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  1. Was this stuff they said on the Devstream? I didn't pay attention since I only had the stream open for the Umbra Forma. Hopefully they said it in a tone that only told us they are aware of the design issues instead of the usual "OMG nerf it because people find it useful" tone. Mashing E is the way to use melee so I don't understand the issue, infinite CC is good because enemies spawn endlessly and get annoying deal with especially on long missions and defensive missions were made a lot harder with the healing nerfs (it's almost a requirement to disable enemies instead of killing them on s
  2. Interesting is that even if you use a different skin the Zaw version seem to be more bugged compared to a normal Nikana. Not high priority to fix though, Zaw nikanas has had issues for ages (possibly since the start). I actually switched weapons because of it and I've used my current one for well over a year.
  3. I'm at the cap but hesitate to melt any since I have come to regret doing it a couple times in the past. You never know when DE adds a weapon variant that is actually good even if the original sucks. I look at it positively though, no reason to spend any more plat and can skip "bad" sorties without feeling I missed out on rolling for new rivens. Easy to sell unopened Rivens too. Haven't changed loadout for the past 1.5 years anyways, getting good rolls on Rivens is so rare that I consider myself lucky to have managed it even once 😅
  4. Double check codex to see if you have the mastered symbol on all of the Deimos dogs, for me one of them failed to give mastery despite showing up as mastered in profile. Codex told me which of them had bugged out. When I levelled another one it fixed the issue.
  5. The Kuva Guardians seem to have a strange headshot hitbox, first shot did almost no damage but second killed it. Both shots hit the same spot so I really have no idea what's going on. Snipers suck in-doors though, kuva fortress with it's narrow passageways is extra annoying too.
  6. People leaving early in Endless/Endurance missions is always going to happen, they may even have valid reasons some of the time (wrong loadout, cat on fire etc.). Why not keep this type of mission unlocked from beginning to end so new people can join for the whole duration? Sure we may end up with some of players specifically looking to join late runs (like in Killing Floor 2) but at least it wouldn't put extra pressure on abandoning missions early because someone left.
  7. Picking off 60-90 fighters one by one using the trashy weapons we have? I rather not... Railjack is also way too squishy to let fighters get close, need to deal with breaches and other useless activities if that happens too. Even if you are in a party it's more efficient to send people off to secondary objectives than mess with fighters, if you are solo it's like experiencing the first circle of hell (i.e. mind numbingly boring). I'm not saying the current Railjack is fine (quite far from it really) but nerfing the only reprieve we have is the wrong way to go forward.
  8. My hope is that the Railjacks would "feel" powerful even if it meant limiting manuverability. Big forward cannons, much more durability but slower turn rate (faster forward speed though). Side turrets would have opportunity to shine against small ships instead. Make all forward armaments controllable directly from pilot seat, dedicated seat for the charge shot feels stupid. Drifting and boosting also feels wierd, just make it one layer of boosting and be done with it. Perhaps add some sort of forward void jump instead. Also get rid of all the craftable ammo/energy and instead make it
  9. Microwave gun in Killing Floor 2 does some serious damage, also makes enemies inflate and explode in a bloody mess 😎
  10. I've seen this three times already and I don't even play much Railjack, definitely the most common mission breaking issue for me. Not sure why other bases doesn't bug out the same way since you essentially have the same objectives in all of them, extra strange is that the door does light up green but refuses to open for anyone (not even dragging an enemy to it will open it). What makes pulse turbine different from the others?
  11. Maybe the GPU doesn't support it? Would have to be really old though (think older than the Geforce 400 series)
  12. Old bug, ran into this back when Railjack was new and again at the end of last year. I don't expect it to get fixed, plenty of threads reporting the same issue and all have been ignored. If you get a pulse turbine do it first just to see if the mission can be completed (or just abandon the mission and try again).
  13. Sound like you are using Magus Revert. I have been noticing more rubberbanding or loss of control from from some actions but nothing that would cause something like this, closest I get is the automatic ledge grab interrupting void dash or Wukongs cloud.
  14. Probably want to forget all about 2020. More seriously though, search on this site can't be trusted to offer relevant results. It barely cares about age so you easily find years old threads for simple searches like "graphics settings" or "shadows". Always remember to check date of thread before replying 😉
  15. Happens solo too, usually the minimap icons are fine though. It's utterly broken in missions where waypoints update a lot: If you check minimap only three of those waypoints are real (and you can't even see the exit one because a fake one is overlapping).
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