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  1. Great to see new content added to the plains d.e you have great vision but you lack how to fix your game. I never seen a game with great potential but with so many flaws and seems you only care about how much you can add rather then fix serious issues. 1.operater bug/glitch eidolon hunts ,cant transfer out or tossed right back in .Not fixed (a year) n still glitched. 2. Raptor sabotage mission module gets stuck in tube n no further raptors spawn. 3. Host migration. Very annoying,n if you did something to change it (its worse). 4.failed to connect to server or you will be logged out. This is what kills it for me every 20 mins or sooner this happens, and its not my net or system. 5. Orb vallis securing base ,farming 2 hours n then try to secure base n soon as you put module in to defend take over base everything freezes n you have to restart and everything lost, not to mention the time wasted for nothing. These are but a fraction of the problems this game has. Your making good money from us that support you. I feel your killing your own game n maybe lots dont see it .but its getting there. I think it really a great game just does not run smoothly. You need to run a weekly 2 hour shut down n run maintence but seems you dont care enough about your game or the players that made this game succeed
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