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  1. I've got the same issue, occured for me after one of the recent cycles of the Fomorian, not sure if it's tied to an update or the evet itself. In both cases, the emails come with blueprints for items I've already got from past versions of the event, and deleting them only works that instance of viewing my inbox. There doesn't seem to be anything to be done about them, but at least they've stayed persistently marked as "read", so I don't have to put up with Ordis' "witticisms"!
  2. They key is to chase the orbs, not the kills - you can take as long as you like overall provided you keep time on the clock through the orbs Focus on the orbs and getting to the orbs and nothing else. Kill enemies on your way but only as passing (something with a high range is perfect for this, most of the polearms and whips are best. I used an atterax, but the Guandao, Cassowar are also good choices). By focusing on the orbs, you'll build up a bit of time in the bank AND a crowd of enemies following you, allowing you to take out a large group of them very rapidly once you have a little time in hand....ad if this isn't enough to end the test, go back to orb chasing. You can do it with AoE frames too (as mentioned, Equinox trivialises this), but this basic strategy should see you through.
  3. Never experienced this directly, so the information I can offer is limited. However, given that Warframe uses Peer to Peer communication between clients and host when in a group/team, it seems likely that something in this area is triggering the sudden dropout you're seeing. If one or all of you have an ISP prone to blocking all P2P traffic randomly, this could be the source...but I'd expect to be more consistent, to always block or always allow, never to drop out after a little play time (you didn't sy how long you got usually) A second possibility is that if some of you are playing from within the same network, Warframe's servers might be seeing those people as seemingly being from the same IP, and dropping the conneciton because it looks dodgy and they cannot actually differentiate who is who at the target IP. This feels more likely based on your limited description of the problem, and I recall seeing someone from DE suggest that in this scenario, each PS4 on the network needs to go into the game settings and choose a different pair of ports to use than the other PS4s on the network. However, I didn't see a follow up to confirm if that helped or not, but it may be worth a shot.
  4. The Steam charts only show player numbers, not new players and thus give no useful insight into actual retention of new players. The pattern you describe is common to all long running games, where there's surge in lapsed and new players before falling back to approximately the normal background level. What a developer is looking for is the long term trend that results...which if you compare over all time is clearly upwards, although with a very slight downward trend over the last year, which is entirely explained by the popularity of a bunch of last year's releases and doesn't inherently indicate an issue - massive or otherwise - on Wrframe's part. Perhaps you could expand on how you see the proposed "battle pass" (Fortnite player, I'm guessing?) features would directly help either retain new players or re-engage lapsed veterans? Perhaps you can link them in context to your own experience as a first time player and ho they would have caused you to stay and play the game? (By the wy, these are all the same kind of questions I'd ask developers I used to work with when they were trying to work out how to improve their game's retention stats)
  5. Arcanes install on specific things depending on the Arcane, but the easiest examples to see are the ones dropped by the Teralyst which equip to your warframe. Theyre reuseable, so once equipped they can be removed or replaced at will, and you can upgrade equipped arcanes. As you've noticed, upgrading them requires a scaling number of duplicates (2 more to take an arcane to level 2, 3 to level 3, and finally 4 to the maximum 4th level). Note that these duplicates must all be rank 1 - you cannot use higher rank arcanes to upgrade an arcane. Does this cover all your questions?
  6. Where are you trying to equip the launcher? This goes in your gear wheel, and it defaults to Roky's board until you have constructed one of your own (You canot equip one in the Vehicles screen until you have one of your own either). The TERMINALBIGFLIP code is supposed to be for a K-Drive scrawl (graphic customisation) ,NOT a board, although you are correct that it doesn't seem to provide any reward.
  7. The Vaykor Hek already includes a Justice proc built in, which is why the Scattered Justice mod is incompatible with it (Double the Justice is too much Justice!). The+200% multishot on top of this would make the Hek potentilly too unbalanced as well, considering it's still a better shotgun than the base Hek despite this lack. The same generally holds true for any of the Syndicate weapons and their mods for normal counterparts for the same reason.
