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  1. So why would that riven be introduced in the first place? Now every 3 months SAME weapons rivens are being nerfed down to ground, and only 'players' taking satisfaction from that are the ones, who could never either afford a Rubico/Lanka/Vectis riven, or can't accept the fact that majority like to use them. Simply selfish people. Nerfing those rivens will make them completely useless. Is that what you call balance? Simple dumping a content to junk levels, only because they can't handle things the other way around, and give weapons a rework? It's just lazy. These changes are terrible. All the rivens should have the same disposition and the weapons should be worked on. Overpowered riven mods WON'T make people use a weapon, that using is a pain itself. It's just concealing what's terrible about weapons in this game. And this is what this game is mostly about, weapons that you use to kill enemies. These rivens are popular, because weapons for them are good to use in the game for specific purpose, and in this example it's Eidolon hunting. Make the other weapons as usable, as this. SIMPLE. Don't be lazy and don't cover up what's bad in the game with overpowered rivens. Following by their bad decisions, they're gradually nerfing rivens for something, that they finally managed to make good and usable in the game, so that's obviously why people use it. So that's plainly why majority of people will be displeased about, because majority's favourite weapons, most used in the game, are constantly having rivens for them nerfed by % with every "rework". Big announcement! It's not the riven making them great, it's the weapon itself! So now you make it as useless, as everything else, by nerfing a riven mod for it, that somebody already owns! And won't suddenly desire a Stug or whatever! Nerfing enemies, so that Stug could deal damage to them, won't help them either. I'd be proud of developers if they announced, that all rivens get a dispo of 1.0 and weapons, that nobody uses, get a rework. But that won't happen. Seems like too much effort for them. Better to nerf something, that's already good, rather than trying to make other weapons better and instead, overpower them with ridiculous stats on rivens. (That won't help, because the weapon itself will still be terrible). Nobody: DE: Let's just nerf rivens on weapons that everybody uses, so these weapons become as bad as everything else, and rivens for them non existent. Smart move.
  2. Thank you for nerfing my rivens, now I officially hate my life
  3. I couldn't play on amd radeon HD 7850 half a year ago, and i5 3470 processor. I am impressed by how you still do it?
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