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  1. DE: Fixes exploit that prevents people from just AFKing Also DE: Doesn't do anything to spice up the event, causing players to seek out methods to AFK. Good ol' DE.
  2. Thanks for the heads up mate, can't wait to fight to fight The Wolf even more! 👍
  3. When you say the spawn rate will be increased, would you have a date when this change will occur, assuming it isn't already?
  4. Octavia, 21 Hey there! I'm a cute, quirky frame with a great personality who loves to make music and party with my clanmates all night long. Don't mind the Akvasto; a girl's gotta have some protection right? If I'm not pumping tunes or pumping lead into any of my "critics", you'll find me with my cute little Kubrow. So if you're ready for the time of life, join me on the dojo dance floor, but only if you can move to the beat of my heart. ❤️
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