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  1. As others have said, PC version is basically the beta test server. We as the community discover and report bugs to the devs that they evidently don't have time to catch. I do understand the desire for a more stable version of the game, but the simple fact is such a thing doesn't exist. Even if you choose not to participate in new additions, there are times new bugs crop up in older, seemingly unrelated areas of the game, or even bugs that were previously fixed popping up again. Console versions aren't any better. What we get is what we get, we're all testing their game.
  2. Oh? I hadn't realized there was a limit for it.
  3. When you go to the Arbiters of Hexis at a relay and talk to the ones about Arbitrations, they give you a list of what nodes you still need to complete.
  4. Exactly, slots, for wreckage. But I will say that it might not have been clear in my first post, I was being sarcastic. I genuinely hope they don't go the route of riven slots by selling more to us.
  5. You need some kind of spoiler thing, my dude. Not that I need it, but plenty of people on the forums aren't all caught up yet.
  6. This. I'd like to scrap them even if I don't have a better version, because I know what I prefer to use and they count towards the limit we can have I'm sure.
  7. It's okay, I'm sure they'll sell us more space for plat, exactly like riven slots.
  8. Nobody likes Cephalon Sark, with his shifty eyes.
  9. I had this happen to me on PC a couple of days ago, it was very disappointing. /unstuck did nothing at all, and unfortunately I was the host so we had to abort. It should be noted that if the host is locked out like this, or simply dead from using up all their revives, no one else can extract back to the drydock. Edit: This should really be in the bug reports part of the forum so staff notices it.
  10. If you mean the twitch drops that happen in each Prime Time and devstream, they only happen while the stream is live and you watch the specified time at once.
  11. Odd, that's how it's supposed to be. I can color the inside of my railjack with standard color palettes no problem.
  12. I believe they are called artillery batteries, those respawn every minute or so and drop resources every time.
  13. Once a mission in RJ is complete, aborting counts as a success?! I wish I'd known that when this started, would have saved so much time.
  14. Oh is THAT why I don't seem to be retaining any of the resources I've been getting? For a little while my pustrel count in the dojo has been 4 and I know I'm picking up more in each mission. Yeah, for sure this needs a guide or something clear and concise.
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