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  1. For me they need to not be annoying to get too since I always feed the first one to Helminth, if the grind is awful there is no way I'm getting a second one unless it's really good.
  2. I was using guns a lot even before the recent additions/changes, I dislike the melee combo counter and status effect stacking gameplay (as well as most melee animations). Still use certain melee actions to one-shot annoying enemies like Steel Path Treasurers and Acolytes but in most cases the normal guns are enough. The new mods and arcanes are nice but didn't really change how I play the game.
  3. Survival is great because, with the right frames, you can turn it into a waiting game where all you need to do is press a button (or two) every once in a while. It sucks because you get punished with slower and more spread out spawns if you move around and actually try to play the game. The MR30 test did something interesting imo, you had to kill enemies that spawned bosses that activated the life supports. Not sure how well it would translate into normal missions but I thought it was a nice twist. I don't think you can get Killing Floor type survival in this game though, we are just too powerful for the enemies to pose a threat so there need to be some sort of other mechanic that we need to "survive".
  4. They usually don't spawn in Assassination, Exterminate and Spy missions for me, elsewhere the longest I've had to wait is 8 minutes. If nothing has spawned at that point I assume it's bugged and leave. Most reliable place to spawn them has been in survival missions, they have never failed to spawn within the 3-8 minute range there. Maybe the spawn is tied to enemy aggro, if possible leave an alarm running so you always have something come after you?
  5. I've only tried spawning sister candidates while doing other stuff like Steel Path incursions, Relic fissures, Faction missions etc and haven't managed to spawn any, probably gone through 10 or so keys. Do candidates only spawn in standard missions like the larvlings? This isn't mentioned anywhere (that I can see) but my experience seem to point towards it. Edit: Tried a normal Steel Path mission and immediately managed to spawn a candidate so guess they are limited to normal missions.
  6. Did quite a few Void Storms but have yet to see a single key drop, since you need to luck out 7+ times just to get one weapon (and more for fusing to 60%) the farm is soul breaking. I'll just pretend those weapons don't exist to preserve my sanity.
  7. Is Sister Candidates supposed to be a 100% spawnrate after completing a granum void? Do they have the same limitation as Larvlings (only spawning in standard missions)? Didn't spawn for me while doing the steel path daily alerts, did spawn both Treasurer and Acolyte so possible these override it? I definitely used a Zenith badge and reached level 3 but never saw a Candidate during the rest of the mission.
  8. I wouldn't discount some enemy weapon being bugged, seem to happen every few updates. Still, Warframe sometimes throws some silly damage numbers at you even without obvious glitches. Seen Wukong rack up millions on his Defy which translates to several 100k actual damage. You can also use Defy to get extra armor as well as build up Adaption on Inaros
  9. At least they left the 400% damage boost intact, probably the next one to go though 😑
  10. Acolytes (and stalker) has a tendency to bring players to them if they can't find a path. If they spawn in a glitched location I guess this is what happens.
  11. Glast Gambit made me hate the Index before even playing it. There is really no reason for having multiple rounds for each part and not being told how many rounds you need to do further added to the frustration. Right as you are getting really fed up with it all you get that forced fail round... I have played a lot of boring and frustrating games but nothing comes close to this. This quest is actually one of the reasons I started looking to various ways to semi-afk through missions, I felt silly for seriously playing when the game throws this kind of rubbish at you. Khora, Octavia and Limbo are my go-to frames for this kind of tedious content now 😎.
  12. Please don't nerf duration, if a weapon actually needs the extra damage even 6 seconds is very short. The other two arcanes have vastly longer duration for the same total damage boost so why go after the one that already had the most difficult condition? (12x 30% 4s VS 6x 60% 20s VS 3x 120% 24s, extra headshot multiplier too) Also, I consider Arbitrations less accessible than Steel Path since you are limited to one life and one mission per hour. Damage output isn't much of an issue in Steel Path either since you have the option to go up against squishy Infested.
  13. I'm not seeing anything here that would make me consider mercy kills. Effects are too weak, not guaranteed and/or there are better alternatives. Hard Reset is little more than a band aid to another issue (poor durability and aoe vulnerability of sentinels). Requiring three kills within a time limit is nonsense too considering how hard it is to get mercy kills. Likely not possible to get while in a group. Malicious Code only has 50% chance to activate making an already questionable effect completely worthless. Power Drain only affects one cast making the difficulty and time lost on the kill not really worth it in most cases.
  14. I'm probably something of a wierdo since I haven't used any of the nerfed weapons or mods. (personally hate the melee animations and combo mechanics) Steel Path isn't an issue (soloed all of it) and the Primary/Secondary arcanes will actually buff my playstyle 😅 Just hope this won't push the meta towards what I've been doing for the past few years leading to nerfs in those areas too... just having to take this into account tells something of how DE manages the game.
  15. Losing the XP from previously subsumed warframes is a bit of a drag, I likely won't bother getting the new skills unless activating invigorations give you XP too. Invigorations are questionable too though, essentially the same rhetoric as Arbitrations. Does stats show that people are likely to use frames based on the buffs here? Feels like this system is more likely to just make the already good frames even more absurd, frames I don't use often have problem with how the skills work (or don't fit my playstyle) rather than just being undertuned.
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