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  1. In a looter shooter I want to receive loot that means something. Loot that makes me that much stronger. Loot that helps me bet a challenge in the game that I haven't been able to yet. Warframe has no challenges. Unless you are an 8 year old or just really really bad at video games, warframe is basically god mode horder shooter. It's fun because it's completely brainless, but eventually the lack of a need for progression dulls the game.
  2. And guess what, NOTHING will change. Because this game is easy mod after a certain point; a point that's easily achievable I might add. Everyone is always asking for rewards in warframe but, due to the game having no need for character progression rewards dont matter. I played warframe for almost two years straight, so I'm not bashing it really. It has a lot going for it. I'm simply saying that if the dev's want this game to continue to evolve, they're gonna have to do better than just new weapons and warframes. That's a dead end street in my opinion.
  3. What is your build for trinity? She is a frame i haven't tried yet but would like to give her a shot
  4. I love warframe, but the only thing great about it is the frames and weapons. The actual gameplay around those thing is so elementary. I dont care if its EA, anthem is going to be a powerhouse.
  5. I disagree. Warframe need real loot drops and better raid/ boss encounters. It looks like anthem will win in both these categories
  6. First of all, you can damage enemies in his bubble now and if you are talking about being banished, all you do is roll to get out of it. The idea that you have to "stop your game" simply isnt true. Second, it is really crazy how badly limbo is misunderstood by the player playing limbo and the team around him. My limbo has 64% range and it's the absolute perfect spot for his abilities in my opinion. If you are reading this and you run a limbo with more than 64 percent range, you, yes YOU, are the reason the community hates limbo. I'm not in front of my game but I believe that's a max narrow minded and an auger reach. Slap those babies on and put everything else into duration and efficiency. Theres also room for survivability mods such as rolling guard and/or an augment. Limbo is soooo easy to mod, sooo easy to play and is God mode.
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