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  1. OK so I logged in and the game works now. I will close this thread, once I figure out how to do it.
  2. Yeah..best thing to do now is to wait for the update to be official on the Nintendo E-Shop.
  3. Oh yeah this really sucks for the new players. I just hope DE fixes the issue ASAP.
  4. Exactly. Big disappointment for any new players. Warframe Switch community will be ruined if this bug/glitch/problem is a big one. And yeah I sent a ticket too, waiting for a reply.
  5. I decided to delete the game and reinstall it. I’ll keep you guys posted on whether it works or not.
  6. I looked on some news articles, and they said that Jovian Concord was released to all consoles about a day ago. Yes, there was an update. However, it doesn't show that in the Nintendo e-shop when you go to download warframe. I tried checking again if I could login, and I kept getting the same “login failed” prompt. Build is up, but I'm still unable to access the game. Let's hope that DE is trying to sort this issue out.
  7. Yeah when I first downloaded Warframe on the Switch, it included the supposed new update that includes Wisp and the Ropoalyst Boss Fight. I really do hope that they update it ASAP.
  8. Oh yeah. Same thing happened to me yesterday, so you're not the only one having a hard time.
  9. Yeah I don't know why any Switch players are complaining about this issue. Actually during the Switch livestream today, I was asking if they were having issues logging in. A lot of them said, “no”. Really strange...Part of the reason why the servers won't let us connect could be because of that server stress test yesterday, but the servers should be up and going by now. It's a bit odd. I'm guessing most Switch users don't know about the forums. I'm honestly okay waiting for the fix. The only thing I really care about is how new players will react to something like this. They could easily lose interest if they come across an issue like this the moment they finish downloading the game. I really do hope DE gets this issue fixed.
  10. Ahhh that's probably why. If you check out the page for warframe in the Nintendo e-shop, you won't see anything about the new Jupiter remaster and Ropalyst boss fight. The only images there are the normal Warframe ads and Fortuna stuff. It also says that the game takes up around 17GB of storage, but when i downloaded the actual game, it was around 21GB. Pretty misleading, but it is understandable considering that DE did release a new update.
  11. I read some old posts about people experiencing the same issues. They were saying that the issues were from the servers creating IP bans for switch consoles that weren't using a type of network connection. Something about “IPv6”? Whatever it is. I hope this issue gets resolved ASAP.
  12. So I'm a PC player, but I decided to buy a switch to play warframe and start off from scratch. I bought the switch and downloaded Warframe onto it. When I opened it after it finished loading, a prompt came up asking me to put in a username. I put in the username. However, the game said, “Login failed. Cannot connect to the server.” I don't know if that is due to the fact that the servers were banned or something else. If anyone knows anything about this please tell me here. I also sent a ticket to DE about this issue. Edit 1: I found out that the Jovian Concord update was released June 11 or 12 Edit 2: Please Upvote this forum to bring more awareness of this issue
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