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  1. Just logged in after work and.....HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Could be 75% but hey I'll take it, thanks DE :laugh::crylaugh:

    Also think I put this in wrong subforum, can I have a moderator move please?


  2. Un-linked and re-linked all accounts twice now and re-logged 3 times, yet not dice and I keep getting this infuriating message.....


    re-logged, un-linked then re-linked 6+ times now, followed all steps EXACTLY and not a god #@$! thing.....my blood pressure is rising....


    OTHER EDIT: Now Warframe account management is showing this.....and it shows twitch is already linked when i have no clue if it is or not and ive un-linked and gone to re-link and get the "twitch account already linked" 



  3. Everyone's having the same issue, seeing as both your two threads (@Greensky21 and @raven2k01) were moved into mine, DE (moderators at least) has taken notice. I expect a fix or a potential script soon maybe? They have T-Minus 21 minutes until alert expires.

  4. The alert for Nitain is an Excavation but when entering into the mission says it is an extermination but does not spawn enemies and starts right off with head to extraction...hope this gets fixed within the next 30 mins are everyone's gonna miss out on an already pretty exclusive "alertium" 


    P.S. Please move to appropriate forum section? 

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