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  1. Infested for sure. Something like the vibe of the Helminth room but more diverse.
  2. Galatines faster, higher slash weight and base status chance. With that broken bull combo thingy you can get more slash procs compared to paracesis.
  3. If her 4 is on, her 1 shouldn't eat any shield for ammo since its her only attack available to her. Her 4 should have a proper aoe like equinox's maim kinda deal so you can use her 4 to crowed control. Can add for eg a limit to the number of enemies she can hold at one time for balance. Havens great but a slightly higher figures would be great so the effects are more noticeable. It can be locked when she has her 4 up or Instead of taking more shields when more team mates are buffed it should be based on how much damage they are absorbing in case if its too OP.
  4. Bastille already has an augment.
  5. Quartakk with a dual crit no recoil riven. Synapse with a dual crit toxin riven. Twin Krohkurs Sepfahn Nikana
  6. Yes. Thats what were trying to do. Give suggestions that add little changes and depth to an already great parkour system rather than making it change the feel of it. its supposed to be negligible. Wether it comes to a challenge or not that depends on the situation and how its implemented. That or we do what we can to fix the problems that we can (maiming strike, adding more challenge to the game). Or we do nothing. Your suggestion of addressing bigger problems like our powers require large scale changes that later will lead to balance issues. Something that will take alot of work on and endless tweaks. Its not practical to suggest doing nothing and ignore what we can to push the game forward just because theres a bigger elephant in the room. You think its plausible to assume the game will ever reach a state that there are no overpowered abilities or energy issues or whatever you think it is? I don't know what you're on about here. It feels like you're intentionally arguing and repeatedly quoting parkour 2.0 and coptering which is really not whats on the plate here. Atleast thats not what I'm suggesting at all. It seems you're stuck at that mindset that what being suggested is in anyway related to those 2 keywords which from what I'm trying to suggest doesn't. So its kinda pointless trying to read more to what you're replying. Cause it seems long and not related.You're still stuck at the understanding that I'm trying to kill bullet jumping which I\m not. I'm just saying it'll be good to restrict players from it for a few seconds. If you think thats too much then theres your hyperbole. On that maiming strike its a suggestion that sliding attacks should also be tied to your stamina bar. Basically saying if its the mechanics there we can use it to curb slide attacks as well. Were not the devs. Its a general suggestive idea on what the devs maybe can try to improve the game on to fix maiming spamming, game difficulty. Please do avoid quoting me if all you're going to do is mentioning something thats not even related to what I'm suggesting or all you're going to say is "there are bigger issues" rather than actual counterpoints. But you are right about not being invested in the thread. Its a suggestion. How it translates into the game is not our job but its the devs job to consider. I like OPs idea. That should be enough.
  7. Overthinking abit there. Stamina limitations can be made with little to no intrusion at all. Just to avoid people being dependant on it. Add a risk to over relying on bulletjumps. Basically the games too easy because enemies are duck hunting but the ducks are flying 100km/h. Then the duck complaints the games too easy. We're moving plenty fast already with the current parkour system. I'm saying a slight handicap to it might actually make the game alittle more challenging. And read my example what my version of the stamina bar. An example of 3 bullet jumps then a cooldown for something like 5 seconds isn't going to nerf our speed that well need a Volt in every run. Its a solution. A small one but its better than staying stagnant without doing anything. Everything has its good and its flaws. Again. Its a solution. How well its implemented depends on the execution but its better than doing nothing. Its called adding depth to a system. You're just intentionally making a big deal out of nothing cause from that example a 5 second cooldown you can roll, operator dash, actually use parkour that can add a feature like buffs movement speed or added fire rate from arcane before continuing to bulletjump. It just adds more to gameplay albeit small adjustments to an existing mechanic. Again. Its an option. Theres plenty of things that doesnt effect out gameplay but its there to add depth. Rolling, Sliding, Arcanes. Why not dumb the game down to just a press 4 Volt at point A then teleports to point B then more skill spam. Why bother with alarms, threat levels or even enemies that can aim. Additionally it can be used to curb maiming strike meta, be more newbie friendly and more team oriented. The problem i see is just that you're seeing it like its a 1000lbs dead weight thats going to need all these other frame buffs and these being a must have to keep the fast paced gameplay when I think the op has a more lighter version of it that makes you be a little more careful about your movement and make full use of what your frame can do. Though thats my thought on the topic.
  8. Do pubs. You'll learn more.
  9. So you agree the whole coptering is bad for the game? Its a general idea that the whole movement speed is good but players bullet jumping past everything with enemies just shooting at shadows is one of the reasons the games too easy and dumbs down the game to basically point A to point B with nothing inbetween. I think the idea is not to hinder players but make the game less straight forward and actually having the players have to face the enemies rather than blitzing past them. And its not like totally removing bullet jump but making it less spammable. Maybe something like 3 consecutive bullet jumps then a 5 seconds CD which can be replenished by wall running. I'm sure the devs will agree slowing down the action is not the games identity so if anything like this would be introduced it can be balanced so its not too hindering to general play but at the same time its not as having enemies in the map is pointless if you're on a objective based map like Mobile defense. Adds the risk that you can't easily escape everything too much and in a game where you have map nukes, 90% damage reduction, arcane guardian, grace aegis, operator magus repairs, ridiculous op CC, and abilities that basically make a frame invincible, I think its not that big of a deal to add more challenge into the basic gameplay. The general opinion of this game already is that its too mind numbingly easy. And Saryn Nezha Nova Volt are not as easily abused. Its their own abilities as well so that can be a quality that they have. Totally a non issue. Not my job to convince anyone since in the end of the day its how well its executed that makes or break it. Just saying its a good idea in general.
  10. That would definitely add depth to the movement system but you are talking to the community that treats Volts speed skill as the greatest shiet in gaming so don't expect much support. It'd solve the whole maiming strike mess, gives more value to movement speed buffs like Saryns 2, Nezha, Novas teleport and Volt speed and as long as its not anything too intrusive Its a great idea in my book and make more mods and builds viable. Plus it'll actually make people be more wary of its surroundings rather than just going to point to point ignoring enemies like we have right now. Thats all i'll say about the suggestion.
  11. Can we have more augments for weapons? Like the Grinlok having Deadly Sequence but for the new weapons? Would really freshen up some of the older interesting weapons like Ferrox or Synapse.
  12. This will definitely make movement much more interesting. I do agree spamming bulletjump does get a little mindnumbing and the game mechanics has plenty of underutilized potential like wallrunning. If they can ballance the wallrun buff and stamina bar well it'd make the game feel less arcady and makes certain mods and arcanes worth investing on.
  13. Meanwhile youtubers see this and tries hard to replicate for views.
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