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  1. Guys the LFG chat is annoying... we are in 2018... can we have an automated gui where i can select the relics i want to open, the eidolons i want to kill etc... without having to deal with a chat were i can't even copy paste ?
  2. stuck 3 seconds without control of your characters is not fine... i disagree
  3. it a bad gameplay choice... it's simply annoying....
  4. Please remove the equiipping animation of archwing weapons... it's too long... it's like 3 seconds... i simply die every time i equip an arch wing weapon if i don't dash 2 kilometers away with operator... it's dumb...
  5. VeryTough

    Please remove the cooldown from Archguns

    i would be more happy if de remove the freaking animation when you equip them...fq
  6. so i m not supposed to damage with heat something vulnerable to heat if i switch to heat my weapon ? make no sense to me...
  7. For some reason hystrix seems bugged... if the profit taker switch to electricity , and i switch hystrix to electricity, the damage applied is 0... seems bugged.
  8. Is there an option to "demax" or disable focus skills ? I maxed void radiance, but now during eidolons fights it drain all my energy... and it is actually an handicapp, and not an advantage having it active. Is there an option to demax , derank, or disable it, preserving void strike ? Thanks for you help
  9. VeryTough

    Warframe Builder

    i think yes... i mean... with corrosive procs every shot would decrease the armor of the target increasing the damage... but at least the first shot would be correct and would provide some insight about how good a non corruption build can be... i suppose (if you want) this could evolve in the future in a damage model of the first 10 shots... it's obviously up to you... if you think this can be a good thing for you app... for sure it will help ppl to understand the "true" dps of a build against an armored target.
  10. VeryTough

    Warframe Builder

    thanks for your answer. I have a feature request then: Do you think it is possible add a text field to let user add a custom value of target armor to understand better how much damage is filtered in normal conditions ? thanks ;D
  11. VeryTough

    Warframe Builder

    Which amount of target armor is assumed in dps calculation (details link in the weapon page , under the specification of the modded weapon ) ?
  12. VeryTough


    I would enjoy some star map mission with lvl 100 mobs... It's boring start a mission and experience difficulty only after 1 hour of play... Currently the only hard thing is elite onslaught but only BCS is time based
  13. VeryTough

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.10

    what about nidus... it's unplayable at the moment, larva is broken
  14. VeryTough

    Warframe Builder

    bug : paracyst values seem wrong