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    Hello! I Am The Curator!

    I'm not the boss, just the janitor. I do my business/say my piece, and go back to lurking.
  2. My Nyx and her elegant Stiletto daggers.
  3. Updated with Item Number 3.
  4. Noogums

    Coming Soon: Devstream #25

    Lately, the community has been quite on the topic of using Non-Prime weapons as skins for their Prime versions, is there any update on whether or not we will be able to do this? It also extends to using things like Day of the Dead skins. (This is not talking about just the texture, it involves using the Non-Prime model as well, so the UV's match the texture.)
  5. Sorry to hear that, that's a hard pill to swallow. I'm going to pin this topic for a while, because I think it's important. On another note, nice emblem. On another another note, IT HAS THE JAYJAY! -Lens Flares-
  6. Noogums

    Hello! I Am The Curator!

    Woohoo! I keep getting the feeling that I'm an OCD-neat-freak-nuisance to the community. Thanks, I'll keep doing my best to keep everything in line!
  7. I respect that opinion, the employee comment is related to how I view the business model of 3D work. The animator works under the Lead Animator who works under the Art Director, who works under the Director, who is being payed to do a product by a customer. In this, the animator's customer is the Lead, Lead's customer is the Director, Director's customer is whoever is above them, and at the top there is 'us', in this analogy. Though we may not officially be employed by DE, we are a part of the chain of commerce. Now, in a game setting, we did not pitch the product to the developers, we are simply funding and using the product. This means that it is not our vision, and though we do have input and a voice within the pipeline, our word only holds whatever power the developers choose to give it. In Warframe, our words carry a lot of power because the Devs value our feedback. However, this often leads to an entitled attitude that we see commonly among the forums. There's a little rationale about why I suggested we act as employees. Of course, that's just my personal opinion and advice. You're free to completely disregard it, as long as you keep a polite and professional demeanour, the "Pretend I'm an employee" way is just the route I personally choose to direct the tone of my feedback.
  8. I think this thread is a long-time coming. I see a lot of posts on the Forum that simply don't follow a professional conduct when giving feedback. So, I'm creating this thread as a little bit of a guideline. If you do NOT follow this guideline for giving feedback, your post will either be edited to do so, or the thread will be locked. I said I was going to keep this Sub-Forum professional and efficient, and I intend to do so. So, here are a few tips: 1: "Ugly", "Stupid", "Bad", and such words are NOT an acceptable form of feedback. In order to give the Devs a good amount of information in your feedback, you must not just state how things are in one line if you disagree with a certain aspect. Instead, you must explain (In a polite manner), WHAT you find unappealing about something, WHY you find it unappealing (Keeping in mind that not everyone will think the way you think), and HOW you think the 'issue' can be resolved. FINALLY, remember that this is also a place of discussion. You are not posting an ultimate solution, you are opening the floor for the community to agree with/disagree with/improve on your opinion. Example: NO: "Excalibur's toes look stupid, please fix." YES: "Personally, I think that Excalibur's toes might not be visually conducive to the rest of his design, perhaps they are too ___________. In my opinion, maybe ___________ would look better?" (Note: I'm not saying you can't say bad things, you absolutely can, but they must be professional and polite. Criticism doesn't have to be rude.) 2: Things like calling Developers lazy, saying that they didn't work hard on something, or any other kind of abuse, is absolutely unacceptable. The rules don't stand for Dev-bashing, and neither do we in this subforum. In my opinion (This is just how I like to go about it. If you disagree or have another perspective on it, ignore this.), when submitting feedback, you should pretend that you are an employee of DE, and you're sending a report to your superiors. If you did something like that in a real job, and used words like "Stupid" or "Ugly", and had an impolite and entitled attitude, your feedback would not be considered. Likewise, on these forums, I ask very kindly that you keep a professional demeanour about you when in this particular Sub. Though they are places of discussion, the Feedback forums above all, are where we interact most commonly with the Developers, where they get most of the feedback. It HAS to be a constructive and professional environment. 3: Demanding changes. When giving feedback, it's important to note that you are not necessarily instigating a change, you are only offering up an opinion and a suggestion. As such, you should not be using words / phrases like: "DE, _______ is _______, fix it.", "DE, you must change _______ because ______.", "DE, I don't like _______ and it should be changed." These are not appropriate formats for giving feedback. Warframe is DE's project, their responsibility, and above all, their creative property. We do not have the right to tell them to change something. What we can do, however, is explain why something bothers us, request that it be looked at, and offer up a suggestion about what could be done about it. DE doesn't necessarily have to then make this change, and not every piece of feedback given is something that needs to be changed. However, if they see reason in your explanation, they will likely take a look at it. Let me clarify something; much of what I say in here has a lot to do with simply how you phrase your feedback. If you happen to hate Vauban's left thumb with every fibre of your being, there is nothing stopping you from that. But it's not your right to demand it be changed. These are some topics I chose to highlight, but in general, just stick to the Community Guidelines (, and everything will be just dandy. That's all for the moment. It's a short list, but I would very much appreciate if I saw the contents more often. I'll add to this list if and when I find any more behaviour I deem inappropriate. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and happy posting! -Noogums
  9. Noogums

    Hello! I Am The Curator!

    Glad I can be of assistance! C:
  10. Noogums

    Warframe Builder

    This looks great! On another note, getting Chrome to translate the page to English is.. Hilarious. The mod names are so funny. Streamline is Rationalization. This is amazing.
  11. Greetings, Art & Animation boffs, enthusiasts, and inquirers! I am Noogums, and I'm here to help ensure this Sub-Forum stays tidy, on track, and professional. I'm a professional 3D character animator myself, and I've loved the art ever since I saw my first cartoon. I've been in the Warframe Community since early/mid Closed Beta Update 6, and since then most of my time on the forums has been dedicated to reading, and sometimes responding to the Art & Animation Feedback section. So, I figured I'd offer my help in being a slightly more focused tidy-up force in this area of the forums than the Moderators, as the animation and art in Warframe hold a special place to me, and it allows them to better focus their attention and watchful eyes elsewhere. Moving forward I'll be doing things like editing ambiguous thread titles, merging duplicate threads, and if there's a thread asking a question, and it receives a Developer Answer, I may close it to keep the positive feedback therein contained. I'm on South African time, so I have slightly offset hours from most of the community, but please always feel free to shoot me a PM about anything relating to the Art & Animation Sub, and let's try keep it efficient, professional and constructive! Also, as much as my title sounds like the name of an evil villain, please don't think of me as such. -The Curator Noogums!
  12. Noogums

    Coming Soon: Livestream #20

    What happened to Vor's Prize? Is it on the backburner, or has it been scrapped?
  13. Noogums

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    I'm glad! c: Because making all of it was a pain, and taking it off was just horrible.
  14. Noogums

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    What? D: Is there something on my face? I mean... Besides the blood and burns..
  15. Noogums

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    In the spirit of New Years, I shall step out from behind the screen for a moment. Hello, there! Now that that's over, here's zombie me post-flamethrower-encounter. And yes, I was slightly crispy.