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  1. Ikedo

    Teapot prime orokin set, very important matter

    All I see on the console is "The Sacrifice twitch drops," this is the only thing regarding The Sacrifice quest. I play everyday, and I don't go to region chat (how do you expect me to get the second/moment right to find someone posting about the promotion code?) As I said, I am within large community with a few hundred players, nobody posted the info. The topic isn't "How come I personally didn't see it", but the request to have it again, and the code to be accessible. I suppose if you didn't see some info, you would be upset about it as well. Only because you have it, doesn't state the fact it's related to The Sacrifice quest and a fun additive to orbiter. Why nobody considers my arguments, but only tries to debunk and bring up the reason/excuse for me not seeing the news about it? It apparently wasn't so obvious, but this isn't the reason for me to ask for it. It's just something I'd enjoy. Why are you trying to take away something somebody would enjoy just because of not understandable "rules"? It WAS so it can't be brought back? Let's maybe shut all prime vaults, never unvault anything, and never bring Baroo old items for sale again? It's not even a gameplay additive. It's just a cosmetic! Something for fun! Geez.
  2. Please, bring the Teapot set from The Sacrifice quest for just a while 😞 The promo code was OLDFRIEND, but I had no idea of it's existence, although I am within a large community, literally nobody posted this info.. (because barely anyone knew?) I also want to have a chance to have this teapot set for my orbiter 😞 Someone told me it's a reward from The Sacrifice quest (Which would be fair), but I discovered it was a short period promocode.. Please bring it back, or make it a reward from The Sacrifice, also for everybody who has it finished! I'm pretty sure many other players have it missing as well. I swear I love promo codes, so it's odd I missed it. It would be fair enough, if it was a reward from The Sacrifice. Someone must have spent a lot of time to design this set. It would be very rewarding and encouraging for players to do the quest. (as this tea set is amazing, and a funny relate to the quest plot's itself) Please?
  3. Ikedo

    Ki'Teer Sekhara [Investigating]

    Well apparently the hotfix that happened just now, did nothing about the sekhara XD <I actually wrote it in wrong topic. I meant the bug with ki'teer sekhara at feet, which is still at feet. Despite, they wrote they are aware of bug and will fix it in upcoming hotfix. Seems like all ki'teer sekhara parts are broken>
  4. Ikedo

    Ki'Teer Sekhara [Investigating]

    With various frames, Ki'Teer Sekhara is found at my feet! It's just as odd in Archwing mode. Mr 21? test. Also, I was reported the effect is the same on Titania when she's in Archwing mode. Please fix it!! I like this attachment a lot. It also could be like 30% larger and in the distance like it used to be. Sometimes it melts into arm guards. (the first, to be larger request, is only personal)
  5. Hi! Message me here, or in-game even if I'm not online, you can add me friends and we'll trade when we both be online Rivens are all fusion rank 0, only [Castanas] riven was rolled Cheers! offer your price 400p 250p 50p 80p 75p
  6. YES I was gonna make a thread about it... This is just SO annoying! I can stand the ugliness of new interface (not to mention the fact it doesn't match colours of the rest, like it's brown and the rest is silver, that they removed MR sigil from squad menu, that pressing esc sounds like flushing toilet). I can stand the bugs, not being able to click anything while loading mission screen is up (I can't click either chat window, which looks like it has Z-index = -100, if you know what I mean , it's even below the loading bar, and I can't click any pop-up box, when I got disconnected I just had to force turn game off). I can stand people complaining about dying frames after leaving operator mode and transference. BUT THIS. This is usability -1000%. This is getting us to when this game was just launched, and when it must have been awful. Who even invented this? Please kick this person off. They clearly don't play the game they create. You can't look up other people's gear.. You can't leave squad without HOVERING over this TINY little icon, otherwise... I'm gonna get a zoom glass lens for this I might finally see something. Icons for blueprints with no names and ammount of it is even more tragic 😕 Yeah just hover everything first, but don't forget a notepad to note down what you have in inventory..
  7. Ikedo


    Difficult, difficult. Not really. I'm pretty sure I had this riven, but with survival. Nyx is working, her kills display, but somehow it is as not dealing damage, I just made sure I didn't hit anything when the infested were killing eachoter with mind control. Plus, if it's not solo, you can get others to do the kills.
  8. Ikedo

    Server Troubles Part 2

    Ok I was doing a quest so didn't see my inbox yet. Not funny when everybody was waiting for this, and then server crashed again.. :(
  9. Ikedo

    Server Troubles Part 2

    We're chit chattin here, and I was actually able to log in. Not gonna get my things from inbox.
  10. Ikedo

    Server Troubles Part 2

    Is it just me who thought the 3 day boosters were a prank from the DDOSER/hacker whatever, who sent them over to every Tenno, and then made them unable to log in? Lol
  11. Ikedo

    Server Troubles Part 2

    He's kinda right tho. I hate the host migration thing. You can't play at all if you have weak internet, you're just being offline in an online game with 1500 ping. On spy you literally destroy ppls gameplay if you try to crack a vault, because everything moves in a different direction. If net disconnects for a second, it just kicks you out. Or causes bugs for other players (black screens, mission not progressing). I once had literally 1 sec dc's due to bad net time, but couldn't play in public at all, even thought they lasted for a second every 20 minutes. I was very distressed to go on any longer mission. There are too many problems with servers and in-game bugs and errors, just too many. It would be nice if you could choose to be a host or not. With weak net it fails to find me a squad, but then starts the timer, automatically making me a host. That alone would make other's gameplay ridiculous, they'd have a zillion ping and twice more host migrations xD (I don't always have bad net time, so don't think I should play in solo, it's hard to do some missions only solo, and when not a host and with bad net I'm fine in-game just the doors open for a second, except for moments when connection is seriously worsening, then I go solo)
  12. Ikedo

    Server Troubles Part 2

    I even made a thread because I thought that it was Octavia's Anthem quest I was doing that caused my gameplay problem. Finished it and then bam. You got it right xD