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  1. Please also look into the massive frame drops associated with Vauban's Vortex. I am getting frame drops of around 40% when using vortex
  2. I've never sold a single arcane for ducats, but at least you can without having to try to sell them for plat. The mods on the other hand are giving the same endo as any other mod and once you have one of each they are worthless. Also i'm MR26 and still need like half a million endo just to max what i have alone. Anyone selling primed mods is making a sacrifice on endo they could've used on their own mod collection. I wont believe anyone until i see them post a picture of their mods with all of the primes available fully maxed. Having enough endo to sell primed mods is a myth and reserved for people who are probably far over 3k hours. Anyone else is making a sacrifice that would be better made by selling primed gear you get in fissures.
  3. Yeah i'll agree with this, you seem to be upset over a specific issue rather than someone who constantly has a negative mindset. You want specific changes but you aren't nearly as one track minded or irrational as some of the other people in this thread. You aren't kicking your feet and screaming, you're just telling it how it is and i respect that. The REAL problem is that there is a very common ideologue being perpetuated like a cancer by numerous content providers that is overall destroying a lot of enthusiasm people have for this game. All of the content providers have went full Technocyte and are now spreading this Great Plague of negativity throughout the Warframe community. These content creators and partners have gone on to make video after video in a negative tone, spreading their mindset like a cancer, like a disease. These content providers just copykavat each others content and make the same old negative community brainwashing videos time and time again. Same no praise, no respect, no thank-you attitude. Always complaining about content drought despite the fact that it is legitimately impossible to develop content at a faster rate than they can complete it. I don't know why there are a bunch of actual Warframe partners slandering and demolishing hype and enthusiasm for the game, but if i was a community manager i wouldn't be too kind toward content creators who make negative video after negative video and trying to hype up other games because they're bored of this one and can only muster up the motivation to make a Warframe video when they get upset and start complaining about something. These are Youtubers and twitch streamers who are probably still living with their parents and making money by slandering and throwing shade on DE's success with no full time job whatsoever. These people have never done anything other than consume. Their videos are worthless to the community and someone at DE should seriously consider the negative effects of allowing these people to perpetuate this negativity. Allowing the dog to urinate and defecate all over the house sounds okay until you have to be the one to rip out the carpet and replace the floorboards.
  4. "You wouldn't be overly joyous if they ruined your favorite modes in the game" Did you even read my name lol. Yes the reduction of endo isnt great, yes im going to get sick of getting the same old useless arcanes that will never see any use by me ever, and yes i'm going to get sick of getting duplicate auras that i already have. Removing arcanes and auras from the drop table and replacing them with endo is the best way to go in my opinion. Put the arcanes and auras in the offerings menu alongside mods that already exist such as Power Donation. This would be more in line with how you currently get some arbi specific mods, and totally in line with how you get most arcanes. You wouldnt see me complaining if the entire tridolon drop table was open to arbitration, that would MUCH better than the ones that we are limited to. On one hand though at least its a somewhat alright way to get ducats, maybe DE knows we dont want these arcanes (at the very least not over and over) and just wants to give us ducat fodder. That being said this update is overwhelmingly positive, the pros far outweigh the negatives unless you are hyperfocusing on the rewards you dont want. Go play for awhile and see how much kuva you can get and then come back and give DE some praise for nixing the boring old repetitive survival EVERYONE was tired of. Farming kuva is no longer something miserable i do when binge watching Netflix, its actually fun now. As someone who plays sorties you should have rivens to roll, and once you see how much better of a kuva farm this is you'll be surprised.
  5. 20-25k an hour, no kavat, with a booster is the best in the game, this is not up for discussion.
  6. Should it be a vitus reward? sure. Is it ruining my day being in the rotation? no. What we already got with the kuva is enough to overlook anything else or any flaws entirely. Arbitration is now the best kuva farm and that alone is enough imo. Adding endo to the vitus rewards section isnt a bad idea either if you are sad about the decrease.
  7. Yall are so busy complaining when you could be enjoying the game, thats just my 2 cents though. The youtubers lied when they said fashionframe was endgame, the REAL endgame is ComplainFrame. Would i prefer the drops as rewards for vitus? sure. But im not going to sit here and complain about it.
