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  1. i think yes... i mean... with corrosive procs every shot would decrease the armor of the target increasing the damage... but at least the first shot would be correct and would provide some insight about how good a non corruption build can be... i suppose (if you want) this could evolve in the future in a damage model of the first 10 shots... it's obviously up to you... if you think this can be a good thing for you app... for sure it will help ppl to understand the "true" dps of a build against an armored target.
  2. thanks for your answer. I have a feature request then: Do you think it is possible add a text field to let user add a custom value of target armor to understand better how much damage is filtered in normal conditions ? thanks ;D
  3. Which amount of target armor is assumed in dps calculation (details link in the weapon page , under the specification of the modded weapon ) ?
  4. what about nidus... it's unplayable at the moment, larva is broken
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