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  1. Since you are researching already, why not try googling "Hip fire" while you're at it. Takes like 2 seconds to answer your own question that way.
  2. I and other people before me have reported this issue time and time again, but nothing ever comes of it.
  3. An example with a Corrupted Heavy Gunner lvl 100 (7332.33 armor = 96.07% dmg reduction): Cloned Flesh takes 75% more dmg from Viral. Ferrite armor also gets a 75% bonus and additionally the armor is reduced to 25% of its value before any further dmg calculations when using Corrosive. We'll assume weapons modded for 1000 viral and 1000 corrosive dmg: 1000 viral * 1.75 * (1 - 0.9607) = 68.775 dmg dealt 1000 corrosive * 1.75 * (1 - 7332.33 * 0.25 / (7332.33 * 0.25 + 300)) = 246.122 dmg dealt But luckily they are "weak" against viral, right?
  4. If anything, the recent buffs he got feel very pushed and if you still find him underpowered I'm more inclined to think your build sucks for the playstyle you try to achieve.
  5. Haven't got a chance to test the changes, but I'll say they are way more extensive than I ever would've imagined. Seems like a job well done.
  6. And does this deep understanding have a source?
  7. At some point my brain decided it apparently had enough, so I don't even notice him anymore when he says something.
  8. I mentioned armor removal in my examples once. In Tysis' case I don't care about corrosive procs, just of having as many different statuses as possible and Zenistar can be modded for Viral and Heat and still be effective. And please don't tell me you're an advocate of bullet jumping 24/7 to move around regardless of terrain. Sprint speed is very useful for keeping your momentum up between bullet jumps, increases the distance/speeds up wall running and rolling, and to mention the most recent benefit it makes Gauss' Mach Rush faster.
  9. It's not that he "doesn't NEED" them. If a Chroma with any pwr. str. to speak of has these installed there's most likely a mod that's way better in that slot instead. You don't equip these at Eidolon hunts either. That would represent a way different progression curve that players make powerwise, it's not even remotely close. Even if you were to make leveling stuff several times slower you wouldn't have to make a choice where to spend your Endo. I'd actually argue that when you really try to optimise for high level content, there's a case to be made for quite a few weapons to drop these "mandatory" mods. Depending on Frame and other weapons I carry in a loadout, I use some of them exclusively to apply status effects as effeciently as possible (and kill enemies with the rest of the loadout) and don't care much about their damage. Some examples would be Pox or Kohm for just corrosive procs and leaving the killing to Nidus, Tysis that I often use in conjunction with Redeemer to nuke Demolysts/Demolishers, or the Zenistar. Like Amalgam Serration, which gives you a bit less damage but sprint speed on you frame?
  10. That person was me, hi :) I also posted it here.
  11. With 100% str. you actually get 84% dmg reduction, which isn't indicated anywhere in the HUD or ability descriptions.
  12. I did some testing and wrote a more detailed post if you are interested.
  13. Hmm... beside Kuva Floods and Sorties the highest I've gone with him is Mot till the enemies were around lvl. 90 I think? Haven't taken him to do Bounties in either Vallis or the Plains. But thinking about it, the enemies there are thougher than you'd think when looking at their level and you can't get out of line of sight as well in those open places compared to the corridors in the rest of the game. So I believe you when you say it's tough for him there. I can see why you'd see it as subpar. I'm generally content with battery management below the redline, but when going above the constant drain it has is a bit much imo... It would be nice if DE gave him another way to refill the battery over time (besides running) to counteract more constant drain from Redline or Kinetic Plating. Besides traveling distance, you can only gain battery in bursts. Maybe fire version of Thermal Sunder could charge over time and ice version in bursts? IDK 😕, they'll propably not change something so substantiall anyway...
  14. Could it be better? Sure. But if you don't try to facetank everything or do multi hour long survival runs I think it protects well enough. Personally I use Adaptation with him: If you get hit the battery gives you less and less dmg. reduction, but in return you build up Adaptation stacks. Mach Rush out of danger to refill battery and knockdown enemies and keep going. CC with 3. I imagine this is more the playstyle DE had in mind with him, rather than just facetank like Rhino etc.
