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  1. New content attracts new players to the game and incentivises veterans to pick up the game again. Fixing bugs doesn't do that nearly as well.
  2. I mean, it's known for a long time and people such as myself have reported this, so it's unlikely no one at DE has noticed this issue yet. While saying the UI designers should be delegated to fix stuff like this is nonsense, it's not like there haven't been countless fixes in the past all of which seem less important than something that literally fails you the mission if it happens in Arbitrations...
  3. That's a pretty pointless comparison since Vigor doesn't even compete for a mod slot with aura mods. If you want to use more than one umbra polarity mod in your builds more capacity is more than welcome. Otherwise nobody would use Steel charge or care for Umbra Forma either. People are already choosing Steel Charge over CP solely for 4 more capacity.
  4. Some feedback I've read: "Can she use 2 while channeling 4?": I actually asked Pablo that myself at one of his streams on Twitch like a month ago, his answer then was "No, but maybe we'll give her a custom dogde like Hildryn." Seems like they did change their stance on that. Feedback addressed. "Her 2 is too slow": You can speed it up now if you want to. Feedback addressed. "It's bad design to have her 3 depend completely on her 1 and be unusable from what we can see if her "pylons" are not placed.": Changed to a radial blind/stun? Not too sure about that. There was also some other stuff going on that they seem to have changed but I'm not sure enough about... Like usual the details of a frame aren't completely revealed on the devstream showcase sadly. Be the reason for that whatever it may. So saying that they haven't addressed ANY of the feedback is a bit harsh. I see how some would liked to have seen other/more drastic changes, but those would have also invoked backlash such as "another frame ruined by negative feedback before any of you could even play it". There is always someone left unhappy. Seems this time it's you but hey, maybe after playing her for a bit you'll end up liking her more than you think right now.
  5. Just make it purchasable for Vitus Essence in the very least to have a failsafe against bad RNG.
  6. Unrelated, but as someone playing the game in english, why is some part of the UI german and some english, has that always been the case?? Bug or setting on your end?
  7. The way her 1 sweep arcs can be a bit awkward sometimes in addition to the narrow hitbox making it mostly only usable on even ground but my real issue with it that while you can keep moving while doing her poke, the sweep stops her momentum even when doing it in the air. That feels really bad and is so annoying that I pretty much never use it. Synergies taken into account her kit is better than most other frames', with only the 3 beeing a bad apple. Also her 4, besides having proper health scaling now, can often mess with enemy AI if what they are trying to attack is sufficiently out of reach and they get blocked by the wall what results in them just running into it without attacking at all. The object you are trying to defend only has a short window of vulnerability the moment you recast 4 until the encased enemies are proper crystalized. So all things considered her 4 is good for defending.
  8. A little over a week ago I asked Pablo during one of his broadcasts on Twitch if Wisp is able to use her 2 during her 4. His answer was no, but they might look into giving her a custom dash (like Hildryn's) while she uses her 4 instead. Believe me if you want to or not, but I don't feel like searching last two VODs of his for a timestamp as I don't remember either in which one of those I asked the question nor at which part of them exactly it was.
  9. At first I thought I got sloppy and somehow forgot to refresh my Gara's Splinterstorm as she is the frame I often take into endless missions, but after getting repeatedly seemingly killed out of nowhere I looked into my EE.log with Semlar's tool. Don't know if this is Arbitrations related or not, but in this case it happened in one: Player identified as <Xhobract> LOG DATE - 16.4.2019, 10:56:43 11:03:02 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer2/Layer10/Prefab7/LotusExcavationState0 11:04:11 - <EXCAVATOR> took 75,250 damage at 2,701 health from a /Layer2/Layer10/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:06:21 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab9/LotusExcavationState0 11:07:28 - <EXCAVATOR> took 183,250 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:09:47 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 2,996 health from a /Layer8/Layer11/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:10:31 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer8/Layer11/Prefab9/LotusExcavationState0 11:13:18 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab7/LotusExcavationState0 11:13:56 - <EXCAVATOR> took 75,250 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:16:23 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer2/Layer10/Prefab9/LotusExcavationState0 11:17:26 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer2/Layer10/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:19:45 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab9/LotusExcavationState0 11:20:33 - <EXCAVATOR> took 183,250 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:23:19 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 1,762 health from a /Layer8/Layer11/Prefab9/LotusExcavationState0 11:24:01 - <EXCAVATOR> took 75,250 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab7/LotusExcavationState0 11:26:31 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 2,400 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:27:45 - <EXCAVATOR> took 183,250 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer2/Layer10/Prefab7/LotusExcavationState0 11:29:56 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 2,584 health from a /Layer2/Layer10/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:31:17 - <EXCAVATOR> took 183,250 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab9/LotusExcavationState0 11:33:30 - <EXCAVATOR> took 183,250 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:36:25 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer8/Layer11/Prefab9/LotusExcavationState0 11:37:31 - <EXCAVATOR> took 75,250 damage at 2,977 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab7/LotusExcavationState0 11:39:55 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:41:14 - <EXCAVATOR> took 183,250 damage at 2,893 health from a /Layer2/Layer10/Prefab7/LotusExcavationState0 11:43:32 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer2/Layer10/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:44:45 - <EXCAVATOR> took 183,250 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab9/LotusExcavationState0 11:47:34 - <Xhobract> took 1 damage at 190 health from a level 133 TOXIC ANCIENT 11:47:45 - <EXCAVATOR> took 506 damage at 53 health from a level 133 ANCIENT HEALER using a InfestedAncientMeleeWeapon 11:47:50 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750,249 damage at 3,000 health from a /Layer6/Layer10/Prefab10/LotusExcavationState0 11:48:29 - <EXCAVATOR> took 750 damage at 501 health from a level 133 VOLATILE RUNNER 12:02:03 - <Xhobract> took 120 damage at 58 health from a level 40 CORRUPTED LANCER using a LaserRifle LOG ENDS - 16.4.2019, 12:02:36 As shown in the bold line, I took 1 damage which killed me from 190 health (I'm pretty sure I had 90% damage reduction from Splinterstorm and Arcane Guardian up at the time). The last entry was just me quickly hopping into a mission and dying a second time to check if the log works correctly as I've never used it before. Also curious to me are the damage values the excavators seem to take when they finish (750,249 / 75,250 / 183,250 damage). If someone more informed could take a guess why that is, I'm interested. In case Semlar's tool is faulty I also searched the EE.log myself for "killed by" and found "3050.885 Game [Info]: Xhobract was killed by 190 / 1 damage from a level 133 TOXIC ANCIENT". So that seems to show the same cause.
  10. There is already an exclude as well as an include filter you can apply.
  11. How do the damage numbers compare to how much you normally hit for on average? Because if that isn't just a visual bug that seems pretty funky.
  12. A commonly observed opinion when looking at reviews of some Warframe abilities like Revenant's or Garuda's 4th (state of first announcement, before the change) is that animation locking is always highly criticized (disables the parkour system, stops us from using our other weapons, etc...). While I personally like Wisps current 4, that is not to say we can't also make the people happy who, while liking to summon a freaking beam of the sun through a portal, would rather use their guns in the long run if having to choose between the two. So here's my proposal: Keep the ability like it is right now as the base. Instead of completely replacing it with something different, give us the option to hold the 4th button input pressed after the initial summoning to -> Make it deployable. A portal stays at the location of deployment that keeps firing the beam. Pressing 4 once from a neutral state would summon the beam as seen in devstream footage. Holding from neutral or while active would deploy and normal pressing again whether deployed or not would dispel it. How that deployment would exactly look like I'll outline in the following suggestions. Personally wielding it should be incentivized by a faster damage ramp up compared to when deployed (it was somewhere stated that the damage against continuously attacked enemies will scale up IIRC.?). The most simplistic option to how deployment would look like is simply that the beam keeps firing from a portal in the direction the reticle was aimed at at the time. You could point it down a hallway that enemies keep coming from or use it perpendicular to enemies' direction to wall of wider areas. Another more interesting way is inspired by Nidus' Link+Virulence interaction. While Nidus is linked to an enemy, Virulence also erupts from that enemy in the direction Nidus is aiming. So when you deploy Wisp's 4, it tries follow her aim and burn everything her reticle is aimed at. I say tries to because there propably should be a cap of how many degrees the beam can change direction per time interval to avoid having a giant erratically spasming laser on screen (Protect your eyesTM). Also, no self damage please :). I think that would be unique and also thematically fitting, and while I realise there's little hope any of this gets actually implemented I thank everyone who took the time to read this. PS: Almost forgot: If not already the case, make here decoy usable while using her current 4th ability at the very least.
  13. Says the person with more likes and posts on the forum than me. But you have to realise it's kind of stupid to speak condescendingly of casuals and dismiss them when they make up the majority of the playerbase right?
  14. We, namely everyone that liked what they saw from Wisp - consequently henceforth known as the casuals -, would like you to know that we outnumber your ilk numerous times. Well, then why don't you, since you are such hardcore meta gamer, keep just spinning with your Scoliac or whatever it is you are doing.
  15. Then you want another Warframe entirely, not Wisp to be improved. Different strokes for different folks and all that...
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