  8. With PoE, it's easy to spot the leechers within the first two bounty stages, as the behaviour is genrally pretty similar: Usually high MR (lower MRs can be seen trying - slowly - to catch up, but they're visibly moving towards the bounty location) The most common locations for someone fishing or mining in a bounty become familiar over a period of time I don't count "affinity" leeches (underleveled or underequipped) as leeching unless they're not present and trying to do the bounty - I'll happily take an MR4 who tries and dies every 10s over a 24 who is fishing. The bounty rewards are there, in my opinion, for participating, so regardless of whether I could solo this bounty myself, I'm not using my time to earn handouts for someone who has more than enough gameplay experience as evidenced by mastered weapons and frames to be able to do the same. Personally, my approach is, if I spot suspicious behaviour is to continue and complete at least Stage 1 of the bounty. With the way PoE works, this means that if everyone but the leecher leaves after that point, no new randoms will be joined (suckered) into helping the leech. If their behahaviour continues and remains consistent with past experiences, I'll check them visually via a quick archwing pass, then alert the rest of the squad to the behaviour, and leave. I used to get annoyed over the lost effort in doing this, but while you might end up leaving a series of bounties until you find some randoms who are actively working on the bounty, but overall I feel this works out faster than just ploughing on an ignoring the leechers.
  9. That (Killing an Eidolon) wasn't it for me - when you go to the final spot, there's a Specter that appears and you need to kill it. The first time I tried it, I didn't even see the Specter and zipped off trying to figure it out, but saw it when I left and re-entered the plains to repeat that step. Maybe the Specter just kinda got caught in the crossfire for you?
  10. Relax, have a coffee, and read the announcements section occasionally 🙂 Console gets fewer updates less often, but updates are rolled togther based on when a solid one can be submitted to, and pass, first party certification - unlike PC they can't just throw it out whenever, which is a double edged sword (slower updates for us, but fewer first time bugs and we can get the benefit of seeing the quirks and issues before they land on us). "In Cert" means we could be looking at getting the update as early as next week depending on how quickly Sony and MS move. As or the Relay event, it's mentioned in the link below too (no date yet, but it's in the works)
  11. When do the new avatars launch on the EU PS store? Just checked it, no new avatars showing up yet, but maybe I'm a little early :)
  12. Interesting idea, probably the most interesting I've seen so far and least like it duplicates an existing niche. I get the impression he's intended more as a tough, heavy hitter, but which requires active "play" to fuel and gain benefit from his powers (like Harrow is an "active" support, this is kinda like an "active" tank?). The first power reads a little like Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist in terms of how it consumes things, at least that's how the described visuals come across to me! I would be tempted to suggest that "Digest" should be the actual passive, and the principle of the Void Stomach is more like his equivalent of Nidus' mutation stacks - the passive causes the energy stored inside to decay over time, but restores health as it does so (slowly). This makes for a potentially easier to balance passive, which then requires active management by the player to gain benefit from it and so is more "interesting" to gameplay. This then opens up use of powers 2/3/4 to use the consumed energy to fuel abilities, which is more than the traditional 50/50 split they've done with say, Nidus...but I'm not sure that matters! Other thoughts that might fit: Consumption - Absorbing damage/bullets instead of enemies makes it an interesting combination of Harrow/Covenant (Up to 100% incoming damage absorbed while channelling, can't move, gains stomach energy up to some limit before it ends, channelled power so consumes energy automatically until you run, deactivate it, or have "had your fill"). Converts to Consumption energy Growth - Feels to me more like a "Channel to gain bonus, uses Consumption energy" kind of power to my mind, and might fit better as an armour bonus/health bonus that applies to himself and allies who are within affinity range while it's being channelled (you gain bonus while you're in affinity range AND it's being channelled, if you dip in and out you'll only gain some of the total bonus based on what you get while inside the range). Regurgitate - the converted void energy contents of his "stomach" pour out of his mouth, dealing (corrosive? toxic?) damage to enemies and healing allies, uses Consumption energy. Augments could leave a lingering effect on the ground to add to this power
  13. If it helps, I just received the Syndana after watching a Partner stream for the required time, so the workaround seems to be successful on PS4.
  14. Adding another +1 to the "Watched official stream for 2 hours, no Syndana" crowd here. Followed the link provided by DE in their own post assuming this would be the most reliable and correct one to watch.
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