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  1. From what I saw on the Devstream it just seemed to be more effective to use Archwing for most of the mission and leave the big duck outside of combat as much as possible, Railjack was way too fragile to bring into the fray and having to repair/maintain just adds more reasons to avoid using it. Still time to improve things for release though so not abandoning all hope just yet.
  2. Liches aren't fun so I'm not doing them (MR28 can wait), the RNG death is just one aspect I find annoying but there are bigger issues in my opinion. Layers of RNG, trap for new(er) players and costly MR trash as only reward to name a few.
  3. Since they gave blink (even with a cooldown) to all Archwings I'd argue there was no need to change Itzal at all, from a balance PoV I always thought Amesha was more broken. So far I didn't use Amesha in plains/valis because fast travel was more important than (near) immortality.
  4. Encountered this with Infested Ancients too, they lose interest in attacking and barely bother to respond even when I shoot at them. Also had the issue in Corrupted Defense, enemies would just hide behind cover and remain there. I played solo Frost every time so Titania probably isn't responsible. Edit: Remembered the same thing happened in a Sortie Defense when I got the defense target stuck with Lokis Switch Teleport, the issue may be that enemies lose track (or fail to find path to) of the target.
  5. Bullet jumping (slide -> bullet jump -> mid-air roll -> slide combo) is probably what I like most about this game. It makes moving around enjoyable and doesn't really do anything else than allow faster movement for all frames, why complain about going fast anyways? Perhaps make sprint speed also affect normal movement to make it somewhat useful but keep bullet jumping, DE isn't Blizzard so they don't have to nerf fun.
  6. Agree with this, there are few things I hate more than farm specific rotation C relics with ~10% drop chance. Please bring the latest prime relics back as bounty rewards.
  7. Use Loki with Switch Teleport to move him wherever you want, add the immunity augment to make it extra easy. He will still try to kill himself but at least you have some control over where he goes, in a party the Loki will probably have to play babysitter for the entire game while the rest is clearing mobs. Laggy hosts may cause Switch Teleport to drop him off the map and fail the mission though...
  8. I usually do arbitrations solo without Nekros. Find a corridor that isn't connected to a big room from more than one direction and stay there (starting area is often good enough), may have to activate a lifesupport (or three) in a 30 min game but usually spawns are enough to keep going. Infested are best though, the other factions try to find cover which forces you to go find them which spreads out the spawns. This is my problem with Survival, moving around is bad but standing in one spot for even 30 minutes is extremely boring. Would prefer much more aggressive mob repositioning (like in Killing Floor 2 where they are in your face all the time) rather than just increasing numbers.
  9. Have this issue too. Also confirm it only affect newly created loadouts Seems operator school does not change
  10. Can confirm that Inner Might was working correctly at the start of update 26 (had it maxed from the start), one of the patches afterwards broke it.
  11. Still no Dual Kamas but suppose Ash is at least something... More importantly, will this unvaulting still override relic rewards from BOTH the Plains and Valis?
  12. Wish the things didn't give mastery past 30, having to burn 5 formas just to be able to vendor trash weapons isn't something I enjoy. MR doesn't matter much but I want to complete stuff I start on, extra important with Kuva weapons because of the RNG involved in getting them. Currently not touching Liches at all, it's not like I need anything from them... I do worry that this is something we can expect to see more of in the future (or if DE has financial trouble to warrant increasing pressure on the store).
  13. Encountered this in a Kuva Flood, third terminal is in a spot I've never seen before (added in Old Blood?) and you can not interract with it. Pic:
  14. This Going around killing enemies one by one is just tedious when they all have the same set of abilities and die in 1-2 hits anyways. The AI for non-Infested mobs is extra annoying too since they tend to hide behind obstacles and just sit there until you go looking for them, it's mostly for these enemies I want a map clearer (and corpus Moas, I hate those things).
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