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  1. Thanks for the game fellas. Hope you guys get charged up enough for next year.
  2. Not really. Its just what most of the complaint threads concluded to then. Considering the topic is the same, the said conclusion is applicable.
  3. It actually is. Look back at the threads complaining about the last Halloween store didn't came with Forma cause people equate that store to plague star. The general consensus is you can sell stuff to get plats to buy Forma bundles or rush the blueprints you get. Its the "acceptable" solution for the complaints that Forma takes too long to craft without spending and people shouldn't look at that yearly forma hoarding event as a solution. So yeah. It actually is.
  4. People have different gear level progression in game thus experience probably. Some will see it as difficult and all that while some players who are further down the line wouldn't even notice it as just another node. On topic : Personally iirc only had trouble with the shield but wasn't really prepped for it either (cant remember the part but my amps primary fire had short range). Took a while but everything else felt pretty much the same.
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