  8. The whole "Make X Entirely Different" argument is flawed in my opinion. Don't get me wrong i like your idea about accessibility however i don't think movement limitations are a good idea. It is harder to hit someone with mobility mods, but they also have less health or less shield so therefore it balances out. What truly needs to exist is some sort of sensitivity tutorial, Playing at anything less than 10cm for a 360 when you are not aiming down sights is WAY too fast and the reason most people cannot track moving targets. I personally play at 15cm for a 360 free look and even this is considered high sensitivity by most of the advanced players in the conclave. That being said i do believe there could be a happy medium, something that wouldn't change the game at its core. Something akin to the projectile speed mods for bows. I feel like having a "Bullet Magnetism" mod would be a good solution to the movement issue. This mod could be limited to specific weapons such as automatic rifles. It could provide a specific level of bullet magnetism based on its rank. It could have a negative related to damage, hard range reduction, or possibly fire rate. Now i know what you're all thinking the cliche "well that doesn't reward skill or teach people to be good players" I will just let you pretend for a moment that shotguns don't have spread, and that the Ignis doesn't already have a cone that is exactly already along the lines of what i'm talking about. Basically if there could be some sort of bullet magnetism mod that gave weapons hits similar to the ignis at the cost of a damage penalty i think it would still be a better idea than removing complex movement. T The biggest problem with this is that Warframe is not a popular PVP game whatsoever, therefore i personally believe its more likely to be enjoyed by those who find it unique rather than those who are looking for something fair balanced and competitive. Warframes movement reminds me mildly of Tribes Ascend. I LOVE long drawn out gunfights with aerial maneuvers and timing shots on weapons like bows and managing projectile speed. That was the entirety of what tribes was about, and that's one of the reasons why i play conclave. I would be all down for adding a new mode akin to what you said, but then some sorry person will come complain about splitting the player base. The problem with the mindset of "lets make everything super fair and balanced" ends up making your game look like how dog days would if it was a PVP mode. A "Fair" conclave would be nothing more than a bunch of people walking around with inner-tubes and firing their squirt guns at one another. As fun as it would be to see the work that went into dog days actually get recycled into the conclave as a new mode, it would be absolutely terrible to reduce the entire PVP to that. As far as general ideas go, reducing the incentive for high skilled players to pub-stomp would be a good idea. You should get more XP for losing, and less XP for a blowout game. The REAL reason people don't play conclave is its bad enough to be an easy target, but its even worse to be punished for it. Warframe SEVERELY punishes users for sticking around and getting the crap kicked out of them, this is one of the main reasons player count is so low. Why would a new player who is trying to learn how to play a game that has a higher skill gap than CSGO stick around and take a massive beating from a high skill player when they are getting absolutely nothing for it. If i am destroying someone in lunaro they will get almost nothing for it, therefore they are having a bad time, not having fun, and on top of that getting way less XP than they would if i am winning. It's okay to give people more standing for wins, but losers should receive a bonus. I have an Affinity Booster and have never ran without, but with a booster the very least someone should get for losing should be 1K-2K for a hard blowout loss BEFORE skill and points are factored in. You should be compensated fairly for being a moving target for highly skilled players until you can hold your own. This is the biggest flaw with the conclave at the moment hands down. The rep distribution rewards demolishing and making the other team want to ragequit, and it punishes sticking around and taking a beating. This NEEDS to change if conclave ever wants to have a player count above 100 at any given time.
  9. Thank you for adding to what i said, i'm aware of basically everything you mentioned. I'm assuming the average joe running low on disk space (not someone who builds their own rigs) has never touched a sata cable in their lives and probably doesn't want to learn how to do anything that is beyond maybe installing a driver. At the very least for this average joe connecting a cheap and affordable $20 USB device to a laptop with no other internal storage bays will be cheaper than finding someone to clone him over to a larger drive or SSD. Sure the performance takes a bit of a hit, but joe doesn't really mind considering that he has a laptop with low end specs. Sure joe could invest over $50 into an external HDD or SSD solution, but joe finds letting go of $20 for the ability to store warframe and several other games a good deal. Joe isnt playing competitive games on his laptop with a wireless non gaming mouse using his wooden desk as a mousepad, joe only cares about getting warframe to fit on a drive for around $20 with no technical finesse required. People who arent like joe (you and i) already know what we need and are willing to spend money. Joe has no idea what a "sata" or a "2.5" or "3.5" is. Joe has never used disk management, clonezilla, or gparted in his life. Also those games range from SNES to Quake live graphics. Warframe is aesthetically on the same level of AAA titles. You can probably play all the games you listed perfectly fine on a laptop with integrated graphics. Warframe 60fps on integrated graphics requires a lot of graphical sacrifices. I can fit around 50 or more wii/gamecube games into the same size of BO4 but that's not exactly a fair comparison because BO4 is a newer game and meant to translate well into the future of 4K. with warframe you're almost looking at comparing it to destiny 2 and that game base alone is literally 2x larger.
