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  1. ... I was using melee. My god. Any other attempts at "getting me"??? Lmao.
  2. What are you even talking about. You're just trying to be snarky. Which is pretty typical, so I dunno why I'm responding to it.
  3. No, because it's not going towards your advantage. But you are aware of this distinction. You're just trying to talk over me. Same with you. Talking over me as a mob doesn't make you right. Just as me repeating myself doesn't make me right, either. What makes me right is that I'm right. It's not my opinion that I'm right. It's a fact that I'm right. I didn't choose the definition of exploit. I'm merely telling you what it is. And you're telling me that definition is incorrect. And then you're refusing to elaborate - of course - with the excuse that you "don't want to bother arguing with someone this bloody delusional". Only one of us is refusing to provide a definition here. Giving an example of an exploit (which was more of a bug, by the way, which is a big difference) that's high on input is just a fallacy. You're redirecting attention, as well as trying to redefine a word. You're almost literally waving your hands around really fast, saying, "Look, look over here, look at this!" Exploits and bugs alike can either be big, grand, flashy, elaborate... Or they can be slow, boring, subtle, etc. You're trying to say that, because it's not grand and flashy, it cannot be an exploit. That is a fallacy. And, again, your example is more like a bug. An exploit can be as simple as standing in a place that enemies cannot get to. That place wasn't directly unintended to exist. The devs just weren't aware that enemies cannot get there. And the amount of time that it takes for an exploit to be fixed does not reflect whether or not it was an exploit. That's another fallacy.
  4. I don't care if I'm snapped at. I just snap back. (Which is when those people get mad at me and tend to report me, lol.) It's an exploit. Legit question, do you know what exploit means? I ask because many people misuse and misallocate that word to mean something else. (It is not intended game design to use Keys outside of the Derelict. They were designed and intended to be 4 different negative effects that no player would ever want to have on them, to add challenge to unlocking the doors in the mission, and have something to think about, etc. They are a VERY old game mechanic. Then, along comes shield gating, which was a player-requested mechanic. Then it was discovered you can Augur/Respite your capacity back to full or higher, and regain your full shield gating. Then, people realized, HEY, Decaying Dragon Key means I have to spend far less energy to refill my shields, with no drawback because my shields get one-shot ANYWAY so it doesn't even matter! Yes. That is an exploit. It is an abuse of an outdated, forgotten game mechanic to exploit a newer mechanic. It is not intended. As I said in another thread, if you would like to challenge this notion, why don't you go ahead and ask a DE dev, if you're so confident?)
  5. CORRECT. Malice, not Misery. Whoops. Can I edit thread titles? LMAO
  6. I know Brief Respite, lmao. But I'm sure people aren't sitting there spending 113 energy every time their shield depletes. (And that's with full Augur, by the way.) They're using Decaying Dragon Keys outside Derelict missions (exploit) in order to have 75 max shields and have a much easier time refilling their shields. Don't get snappy at me when you know damn well what I'm talking about. I've literally never even came close to dying before on Inaros. In fact, that includes Misery, I guess I usually just kill him fast enough. I am not new to SP. That's why I was so blown away by this event! Yeah man, I know armor isn't enough generally speaking. But Inaros also has tons of HP. My EHP with just armor and HP is 38-something thousand. (And I am literally always full HP, as I heal with my Dragon Nikana.) I have more EHP on Inaros than I do on Nezha, whom has 90% "DR" and Arcane Ultimatum (81% armor). And that's because I "only" have 600 HP on Nezha, so the DR's aren't multiplying a big base HP amount. (That being said, Nezha never takes any damage, of course, because that's still wayyyy enough defensibility.) Additionally, you can't just assume Adaptation should have been active. Misery spawns, shoots the Opticor at you, bam. Adaptation will have 0 stacks, if this Opticor shot did a damage type that the other non-Misery enemies have been doing to you recently. Adaptation isn't good against big hits that aren't the common enemy in the mission. For another example, by the time a Napalmer or Bombadier shows up, you're not going to have Adaptation stacks against their damage.
  7. Man, all I am saying is that you took hits and didn't die from them. With Immolation being deactivated. The fact that you didn't die means it was weak content. And I'm not just saying that "out of my ass" or anything. I know first hand that much of Steel Path is still very easy, as I also get hit a lot in some missions, on Frames/builds I probably shouldn't be running there, but my shields still survive the day. (While in other SP missions, those same hits would mean I get vaporized multiple times over.) In fact, I did THAT very mission that you made a video of, and confirmed it was still in the easy territory of SP. (I'm saying this as an analysis about the game content. I hope you are not taking my... pushiness(?) about this personally.)
  8. Dunno if there was even a slash proc. Just full HP, and then 0. Yes, you Key exploit, we get it. Nice.
  9. This guy really is pure misery. He one-shots everything I have. I was in shock a couple days ago when he one-shot my Inaros with 8050 HP and 1130 Armor. Nothing is safe. Edit: Malice, not Misery.
  10. Yeah, I'm just concerned I'll lose my energy on Ember without Dispensary, since sometimes there just aint no energy orbs.
  11. Well... I want to use any melee I want. And also get self-healing. And also not waste a melee mod slot on it. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I just want to be Hannah Montana on this one. Gloom is probably worth mentioning, but I am using Dispensary. That being said, that does drop health orbs, so maybe I can just roll with that being enough.
  12. Well, I said their Immolation dropped, and their shield was still surviving many hits from the enemies. ---- Banshee. Quick Thinking and Arcane Ultimatum has been working to make Banshee durable. It isn't like I'm a TANK now, but I can take a good number of hits which allows me to not instantly explode any time stray shots land on my face. It's been a night & day difference for high level content. ---- Yeah, I dunno. Redirection + Arcane Grace doesn't make any sense to me, lmao. I dunno what he was saying there.
  13. My current go-to is Daikyu + Nikana. Then there's that junky melee mod, Healing Return. What else is there, if I wanna use a melee that isn't a Nikana?
  14. Pretty sure Larva can't grab things hanging in the Strangledome. My friends & I were doing Endo farm, and this was a problem. We had to tweak the Dome to be tiny.
  15. Well... No, they were being hit, but the hits just weren't doing anything. I am aware being hit during a roll is 75% DR, but even aside from that. They were being hit raw. I'm actually wondering if some enemies have scaling that's different than other, similar enemies. I was playing a Corpus SP mission, and I was being hit onto my health pool during Ultimatum. The hits were doing about 100 a shot, give or take. However, when I was doing a Corpus SP that took place on the "amalgam tilesets," every single touch that hit me was a one-shot. Every little pew. Absolutely everything. So, who knows.
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