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  1. can't link it if you don't own it and if you relog it solves the problem
  2. IGN, transference Mastery Rank, 28 Country, egypt or united states Current/previous clan, none when you started playing warframe, 2O16 your Discord ID spongesoup#3521 and also feel free to include a little about yourself.
  3. where my riven dispo changes tho Ok but Hawk Eye isn't an Exilus Mod... When can we get a fix on that?
  4. lenz vandal so i can sell these god rivens
  5. or just make double credit bonus just active the entire event
  6. it is impossible to trade the Spore Ephemera
  7. By that logic, the Lenz is also An Impact Based bow. But as you know since you've owned Lenz, the weapon is mostly radial attack based. But I'm sure you knew that ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. same goes with any entity you can do mercy killings on your companion kavat/kubrow or even the rescue hostage
  9. i agree i cannot copulate with my love partner knowing in the back of my head this is going to come up during the thrusting phase
  10. i am good war fram player can i be office for clan
  11. For those wondering, reveal the spoiler to see stats for: Kuva Hind Kuva Nukor Kuva Bramma
  12. if the host of the squad was set to invite only and then they abort the mission they take all of the squad mates along with them
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