useful but not OP without his 2. Or Gauss without his 4. Just an example. Think that'd be something fun to play around with.
  9. Kuva survival for me killing 2 birds with one stone. Usually im using frame abilities to crowed control or support anyway and people will kill in there. Relax mate. Its a general term mid mr players like to spout about to push the narrative that just because they're not high mr doesn't mean they don't know better. You see plenty of tryhards in this game so its unavoidable. Its a general thing told ingame cause for some its true. For others, some have played this game too long that they come into the game once a while from hiatus and will be rusty on some new parts of the game. Thus the "silly question" from a high mr player. Whatever the reasons are its just a blanket statement. Pretty sure its not aimed at you.
  10. Its what people do while waiting. I like to start crouch walking around and hope someone else joins and make a train. Usually it works.
  11. Monkey man for clearing starchart and decent for most sortie missions. Chroma will need quite decent mods and formas but you might be able to get into Eidolon hunting early if you invest and build him right. Still will need to also invest into a decent sniper though and your operator so yeah. A lot of stuff on the checklist if you choose chroma.
  12. Slots and proper rare mods like maiming strike, argon scope, maxed important mods Primed Pressure Point. Plenty of Ayatan Treasure and a 30 day Credit booster if you can already do Index and rush maxing mods like Serration, Split Chamber, Vitality, and Corrupted mods. These are probably the ones that holds its value even after you're at MR 20+. Personally Id invest in rivens but you'll need experience and alot of playing time to make profit of that.
  13. Its just that people are adamant to dismiss the fact that riven dispositions are volatile.Especially for most used weapons. Accept the fact that your perfect Acceltra, Fulmin, or Rubico rivens aren't going to keep their value and you'll be less effected emotionally when the disposition changes and invest in them accordingly. You only have yourself to blame if you build your house on a beautiful island but has a volcano that can erupt any moment.
  14. Play a lot and you'll start hoarding useless stuff like this especially with Baro starting to sell neat orbiter decorations. Bought a few of those new decorations he brought but haven't bothered arranging them yet. Bobble heads are just my thing.
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