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  1. Yes sir, I watched the devstream and yes, DE says a lot of things, without a proper workshop saying "we will do THIS and THIS changing THAT" it's like they said nothing. There are a lot of things planned to be done, but without a workshop where they can take feedback and expose their ideas to change the current content, you can't do a lot, that's why I'm asking. Let's start with, I never actually craft forma since welp 24 hours for something that I spend in 5 minutes isn't worth my time, let's consider how quickly you can get a forma first: 1 minute of ukko for a relic, 4 minutes-ish to open it, there it goes your blueprint. How quickly can you use formas? To level a warframe from 0 to 30 you need around 5 minutes on Adaro with a friend, to level a gun from 0 to 30 you need around 5 to 10 minutes with a squad on Hydron/ESO. If you add up those timers, you are not gonna get 24 hours. I rushed formas and I will still because my usage of forma/hour is not equal to my gainings of forma/hour, 1 hour is ok because people can still rush it (if you are planning to forma 'dah new thing 5 times' today) without waiting an entire day for an item which gets used a lot, yes, warframe might be free to play, but you can convert it to help the playership by not making it pay2win like other games are.
  2. Thanks for the hotfix. Warframe's last Devstream showed percentages about the use of archwings and as expected, Amesha was at the first place. Thus, are there changes for other archwings (besides the modular archwing system) to make them more usable for Railjack? If Amesha is used by over 70% of the people in not even two weeks since the release, means there isn't balance with other archwings and in a gamemode which puts player's cooperation and movement at the first place, I think it's pretty needed. De-grindification for Railjack contruction parts! By.... doubling items obtained at the end of the mission. Now, this is a problem which happens everytime on every patch, there is no proper testing and for sure a lot of people have "thrown" their resources after hours and hours of farming for their railjack parts, I think it would be needed to run a script which doubles all the resources spent by those players, I know a lot of people not even attempting railjack due to it's "grindness" but the rest of the other players which played it? What about who farmed hours to get their first items repaired? Reward who actually had to pay and farm for things that got semplified. (Still waiting for a possible "item-rng conversion") The Anomaly node. Letting people wait around 2-3 hours without any way to predict when this node happens. Please add a "Time" variable in worldstate for developers and players to predict when an anomaly is going to appear. Once again, the refine button. Consider about "autorefining" resources before going to the drydock since most people forgets to do it and that's a potential loss of resources. Skirmish rewards, ayy this again. Like, seriously, a forma blueprint with 2.50% chance? Most people are out there trying to get Vidar reactors and parts for a mission which doesn't properly last "5 minutes". If you wanted to "de-grindify" costruction parts, you should reconsider about at least making that forma built for that low percentage. While still talking about formas, 24 hours for an item which gets used multiple times each day, any planned revisit for foundry crafting time of commonly used items? I think 1 hour should be ok. I think a good way to start 2020 is by not making another mainline with new things. Please check the feedback users gave and try to rework or fix what is already present in the game, as a player I would love to see things I already know getting reworked and updated rather than new things. And at the end of that, wish you good holidays.
  3. I was against Blink changes when they actually announced it, but I managed to change my playstyle using frame buffs or sprint mods (at least amalgam serration has a use now rather than speedrun frames for capture missions) but after testing it in deep, I'm actually more than fine on that, itzal is squishy and might have problems if a player can't dodge bullets or crewships (in the example of railjack missions) shots, amesha works it and the universal blink managed to fix this issue by making the other archwings more usable, even if their ability kit is still outdated for what the railjack gameplay requires. If I was against blink changes at start? Yes, if am I still against it? No. Edit: And yea, sadly i'm asking for a "big buff" but mainly because players (me at first) were used to be really faster with archwing, and considering that it's not that easy to unlock both level 8 in intrinsics with tactical and pilot, might be something to "push" players from obtaining them.
