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  1. Exactly like it says on the tin, a mission where using our Necramechs is all that matters. No Warframes, no Operators, no pets, no regular weapons. Just Necramechs and archguns/archmelee. A defense/survival mission that is focused on protecting the entrance to one of the three hubs we have from waves of enemies: Cetus, Fortuna and the Necralisk. It's a bit of a callback to a few game modes I used to play in Warcraft 3, namely the aforementioned Tower Defense, Hero Siege and Defense of the Ancients (with a little Halo Firefight mixed in). Waves and hordes of enemies being mowed down b
  2. Hit the nail right in the head with that one. Imho, I quite liked the Nihil Boss fight. Could it have been better? Sure, definitely, specially if we could duel him on even grounds after beating his butt during his giant phase.
  3. The only reason Wukong exists was because DE had to pander to the Chinese partners and their market. Outside of that, he just doesn't really fit. Aesthetically, he's a carbon copy of his real-life counterpart, nothing creative or innovative there. Ability-wise, anything he can do, other frames can do better. He's just there, to be used as mastery fodder, and then to be discarded.
  4. ME2 was okay, it was the game that got me into ME in the first place. Later, ME3 came out, and since I was missing some stuff, I also went and got ME1 for the “semi-complete” playthrough. “semi” because, well, Bioware points and the ridiculous cost for the DLC. But boy did they ever write themselves into a dead end corner with the endings in the 3rd game, imo one of the factors that screwed up Andromeda. The same way ME2 was an improvement over the first, gameplay-wise. First time I walked into ME1 after getting used to 2 and 3 was a shock, I just couldn't get used to the combat.
  5. It could've been, had both the devs and publishers been less greedy and scummy. But Live services and lootboxes take priority over customer satisfaction, unfortunately. And that's a stain in their reputation that won't wash off so easily. Jesus, what a trainwreck that was. Bethesda's really making it difficult for me to be interested in the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6, given their actions as of late. Mass Effect died for Anthem. I cannot and will not bother with a game that delivered the final blow to a franchise I enjoyed. Plus, it's endorsed by EA. #*!% those guys.
  6. Imagine, female operator head in the body of a burly Atlas. ...the possibilities...
  7. Dreams, the original RNG. ...Because they're all so goddamn random.
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