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  1. Was trying to instruct another player on how to get a proper screenshot for bug reports but they already had f6 bound to the gear wheel and didn't realise. I think its a big problem if people don't even know the feature exists and/or can't use it. This would be a really great little QoL fix!
  2. Or just come up with a fun idea that is properly explained. How is a player that doesn't know where to look for the randomly posted puzzle map supposed to complete the event. The explanation needs to be in-game not distributed all over reddit and obscure discord servers.
  3. No. The current melee system is the only way exalted weapons, especially Baruuk's can be really effective in arbitrations and overall it just means more flexibility for all exalted weapons. The actual solution would be to stop energy drain while shooting.
  4. Hildryn would be 1000% cooler if you could use your own weapons in aegis storm. The current restriction seems pointless
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