  4. Thanks for the hotfix, it's always nice to see new fixes about railjack. Aaand Railjack is getting easier already, with the ability of selling Avionics which are the most crucial part when talking about railjack survivability, but what about talking player survivability? - You guys might have noticed the negative impact of the Blink changes for archwings right? As players, we did. New movements and animations are clearly better and smoother, but not the mobility. Mobility, why mobility? With our guns not being hitscan in space, we have issues hitting enemies, this comes to a single solution: Increasing archwing's mobility. We do have 2 perks from Intrinsics, one which reduces archwing blink cooldown and one which boosts archwing speed by 20% right; consider players can't even get out of their railjacks without using slingshots or amesha because they would probably die, so "are those buffs enough?" No. They are not. We have Hyperion Thrusters which gives us 27% sprint speed right at the cost of 20 capacity! Insane but nothing that a polarity can fix right? Yeah true, but still, 27% is a ridicolous amount compared to the drain of that mod. What am I asking? Actually boosting the perk bonuses, those bonuses works in openworld maps and where you can use your archwing which is fine, but remember how the players wanted to use their Itzals back before the Itzal changes? Moving faster, quicker and reaching point B from point A quickly through blinking. My suggestion would be increase the blink cooldown reduction from 25% to 50%, and the archwing speed from 20% to 35%, it's not a lot still but players would be able to move at least better than before. I don't want to talk a lot about Eidolons in a railjack feedback, but let's take for example the role of Trinity: She has to get Lures (usually) and keep the squad alive. How are those players supposed to do that if archwings are slower? A little 25% cooldown and a 20% sprint boost it's not going to change much, even amalgam serration gives more. - RNG in stats. No I'm not asking to remove them, players might like to "take that cryophon mk3 with more fire rate" but I'm asking to add a mechanic which allows the players to convert their own and crafted item for another without crafting it. Resources aren't easy to get (specially when talking about mk3 stuff, that's A TON of resources to build items) and sometimes we might get same items with just some points more in damage or other statistics, why even crafting them from zero? Add a "stat-transfer" item or system, like it is for Kuva Lich weapons. Maybe add a blueprint of it as an uncommon reward for Skirmish missions or even better just allow the players to convert their item (no, not for free, but if you have to ask players resources to convert their item, make it like 1/15 of the resources required to craft it) Just yesterday I got another Vidar Cryophon Mk3 which got +43.4% Weapon damage as a random stat, while mine got +38.7%, this means I have to pay all the resources to craft an entire new item for just a little bit of more damage? - Not even the time to get out of your archwing that you're dead. That's how Veil Proxima looks when you don't have an Amesha. Don't you want players to make a meta like Itzal was for Eidolons right? Either balance other archwings, increase their mobility or give a little bit of invulnerability to players when going out of Railjack/Points of Interest/Crewships, since enemies might be there and they will target us while we are going either out or inside. - Animations. Profit Taker, do you remember the big spooder which drops credits? Why can't we skip the animations with space rather than spamming left click? The same for when going into the Railjack, when your playership adapts to use spacebar two times to skip animations, why even using esc for the animation skip prompt? - There are some issues with the railjack actually not even spawning when aborting a mission. I have to get in my ship, board my railjack and get to the drydock to customize it. This happens a lot when you crash during a mission or, like I already said, when you abort it. I haven't paid 6 millions credits to not even seeing my railjack in my dojo~ - A button to mute cephalon cy when?
  5. Thanks for the hotfix. Could we get a button to toggle off the automatic melee heavy attack? In melee builds which uses combo (Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds etc) it's not fun when you just stacked your 220 combo and a random shot automatically wastes it. About railjack... there are still some issues about crewships which spawns health-restoring bubbles, after those bubbles are broken (or crewship exploded) some fighters still have that effect and most weapons can't properly oneshot fighters on Veil if they are healing and there's nothing we can do other than ignoring them and get to another group of fighters. Still on railjack, there are some spawn issues, when players rush to objectives, sometimes we don't get all the fighters or all the crewships required to complete our mission, sometimes I managed to fix it by using the frontal cannon to kill through walls the Grineer Hangar ship (apparently that counts as crewship to be killed even if Cy asks us to return to our ship), in other cases I also managed to find crewship and fighters a lot far from objectives/area of combat and sometimes they doesn't even spawn, that's a guaranteed fail huh. For the "thing pieces which are dropped by the things", it's a timed node for a 4% chance, any chance for a buff or if there's planned one? A little edit while we are here with the - Veil Crewship "health restore" bubbles are still invisible for clients, only for host, how am I supposed to tell to my squad to shoot them if they can't see them? - Would be possible to "predict" when this "blinking anomaly" in the Veil will appear? Players doesn't stare to the starchart every second and even if a "tmp" entry got added in worldstate, we are missing a "time" argument, if possible, make it like Cetus, Vallis or Earth-like clocks.
  6. Thanks for the hotfix (rip credit caches 2019-2019, maybe this time for real) Returning back to Kuva Liches, will it be possible to add a button which "unallows" a player to be elegible for a kuva larvaing spawn? Doing stealth missions is almost impossible due to kuva larvaing alerting enemies nearby when we are in medium-higher grineer maps. Thanks for the universal loot sharing mention!
