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  1. I smell sabotage. Epic Games sabotage.
  2. Seriously? No Revenant Onryo helmet? Come on... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1617466231&searchtext= I NEED this helmet on my Revenant, DE. Been waiting for ages for it to show up on Tennogen.
  3. The only reason Wukong exists was because DE had to pander to the Chinese partners and their market. Outside of that, he just doesn't really fit. Aesthetically, he's a carbon copy of his real-life counterpart, nothing creative or innovative there. Ability-wise, anything he can do, other frames can do better. He's just there, to be used as mastery fodder, and then to be discarded.
  4. So, Wolf is Warframe's version of Varok Saurfang. We can't kill him, he just gets bored and takes a nap, dropping his loot in the process.
  5. DE, please fix this issue with the Vahd Cuirass clipping through the Operator's butt. It looks silly (and uncomfortable).
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