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  1. can we get glass enemies spawn more often and not at the end of a mission?
  2. Regarding the vazarin changes In Arbitration missions for defense missions u have to cheese it sometimes because the dumb AI can teleport around the map without ANY notification so that 5 seconds of invulnerability has saved the countless missions that would have failed and made me leave the game For good! If they would make those missions MORE structured then i would agree with this fix but there is no fix for arbitration defenses.
  3. Universal Vacuum when? (BIG SUCK) Regarding the vazarin changes You have to cheese those arbitration missions because the DUMB AI will teleport around with NO WARNING and will get nuked by enemies and fail the mission.. (IF) and I say that because it falls on deaf ears here..."IF" they make arbitration missions MORE structured I would agree with this change but because they haven't fixed the DUMB AI teleporting I on good faith can not except this new vasarin change.
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