  7. Refinement sadly are shared with the squad, I never myself refine (for mainly two reasons, I don't need those resources and I know what happens after if you refine while a mission is going) but I'm saying that for other people which might not know what happens or what could happen after refining while being in the middle of the mission. For credits, whoops.
  8. Thanks for the Ivara Prime Access! More changes and suggestions I'd like to say for Railjack... I would start with resources, why should we informed each time we get any resource? Convert the Cubic Diodes, Copernics, Carbides, Pustrels and Dirac as normal loot and leave the rare loot UI informations to mods, parts and more rare loot. Talking about railjack "roles", we have people which pilots the ship, who fixes hulls and breaches, who takes care about dropships and who usually goes for the objectives, this is the definition of team play and that's perfectly fine, except that players have to loot items inside objectives for themselfs and, unlikely everything else, this loot is not shared. It's really one of the big issues since players might forget to waypoint or to tell their squad about potential loot, considering we could get an Umbra Forma blueprint and guns blueprints from caches and bosses. Making them shared like every other loot should be mandatory, specially because some objectives requires both the Railjack Crew and the Away Crew to work together, how bad would be "ehy get in the Railjack so I can come into the galleon and loot the items you got already"... please.. Regarding sharing items, why are intrinsics not shared and equal for the entire squad? We are all playing a role to accomplish missions do we? If so, why are those rewards, specially intrinsics which gives mastery points, not shared with the same number to the entire squad? The refine button. Please, do not allow the players to click that button if the Railjack isn't full health or the objectives are completed. Yes, I might lose resources by not refining if my forge capacity is full, but how many missions did player lose due to someone which accidentally (or not accidentally, who knows...) clicked that button to store resources? Catastrophic event happens, no resources to craft revolite and say goodbye to your Umbra Forma blueprint! Make this button unclickable if the objectives aren't completed or just change how the resources are awarded after the mission is completed, I don't want to make a copypasta of "Please don't refine if the mission is not over" each time I host a mission and I'm sure I'm not the only one having this issue. Oh and yes, components and armaments. Why not making a system which autodiscards the same items with the same stats? Unless the item cap limit gets removed (which would be a lot reasonable already) there is no reason to stockpile the same Zetki Apoc Mk II which I crafted already unless I want to get a second for my pilot or gunner, if so, a script which allows people to search (or even better, sort!) an item for it's name would be really needed. Edit: Could we get explainations for this? Lol Re-Edit: Uhm, ok I guess (?)
  9. Remember that your progress gets saved each time your skirmish gets completed tho but i'll add it, thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Thanks for the hotfix. We are talking about a cooperative mode huh, yes we have a tactical menu which allows us to coordinate but there are some serious issues in this gamemode: - We are missing a compass, for real, how am I supposed to tell my squad "aim to the left" if any side can be left? (Gunner, 360 degrees view or pilot, how many times my squad told me "there are some resources to the left" but they are gunners, so their left can be any side for me!) - Catastrophic event volume is too low! Cy gives us A LOT of informations, and important issues such as the catastrophic event which can fail our mission must be over them! I failed tons of missions because we were focused in doing objectives without noticing the mission about to fail, add either a static text in the middle of the screen or some graphic distortion (such as the infested distortion when you are at low % armor in Infested Salvage) which is a straight warn about the mission's status. - Allow us to place waypoints to enemies and objective from the railjack itself. I've been told to "shoot at that crewship!" but which if no one can waypoint it to me? The same applies for resources and drops. - Add a little bit of brightness to items (purple drops), they are almost invisible from the railjack when piloting and sometimes and might be bad since we're losing drops. - Please change the "item cap" in avionics and weapons and make it like rivens. Let the players choose what to trash and don't automatically trash everything new obtained, players might have lost some interesting mk1/2/3 items because of this. Edit: - Make a "bounty-style" mission choose screen, allowing only the host to decide in a cooperative content in what happens after a skirmish gets completed is not great, either allow players to return to their dojos or make a vote to choose the next mission (props to MetalGrayFox) - Give players 1 or 2 seconds of invulnerabilty when getting into a crewship, in higher level missions you basically enter as dead without time to react or to cast abilities. Re-Edit: Localizations are still broken
  11. Thanks for the continued hotfixes. Could we get a button to swap our language of our chat/matchmaking servers regardless of our client language? It's not fun when you're not playing with the English client and you can't see anyone in any chat because most players are playing with the English client, a button to swap chat region (and matchmaking region with it) to "Europe" "North America" and others (like the English client) without being forced to change your launcher's (and client) language would be really appreciated! Any news about how the universal blink could be changed? I'm pretty sure you guys got already a lot of feedback and reducing the cooldown and (maybe) making the range scalable of mods (currently no range mods benefits that much in archwings, really) or reduce it from 2.0x to 1.5x would be nice. It will still be quicker and would allow players to move better to avoid shots, like the old Itzal Blink used to be. Archwings should be faster, aren't they? And please remember to players to bind their sprint and tactical menu buttons in the railjack key settings, they are not bound by default.
