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  1. That's why forums exists ... For positive feedback and for negative feedback. The only way to grow and last years ...
  2. DE didn't put in the effort, why should we ?? They said they would fix the game before giving us new worlds to explore. They gave us boring and bugged new content !!! I'll be playing other games for now ...
  3. They are just running out of ideas, after 7 long years, they need fresh blood !!
  4. The slingshot part of Railjack is what I enjoy the most, but it works half the time for me. I keep getting in a sort of Archwing down state and have to switch to operator mode for the game to finally do something with me ... Hope it gets fixed soon !!
  5. I agree .... Please DE !! Self damage is NOT fun ...
  6. In this present time : Kronen Prime (with Valkyr Prime) Reaper Prime (with Inaros) Gram Prime (with Wukong Prime) It's simply devastating !
  7. I tried to play three games of Railjack yesterday, and in all of them, I got stuck in an infinite loop at the "end of mission screen" ... I had to close the game and restart. I lost everything. After the third time, I closed the game but I didn't restarted it ....
  8. Can we please get NEW content in the OLD content in 2020 ? And dedicated servers for PoE and Ov would be nice, for a real « open world » experience ... Thank you.
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