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  1. nice, but when are we able to trade umbrals or sacrificial mods?
  2. can we make these mods tradeable now? in order for someone to get all these mods at every possible rank they would be require to gain 5,000,000 Simaris rep. If you can only gain (for a min max player) 30,000 rep daily, it would require 167 days in order to gain the 50 copies needed.
  3. u can get better images if u set your brightness to 0 and your contrast to 100
  4. it's been a year since thermia fractures gave double credits, can we just get double credits when thermia is ongoing instead of waiting for a "bonus"?
  5. so why can't riven disposition changes happen at the start of every quarter/three months?
  6. Just thought I'd add but how come the large and small restores restore X amount every 7.5s but the medium pads restore every 5s?
  7. no requirements join now
  8. why would anyone go to rank 4 or 5 arcanes when rank 3 gives you +1 arcane revive
  9. I personally disagree with the crafting costs of the 100x blueprints (assuming the resource cost is unchanged since the latest devstream). I feel the purpose of the 100x blueprint should be to make it more time and resource efficient to craft the same amount of pads compared to someone who can do it with 10x. In order to craft one of the 100x blueprint I would have to spend more time farming resources to spam craft them compared to the amount of time I would spend just waiting 10 minutes to craft 10x for the same amount, but with less resources. Also, let's talk about how there's only 100x blueprints for large pads. What about us Medium Pad Master Race players?
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