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  1. TYPE: Mission - New vault runs DESCRIPTION: The crack sealing segment failed multiple times, despite the area being cleared thoroughly. It looked like one mob in another vault was possibly getting tagged as involved. VISUAL: the area where the red indicator appears was not connected to the tile the mission was occuring in. EXPECTED RESULT: Rampaging around like tenno usually do should have finished the mission. OBSERVED RESULT: We attempted this crevice three times, only to sit out the timer each time. REPRODUCTION RATE: Cannot figure out how to reliably reproduce t
  2. Jugulus vertebra projectile does not respect Zephyr’s Turbulence TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Turbulence does not prevent vertebra discs from impacting Zephyr REPRODUCTION: Play as Zephyr, turn on turbulence, go taunt a jugulus EXPECTED RESULT: Zephyr’s sole protective skill, what bends lasers, would keep a bone frisbee from chewing her butt to rags. OBSERVED RESULT: Bone frisbee does horrible things to Zephyr, and sticks around for a while to make a mockery of shield gating while it’s at it. REPRODUCTION RATE: Fairl
  3. Zymos head bugs do not spawn on CC immune enemies or enemies affected by “pose holding” powers TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Enemies that have CC immunity or under effect of powers that force a specific pose do not spawn head bugs. The enhanced explosion occurs after a pause, but no seekers. REPRODUCTION: headshot a demolyst, treasurer, or mob held by one of the powers listed below (list is not exhaustive). Capture targets assumed to share immunity, but not tested. EXPECTED RESULT: Swarms of vicious head bugs go looking for things to mess up.
  4. Zymos with multishot can lock enemies into the panic animation TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Landing a headshot with a Zymos causes the panic animation to loop REPRODUCTION: Put Barrel Diffusion in a Zymos, land a headshot EXPECTED RESULT: Either one animation plus extra head bugs, or a loop of the animation once per projectile that lands and regular head bug ration per loop OBSERVED RESULT: Enemy goes into the animation, looped over and over, until another animation (such as an Impact stagger) takes precedence and knocks it out of the loop. REPRODUCTION RATE:
  5. I've been keeping a very close eye on this since I noticed it, and it's not 0% of the time. I do very occasionally see the 10, but it feels like maybe 10% of the time. A build that usually fills up a primed flow tank is almost struggling to keep fed. Probably not linked to any stat, the only low one on my general Limbo build is range.
  6. To my great sadness, today I discovered that one cannot fill the Helminth's mouth with roller floofs. Please consider changes to allow us to make our ship play Chubby Bunny. thank you.
  7. second impression on the new End Of Mission screen: the expand goober is good, actually, and needs to be a state that persists between missions and between sessions. Once I click that thing, it should stay whichever way it was set until told otherwise. Things are *much* better expanded.
  8. New functionality on Air Burst is pretty nice, and it's actually making me rethink some of my plans to replace it w/ Helminth. But I'm going to get greedy - please consider letting it suck in tornadoes so we can do damage transfer skillshots. Suck up a pile of air and meat and toss some AoE weaponry in. Immediate impression on the end mission screen is that it's consistent with many recent UI changes. More pretty, probably more new player friendly, at the cost of lower information density / less ease of use for advanced cases. Still within the three click rule, but feels clunky.
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