  15. Introduction: This post is about the relations of Gauss' battery level, his ability Kinetic Plating and the modded power strength (pwr. str. henceforth). Gauss is a complex frame whose ingame ability descriptions don't do him justice (as usual) so if you want to understand how stuff actually works you read the wiki or test yourself. There are 3 things I wanted to verify that some forum/reddit users or the wiki claimed: Gauss has access to 80% of his battery capacity without redline. I couldn't find this stated in the game itself; not in ability descriptions nor in tips or HUD elements Kinetic Plating reduces dmg. by the minimum amount (20% with 100% str.) with an empty battery When modding for pwr. str. you reach 100% damage reduction sooner, even without a redlined full battery (which is not a queer thought when the game states it to be 50-100% when modded for 299% str. instead of the base 20-100%) Following now are my testing methods, so you can better follow along and replicate them if you want to, and results which will show statement 1. to be correct but 2. and 3. false. Test setup: In the simulacrum a lvl. 28 Bombard shoots a rocket (only does Blast dmg.) at me and I record the dmg. taken every time. The only mods equipped were Primed Flow for convenience of not having to visit the energy pads more frequently and in Test 3 I added Blind Rage+Intensify+Transient Fortitude+Power Drift+Streamline to reach 299% pwr. str. Gauss has 450 base shields and 1 rocket brings that down to 251 which is 199 dmg taken. Test 1: Activate Redline and Kinetic Plating, spawn Bombard, move in position (which charges the battery a bit) and deactivate Redline to drain the battery completely. We still end up at 251 shields after getting hit once. No dmg. reduction. Repeat same as above but move a bit forward until you see the battery fill up by a tiny amount before getting hit. We end up with 291 shields which equals 159 dmg. taken: 1 - 1 / (199/159) = 0.201 From this we can see that, keeping measurement errors on my part and decimal rounding the game does in mind, the dmg. got reduced by 20.1% with the minimum amount stated being 20%. With this claim 2 is disproven; you need at least the minimum amount of battery charge possible to get dmg. reduction from Kinetic Plating. Test 2: Charge battery to full (without redline active unless specified otherwise), activate Kinetic Plating and move forward until you get hit by the rocket . We move forward to counteract the slight battery drain of active Kinetic Plating. 418 shields remain which equals 32 dmg. taken. 1 - 1 / (199/32) = 0.839 So, we took 83.9% less damage. But how does that add up when indeed we have access to 80% of the battery without redline and the results we saw in test 1? Well, if the minimum battery charge amount equals 20% reduction the remaining 80% reduction have to get evenly distributed over the remaining battery charge. We can represent that with min dmg. reduction + (max - min dmg. reduciton) * battery charge = effective dmg. reduction Assuming full battery without redline means 80% full we have (at 100% pwr. str.) 0.2 + 0.8 * 0.8 = 0.84 which is only 0.001 of from what we saw in the test previously. Test 3: To confirm if the formula is indeed the one DE used, or at least a close approximation, I repeated Test 1 and 2 with 299% pwr. str. Empty battery again reduces no damage. Barely charging left me at 353 shields which equals 97 dmg. taken 1 - 1 / (199/97) = 0.513 I attribute this to a measurment error on my part but think it's close enough to confirm the ingame listed minimum dmg. reduction of 50% with 299% pwr. str. At full without redline (assumed to be 80% battery charge) 430 shields remained which equals 20 damage taken 1 - 1 / (199/20) = 0.899 Now, while the minimum dmg. reduction is higher with more pwr. str., 50% in this case, we also gain less dmg. reduction for every bit of charge we gain above the minimum amount. With my formula min dmg. reduction + (max - min dmg. reduciton) * battery charge = effective dmg. reduction we should gain 0.5 + 0.5 * 0.8 = 0.9 Again, the results are only of by 0.001 between the formula and my test results. To further confirm, we can take my test results and scale them up to 100% battery charge with redline to see if we'd get 100% dmg. reduction: 0.2 + 0.639 / 4 * 5 = 0.99875 0.5 + 0.399 / 4 * 5 = 0.99875 Close enough in my book. TL;DR: Maximum battery charge of Gauss is 80% without redline active Kinetic Plating needs at least some battery charge to provide the minimum amount of dmg. reduction; empty battery and Kinetic Plating active is not enough EDIT: "Fixed Gauss Kinetic Plating not giving the minimum damage protection when his meter is completely empty" as of patch Due to how the Kinetic Plating reduction value at any given battery level is likely calculated, modding for pwr. str. is questionable. Yes, the minimum reduction amount is higher to start with and at say 80% charge the value gets higher the more strength you have, but you don't get to have 100% reduction without a full redline battery active and there are diminishing returns in how much reduction additional charge provides. To calculate how much dmg. reduction you have with your build at any given battery charge value (not that we can accurately see that beside it being empty = 0%, below the redline = 80% and full with redline active = 100%) use this with the listed values in your ability screen: min dmg. reduction + (max - min dmg. reduciton) * battery charge = effective dmg. reduction An example with unmodded values with battery charged just below the redline: 0.2 + (1 - 0.2) * 0.8 = 0.84 -> 84% dmg. reduction For anyone who actually followed along, thanks :) I hope I managed to articulate myself clear enough. If someone finds any errors or has further information, you're welcome to share. After all, I only did all this because I wanted to better understand how Gauss actually works.
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