  12. Thanks for the update! A interesting post in feedback was made some days ago, as you guys know, we do have a lot of different languages rather than English for Warframe, which is amazing! But... and there's a but, we are stuck with our servers. Would be really appreciated a button or a function which will allow players to connect from their language client to English servers, where most of the usership is, and other servers. This because we might want to play the game in our native language but we would also want to find players in recruitment, trading and region chat. A more detailed post on this was made by a Community Moderator as well; Please really review on this since a lot of players wants it and i'm pretty sure it's not that hard to be done. Are no changes for Itzal's "blink" planned? You guys might have noticed that a lot of people are not satisfied with those changes and i'm pretty sure the archwing use of players will still be Itzal at first. If you don't want to revert it, please review the cooldowns or the replace of the 1st ability with something like Zephyr's Tail Wind, which would be way better. And after all that, thanks for the efforts you guys are putting in this game for free.
  13. Thanks more like not stonks. Itzal revert when
  14. Thanks for the unexpected update! And yes, as expected, complains. Please do review the universal blink. Ok that it has doubled range but it will not be as fast as the old use for blink on Itzal. I do really think (as an Eidolon Hunter) that the universal blink with this cooldown will hugely affect how the players does play Eidolons in a really bad way! People have built a really "working" and confident way of doing Eidolons and this cooldown will make it even worse. The Eidolon community is pretty small already and surely this "change" won't make new players interested in attempting them. A suggestion would be either make it 1.5x with more range and half the cooldown, which would make things already "better", or just revert this. Players never cared about "how far do I get with one blink" but "how quickly I do reach that spot from this point" and this is what is all about. "It does not affect Eidolons" is said by who doesn't know that Eidolons are time-based and it's the only gamemode of "where being fast" is important. Any news to kuva lich contract changes? It is perfectly fine to have a "feature" which allows people which plays in public to do their lich properly compared to the current way of "keeping a lich in the game while others can't get it", but as a player, what does motivate me to play a lich when I know it's weapon and it's element is weaker than what I got already? A button to "remove" your lich if he/she has weaker statistics than you owned weapon already would be really appreciated. What about the kuva lich de-grindification? In order to trade a lich a player needs to find the correct requiem to do so, why doing it again after a trade? And I guess with those updates we do get way longer loading times and when we get matched with high latency host we do still get stuck in a permanent loading screen. Please do add a button to "leave the squad" while loading, we do have one already when our configuration can't be loaded so why not giving players the chance of not restarting their game with a button? Any news about remaking the mod screen and the foundry with the new UI?
  15. Thanks for the hotfix and the prime unvault. Is there any update about the stasis for pets? It's a problem when switching companions for gameplay. From a Sahasa Kubrow to Smeeta Kavat or Adarza Kavat and most of our builds have a pet missing due to the fact it's not active in our ship. Unless players do run sentinels there is no way besides changing pet each time to have more than 2 companions active at the same time and it's really frustrating. I do think that doing again a lich from zero after having it traded is not a good idea, players used to grind for it before conversion, why not giving the correct requiem combo to who got it since it got "previously converted"? Doing it again and having double grind will not be liked by players when trading Liches. A function to skip the loading screen by aborting would be really appreciated. Sometimes we get queued with high ping hosts where we can't properly connect and we get an infinite loop of loading screen, a "leave squad button" which brings us in our ship leaving the squad while being in the loading screen would be really amazing. Talking about UI, what about displaying which arcanes are equipped during trading or the arcane screen? When an arcane (installed in a frame) gets traded, it will also disappear from our builds (and it's worse when this arcane is like an Arcane Energize or Arcane Guardian which is installed in multiple builds) without any warning and it's not a nice experience going into every build in our arsenal (considering we do have more configurations now it's even worse) to manually replace our arcanes. A fix would be either showing which is equipped or a script which automatically replaces that arcane with the same type (like trading 1 Guardian rank 1, if the user has another guardian of the same rank or higher, then that will take place in the builds of where the first Arcane Guardian rank 1 was equipped) While still being in the UI topic, would be really nice to have the names or the requiems when hovering our mouse on them. Some of them look really the same and without anything which names them (We do have it for "known requiems") it can be pretty hard or time wasting finding "which is missing" or "which is different".
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