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  1. Just going to throw some of my ideas in for improving gauss though I highly doubt, they’ll ever be used or even seen buy the devs but still worth a shot. His passive is great and so is Mach rush, no improvement needed, though I would add a synergy with his 3 but I’ll get back to that later. His 2 is only useful for the damage resistance, the battery drain is problematic with redline and the energy return is painfully low. To fix this I would change it to a deliberately battery draining ability with a payoff, think Garuda’s blood letting and inaros Armor, Tap the ability to spend a percentage of the battery and recover a percentage of your energy, hold the ability to drain the battery to gain a damage resistance buff scaling with the amount of battery drained. I feel like this solves every problem with kinetic plating whilst also adding meaningful battery management. his 3 is ok but as a speedster I don’t think it suits his play style very well, I would turn it into a duration based elemental aura that causes Gauss to leave behind a trail of ice/fire, causing status procs to enemies that step on it just like Nezha, additionally it should also allow the shockwave from Mach rush to apply the status effects as well, and it would be great to get a shockwave or some kind of bonus damage or effect when directly hitting an enemy with Mach rush. I haven’t quite decided on how to fix redline yet, maybe having no energy cost and having it run entirely off of battery drain, remove the restricted part of battery so it’s not tied to redline buffs then allow the buffs scale off of the whatever the battery level currently is, when the battery gets too low just turn off redline and build it back up again kind of like Baruuk’s ultimate.
  2. I feel like I’m just missing something with redline, I’ve tried to test as many builds as possible and checked the wiki and forums for user info, but it always feels too high maintenance to ever justify using it. great buffs to weapons and melee, but I’m too busy power spamming to maintain redline, so I have no time to use them. Also trying to fully charge redline to 100 takes way too long on any duration build, you will only have about half the duration left (at best) to take advantage of his best buffs, which just feels massively underwhelming considering the time and effort to get it. Also also why is kinetic plating not recastable? Shouldn’t that be standard for an ability like that.
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