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  1. Well it would certainly be nice, but the market for imprints would die instantly if we had control over it which mean less plat spent and less money for DE. I know, that's because the problem is months old that i started this topic, i can go by with something broken for a few weeks but here it's clearly lazyness or not caring in the first place. Sure, it's not a gamebreaking bug but still, when there is plat involved, which mean people supporting the game, any bugs should be fixed right away.
  2. We don't know if the pet system got the secondary slot for energy and emissive because we don't have control over it, that's why it's just hypothetical right now. To answer your question, it is the eyes and tail color that are concerned, what you call "emissives", the ability energy is still showing the right energy color aswell as stuff like the Kiteer Sehkara. The fact is when you get a new pet, its energy color will show normally, but pressing "randomize" on a specific tab will randomize the fashion for it aswell as bugging the energy color. But in the end it seems either DE doesn't care about stuff like this or the whole system is getting revamped and will get fixed at some point. Feel free to continue posting ideas or maybe fixes you found out, i'll be happy to respond.
  3. Not only that but if you hit the randomize button on the appearance tab it will give you a random color and you'll be stuck with it forever, at least for that particular tab and until it gets fixed. Probably something with the secondary energy color stuff, I actually went and post a thread talking about this whole energy bug problem, hopefully it'll get fixed rather sooner than later.
  4. Okay so the pet energy color system is bugged since ages now and it's probably tied with the dual energy color system added a while back. Since we can't see or change the energy color of a pet manually, once it's bugged you can't change it back. For example, if you hit (by accident or not) the randomize button on an appearance tab, the energy color of that particular tab will be randomize aswell, like I said, since we can't change any of the pets energy color, it'll stay like that forever. Let me give you further examples, my Smeeta Kavat has yellow energy color but once I hit the randomize button I got a weird blue color, changing its eyes and tail color, despite having the Ki'teer Sekhara glowing yellow, that tab is now bugged forever and had to change from A to B to get back my original yellow color. Another example where I actually went and test this with my new Vasca Kavat, got the stuff from the market, has red energy color, hit the randomize button again and guess what, the color did change from red to white, screwing that tab and had to change again from tab A to B to get my red color back. What I'm hoping for is DE actually seeing this and fixing it, like I said it's been bugged like that since ages and there is actually a market for pet fashion, people paying plat to get a combo of head/tail/energy color they like. Anyway, if you have the same problem, the temporary fix would be to change the appearance tab. If you hit randomize on all of them, you're probably screwed till it gets fixed. Alright, I think I went long enough on this, sorry for the block of text but that's something I'm actually caring for. Don't hesitate to share if you encountered the same problem, let DE know there are other people caring about this stuff and hopefully it'll get fixed somewhat soon. Thanks. (Probably some bad English in there, so go easy on me).
  5. Yeah, the whole energy color stuff on pets is completely broken since months, got fixed at some point but bugged again not long after. My config A is totally broken right now, my kavat energy color should be yellow but is stuck on some weird blue color, Sekhara Kiteer stuff is still yellow though. The other configs are still fine, I probably hit the randomize button at some point and broke that config A, the problem is clearly linked with the secondary energy/emissive color they added. Still, I hope it will be addressed at some point, like it's been several months (and several hotfixes) since then and no change at all, I paid good money on that head/tail/energy combo for fashion and I'd like it fixed. Crossing my fingers for a fix with that new kavat breed.
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