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  1. Rubico Critatis, Rubico Geliata SOLD
  2. Selling for a good price! Negotiable! PM in game, if no answer then on forums! I am online everyday 🙂 Or just message in this thread! Rubico Critatis, Rubico Geliata SOLD
  3. Hi! Juggernaut is literally my favourite enemy, besides Alad V. Could we make a noggle of it, pleasee? There are noggles for Hyekka, Azoth, Auditor, Lockjaw & Sol.. We just need Juggie Boy to the collection! Thank you! 🙂
  4. Selling these :):) PM offer or offer here. You might ask for price, if you're unsure, but a riven caught your eye!
  5. Ikedo

    Server Troubles Part 2

    Ok I was doing a quest so didn't see my inbox yet. Not funny when everybody was waiting for this, and then server crashed again.. :(
  6. Ikedo

    Server Troubles Part 2

    We're chit chattin here, and I was actually able to log in. Not gonna get my things from inbox.
  7. Ikedo

    Server Troubles Part 2

    Is it just me who thought the 3 day boosters were a prank from the DDOSER/hacker whatever, who sent them over to every Tenno, and then made them unable to log in? Lol
  8. Ikedo

    Server Troubles Part 2

    He's kinda right tho. I hate the host migration thing. You can't play at all if you have weak internet, you're just being offline in an online game with 1500 ping. On spy you literally destroy ppls gameplay if you try to crack a vault, because everything moves in a different direction. If net disconnects for a second, it just kicks you out. Or causes bugs for other players (black screens, mission not progressing). I once had literally 1 sec dc's due to bad net time, but couldn't play in public at all, even thought they lasted for a second every 20 minutes. I was very distressed to go on any longer mission. There are too many problems with servers and in-game bugs and errors, just too many. It would be nice if you could choose to be a host or not. With weak net it fails to find me a squad, but then starts the timer, automatically making me a host. That alone would make other's gameplay ridiculous, they'd have a zillion ping and twice more host migrations xD (I don't always have bad net time, so don't think I should play in solo, it's hard to do some missions only solo, and when not a host and with bad net I'm fine in-game just the doors open for a second, except for moments when connection is seriously worsening, then I go solo)
  9. Ikedo

    Server Troubles Part 2

    I even made a thread because I thought that it was Octavia's Anthem quest I was doing that caused my gameplay problem. Finished it and then bam. You got it right xD