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  1. Had the waypoints completely break while doing a void mission as wukong, assuming it might have been related to cloud walking everywhere but not going to assume. I remember hearing there was a place should submit f6 screenshots of it when it happens but forgot the location.
  2. So after playing her a bit, although her kit feels a bit on the weak side I feel the biggest missed opportunity is not allowing gun usage during her 4. I love the kit, but when I'm flying I'd love nothing more than use my penta, my ogris, my torid, lenz, opticor, or even her signature archgun. But I can't. Her shield gating immunity allows her to use heavy weapons much more safely than any other frame, and her flight would further cement that value, being a heavy weapons shield maiden flying above the battlefield. I know its unlikely to happen, but if I could even just use my archgun while flying it'd be the most satisfying thing to have available to me.
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