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Because you can't spell "Slaughter", without "Laughter".

Greetings, Art & Animation boffs, enthusiasts, and inquirers!

I am Noogums, and I'm here to help ensure the Art & Animation Sub-Forum stays tidy, on track, and professional.

I'm a student of animation myself, and I've loved the art ever since I saw my first cartoon.

I've been in the Warframe Community since early/mid Closed Beta Update 6, and since then most of my time on the forums has been dedicated to reading, and sometimes responding to the Art & Animation Feedback section.

I'm not a DE employee, I'm basically a Moderator who only controls stuff within Art & Animation Feedback.

Moving forward I'll be doing things like editing ambiguous thread titles, merging duplicate threads, and if there's a thread asking a question, and it receives a Developer Answer, I may close it to keep the positive feedback therein contained.

I'm on South African time, so I have slightly offset hours from most of the community, but please always feel free to shoot me a PM about anything relating to the Art & Animation Sub, and let's try keep it efficient, professional and constructive!

Also, as much as my title sounds like the name of an evil villain, please don't think of me as such.

-The Curator


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