  10. "This is the worst way you could reward a player for playing Conclave. Why make the player play even more Conclave?" Oof, there are PLENTY of other syandanas in the game to choose from, this is basically the only one that truly follows the "Grind To Shine" rule. If you want to flex and show people that you are a currently active conclave player this is the syandana for you. If you're one of those sorry completionists who only plays conclave to get all of rewards everything will feel like a grind and its your own mentality that is stopping you from enjoying the conclave. I've always said the difference between a completionist and a masochist is that at least the masochist is having fun. You are essentially asking for DE to remove a feature that keeps people playing conclave. Are you telling me you want daily players like myself to have less of an incentive to play every day? For you completionists out there all you see is a miserable grind-wall to get cosmetics you will never use, to get weapon skins for weapons that the vast majority of aren't even meta whatsoever outside of conclave just because they "look cool". Players like me are conclave first and warframe second, i don't care if its night in the plains and there is a gift from the lotus for a shotgun riven and a legendary core, i'm going to max out my conclave standing before i do anything else and that's that. You asking to shine like someone who puts in a bare minimum of 4 hours a week into the conclave and plays every day is essentially an insult. You asking DE to lower the active playercount by removing the only thing that will always be an incentive for people to play conclave is an insult. This is not elitism as much as it is simply "gimmie gimmie" on your part. I have played conclave for less than two months and i already have everything i want because i don't care about sigils past literally the one that i actually want to wear, i have the syandana, and i have the best armor set. "How would you fix this problem?" It's not a problem, it's a PERPETUAL CHALLENGE. People get so used to warframe spoonfeeding them victories and making them feel like gods with nuke frames to the point that when they actually are faced with a challenge they run away like cowards and show no interest in developing skill, finding the right sensitivity, or actually learning what weapons work best for them. But to be COMPLETELY HONEST i wouldn't really care if you had to spend 300 ducats to keep it fully lit for a week. For me it takes over 4 hours a week for challenges and to keep it fully lit every day, which is far more time than you would spend in a fissure getting 300 ducats. This is quite a hefty amount of ducats, and even though you wouldn't be grinding conclave, you would still have to "Grind To Shine" Maybe 10k ducats to keep it perma-lit could be a decent sacrifice, but in no means should it just be handed away for free. If there is a perma-lit option it needs to either make DE money, tell them how much plat you'd be willing to pay for a version of this called "Celestial" that has the conclave logos removed and replaced with the Lotus symbol that stays fully lit 24/7 and i'll show you a developer who's reading this thread and ready to implement a 500p alternative. "fashion frame is endgame" No. As someone who started the game with platinum and sold tons of CSGO skins for tennogen items i can assure you that i mastered fashionframe before i completed the war within. If you said MarketFrame or RivenFrame is endgame maybe i'd agree with you because getting the plat to buy cosmetics without money takes time and legitimate trading skill. Figuring out what looks the best on what is a matter of literally having plat on your account, clicking a button, and then playing barbie dress up, sure you want to look good, but go spend the next 3 hours in captura and tell me you had fun walking around doing nothing other than playing with cosmetics. You might be able to update some of the frames you havent played or updated in awhile since you got a new armor set or something, but chances are you'll get bored in less than 8 hours. My biggest gripe isn't that i have to play conclave to get the syandana to light up, it's that when someone checks my profile my syandana isn't lit up even if I've done all my challenges. With this whole new "look" system it would be really nice if people could see my syandana being lit, or at least the default on the profile or in the "look" system to be fully lit rather than fully off. It would be really nice for people who check my profile to say "Cool syandana how do i get that?" but in reality they just see it fully turned off which brings it from one of the coolest syandanas in game to one of the least cool. If there is any way it could display as lit by default in the arsenal, in the profile, and in the "look" section this would be great.
