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  1. Perhaps the nullifier is triggered by something a player does (like on Ropalolyst) since I rarely noticed it when doing the vaults solo or with just one other player. For Ropalolyst it was void dashing that triggered a nullifying pulse but it was harder to notice while in a group so it seemed random, didn't test Necramechs though but feels like it's a scripted trigger too.
  2. Can confirm that enemies get stuck all over the place, fliers being the worst. Seems like AI can't handle complex maps but it's worse when lots of verticality is involved (enemies try to take shortcuts but gets stuck instead, also noticed enemies trying to take aim at you through walls and stop while doing it). Seriously, give me back the old Io (or make similar maps). That was the only defense map other than Helene that I didn't hate doing (small, good defensible position and little obstacles in the enemies' path).
  3. Same is true for secondary kitguns, I've never used a primary kitgun but have seen seeker proc from Oxylus weapon. Damage also seem to come from your equipped weapon, not the sentinels weapon (100k+ hits from the seeker projectiles).
  4. Not sure if this is related but noticed that Sweeper Prime on my Oxylus sometimes deal the damage from my Tombfinger secondary (~200k damage per shot and has Pax Seeker). Since the damage from the Tusk Heavy gunners seem to bypass shield gating it got me wondering if the damage is related to the reflected damage from Deimos Vault robots (uses your weapon stats against you). I only started using Oxylus when they added the scanning mods but did both glitches appear when Deimos was released?
  5. Believe the Fortuna moas counts as pets
  6. Seem to bypass shield gating too, this is clearly a bug. Why they haven't fixed it for weeks is strange even for DE. Luckily I almost never have to touch plains except for unlocking rivens but last time I got shot out of the sky while boosting around in archwing. Is it even possible to do bounties right now?
  7. Can confirm this annoying "feature". The whiteout is part of the cutscene when mission starts, the flash is probably there to hide the transition from landing craft flying in to the ground level loading. For some reason the flash was left in to punish everyone who cancels the cutscene (i.e. everyone). I think it used to be a normal respawn blackout but no idea when it changed to white.
  8. I use Switch Teleport pretty often. Synergy with decoy is one thing but being able to relocate NPCs (and make them invincible with augment) is the reason I use it (useful in Rescue, Sortie Defense and plains drone escorts). Most useless thing with Loki is the passive but compared to most other frames he is functioning pretty well.
  9. I never had to farm Ambulas, he used to drop Excalibur parts back in the day and I picked that as starter. Hate the fight though, lengthy wait phases where the game doesn't even allow you to afk properly are soul draining (same reason I only did the bare minimum of Deimos vaults).
  10. Pulse Turbine glitch is an old one, definitely existed before latest patch (I encountered it several months ago). There's a lot of threads on the forums but so far no response from DE so doubt it will be fixed anytime soon.
  11. Loki for Invis and Switch Teleport (augment for invincibility) Octavia for when I want to farm but not play the game Khora for crowd control (killing enemies is useless in many missions since only more will spawn, if you CC without killing them you can just semi-afk instead). Whip can be used to clear enemies if you get bored. Wukong for spy and generally going fast (still good despite the nerfs) Nova for the slow Everything works in Steel Path. This game has really annoying enemy design so I try to avoid dealing with them head on, found it better to avoid getting attacked in
  12. I'm hoping they will reintroduce random alerts as part of Nightwave, depending on rewards it could serve as an incentive to do more than gather daily logins after you reach rank 30. Current Nightwave needs to be properly supported by DE to work (as in we can't have a single season going for half a year when content ends in in less than 2 months), something similar to the old Alerts would help to distract us while waiting for new toys. If they found ways to add old tactical alert missions into this it would increase variety a lot too (there has been A LOT of one-off event missions tha
  13. Lowering contrast on PC makes dark areas less dark but no idea if the setting exist on Switch. It doesn't affect performace but has a big effect on visibility so should be available on all platforms (unless DE is being DE again).
  14. This is what I do. The "pings" that highlights targets are faster and cycle resets every time you aim so I've found it much easier to spot animals compared to tranq rifle (just do a quick aim in all directions). Equipping synthesis scanner has the added benefit of exiting the Tranq rifle exclusive mode so you will be able to use warframe skills while locating animals too. I'm not against making animal catching less of a pain though, the activity certainly could use some improvements.
  15. I haven't checked the kuva/hour for Arbitration and Steel Path and for this topic it doesn't really matter, isn't the issue that farming Kuva Liches for Kuva sucks?
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