  11. Imagine the outrage of warframe crashing someones workstation that they also so happen to game on. imagine downloading a game on steam while it's optimizing the cache (if it only does the check initially) and filling up the drive with new files that reduce the space available to it initially. Regardless of if you have an SSD or an HDD you should have at least like 10% bare minimum of your drive free, preferably 20%. past that point performance takes a massive hit, and things like Trim for SSD's aren't going to trim over the used data fast enough unless you have them set to trim like 2x a day. If you're really starving for space like that do the research about deleting hiberfile.sys, and reducing the size of your paging file. You can also clean up some windows store apps and other stuff that come with windows etc. If you play games like warframe and aren't too worried about "local data" aka saves that are stored locally on the drive rather than in the cloud, you can even get away with running games on USB 3.0 drives. On my laptop i run warframe off a 128GB usb drive i bought for less than $20. These are more prone to failure than an SSD or HDD, but if all your saves are in the cloud a USB game drive failure just means you need to redownload the game onto another USB. Never had one fail on me personally from brands like Sandisk/PNY
  12. No, they probably wont make conclave accessible to new players, the very nature of rewarding pubstompers is evident of this, you have to wait for the "chosen ones" to reach their daily max before you can find a match of non sweats. This normally happens 2h after the daily reset as maxing for someone with a 5.0 KD takes like 2 hours max. This alongside the conceptual casual player opinion loop of "Conclave is garbage" -> "Therefore conclave isn't worth investing more developmental resources into" -> "Therefore something originally considered garbage that never improves will always be garbage" loop isn't doing anything for the community. DE has built a PVP system with a wider skill gap than any other game i can think of besides Tribes. That itself isn't inherently bad. What is inherently bad is these pubstompers are rewarded for cleaning out entire lobbies of noobs who gain minuscule standing from being demolished. There needs to be some sort of cap to prevent these people from sweating all over "new" players which for this example is basically anything under 5k kills in the conclave. There needs to be a hard cap on the rewards for pubstomping. Anything past a 2.0 KD and you should stop being rewarded for crapping all over new players with uber tryhard weapons and frames that regenerate health on kill like Nekros. I don't care how much authentic "skill" a 5.0+ KD player has they should not be rewarded for sweating as hard as they do. Giving these players a reason to choose less meta weapons that they can easily achieve a 2.0 KD with or higher at their skill level will make conclave less of a pain for newer players, or better yet, revamp Recruit Conditioning, and make it based on KD or Conclave Win/Loss rather than simply being below level 3 and making it harder to find matches. If i could check a box in the conclave panel and prevent myself from encountering matches with players who have a KD above 3.0 i would in a heartbeat. Remember, conclave doesn't suck because of balance, conclave doesn't suck because of the skill gap. Conclave sucks because people who are able to exploit the game with disgustingly OP weapons are completely rewarded 150% of the way for going 25-4 with the most try hard loadouts imaginable. Conclave isn't dead because it isn't fun. Conclave is "dead" because these players murdered it and pour refined liquid poison over any new flowers they see sprouting in their garden. Please give us a "No Pubstompers Allowed" mode, similar to RC but for players who just don't want to deal with these fools, and give these experienced players the option to "erase" their KD/stats like seen in the call of duty games whenever they feel like toning it down and joining the rest of us who simply want to play a match without going up against the equivalent of an aimbot despite the fact that they aren't cheating. If this doesn't happen please at least reward players for taking a beating and being a moving target for these pros. Getting nothing for being annihilated sounds fair and square, but its one of the reasons why no one plays. Even a "cash" system where you get rank for shots that you hit even if you don't get kills would at least be better than what we currently have now.
  13. If only they knew how easy it is to max 3h after reset. BTW i host lunaro after reset, come join me at ~8:00 EST
  14. One thing i was thinking of would be some sort of way to get kuva based on mission performance. Sure i would like if boosters worked in kuva disruption but my overall problem with kuva farming is at least on the survival map it can become a bit of a snoozefest. I would really enjoy kuva dropping like hexanon or toroids from enemies. But honestly think about it for a second. In a kuva survival with a nekros what reason do i have to actually try to kill the enemies? All i have to do is defend the thing and make sure there is a nekros and its EZPZ. I would LOVE some sort of ESO type of mechanic (not that hurts you for not keeping efficiency up, but rewards you with kuva when you're at high efficiency.) Maybe kuva could drop from enemies like toroids, maybe there could be a bar akin to ESO/SO where the amount of enemies you kill gives you a natural kuva multiplier per conduit. You will not hurt the riven market by making kuva easier to obtain, all that would do is make it easier for people to actually get the roles they want without having to do the same old mundane repetitive task. For a lot of people kuva is endgame, and i feel like making it more fun and rewarding like ESO will improve the QOL for players that seek kuva.
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