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  1. Thanks for the hotfix and the prime unvault. Is there any update about the stasis for pets? It's a problem when switching companions for gameplay. From a Sahasa Kubrow to Smeeta Kavat or Adarza Kavat and most of our builds have a pet missing due to the fact it's not active in our ship. Unless players do run sentinels there is no way besides changing pet each time to have more than 2 companions active at the same time and it's really frustrating. I do think that doing again a lich from zero after having it traded is not a good idea, players used to grind for it before conversion, why not giving the correct requiem combo to who got it since it got "previously converted"? Doing it again and having double grind will not be liked by players when trading Liches. A function to skip the loading screen by aborting would be really appreciated. Sometimes we get queued with high ping hosts where we can't properly connect and we get an infinite loop of loading screen, a "leave squad button" which brings us in our ship leaving the squad while being in the loading screen would be really amazing. Talking about UI, what about displaying which arcanes are equipped during trading or the arcane screen? When an arcane (installed in a frame) gets traded, it will also disappear from our builds (and it's worse when this arcane is like an Arcane Energize or Arcane Guardian which is installed in multiple builds) without any warning and it's not a nice experience going into every build in our arsenal (considering we do have more configurations now it's even worse) to manually replace our arcanes. A fix would be either showing which is equipped or a script which automatically replaces that arcane with the same type (like trading 1 Guardian rank 1, if the user has another guardian of the same rank or higher, then that will take place in the builds of where the first Arcane Guardian rank 1 was equipped) While still being in the UI topic, would be really nice to have the names or the requiems when hovering our mouse on them. Some of them look really the same and without anything which names them (We do have it for "known requiems") it can be pretty hard or time wasting finding "which is missing" or "which is different".
  2. Just happened some seconds ago ^^ Maybe should I restart my game for this serverside hotfix?
  3. Thanks for the hotfix. Trading kuva lich contracts is a pretty good idea, and also thanks for letting people know the percentages for the Ephemeras from them. Is the heat proc on mirage not buffing her 3 a bug? It used to be a thing before this mainline, or actually before how the heat proc changed it's mechanic, and players loved to use that to "buff" their Mirage and their Eclipse with weapons such as Penta. Was not mentioned in patch notes and players would like to know if this was actually intended or a temporary bug. But, this game has a pretty unique building system for weapons and warframe, which has it's downsides when talking about "what to build" and "based in my playstyle, what do I use", we do have simulacrum to test our builds against scanned enemies, which is the solution, in part. Most weapons do require forma, potatoes and specific rivens to work, but if players doesn't know what to build, how are they supposed to forma? My suggestion would be a "Build mode" in simulacrum which allows people to "temporarly" forma their weapons (without using formas and without leveling) allowing them to test their builds before actually going into real forma on their weapons. It happened to everyone to place a wrong forma because "that build sounded better on paper but doesn't fit my playstyle", doing this will allow players to make sure they can test what their playstyle fits best in their weapons and warframes before actually formaing them. Also, can we get an update for nightwave to remove duplicates? For who played the Series 1 and the first Intermission has already Eidolon Ephemera or Wolf armor, putting more useful rewards for who already played the past nightwaves would be nice.
  4. Thanks for hotfix, specially Eidolon fixes, but still, Projectile Weapons (such as Lanka, Kuva Chakkhurr ....) cannot hit limbs while the Eidolon is in water.
  5. From projectile weapons to not being able to hit waterlimbs after plains reworks and still not fixed after over 6 months, to this. It has been reported a lot of times without any fix or even a single mention. Raplak works but you have to be far from the Eidolon. Is DE really trying to block players from running their own content? Please feex.
  6. Thanks for all those recent hotfixes, However we don't have any indicator in our HUD to show which Arcane is currently equipped in our warframe. We do have this for mods, but not for arcanes, and when we do trade those arcanes, all our builds are usually with 1 or even 2 arcane missing due to the fact they are not equipped. A simple label over them showing "EQUIPPED" would actually resolve this problem of manually fixing each build after an arcane trade. No changes for Condition Overload being useless less decent? Adding it as multiplicative on pressure point will actually make melees status-based really useful. Also, once again, after an hotfix Eidolons are broken again.
  7. Thanks for the hotfix. What about, instead of forging duplicates, removing the chance of getting a duplicate from your Lich if your weapon has been mastered? It's obvious most people do run liches for mastery and new weapons, and, even if it's grindy, getting the same weapon 2 or even 3 times (in unlucky cases) after a vanquish from a new lich is really disappointing, while, if the player has mastered that gun already, another non-mastered gun can be dropped, when all will be mastered then would be a great idea to find duplicates to power up already existing and forma'd weapons.
  8. Thanks for the hotfix. What about making Condition Overload multiplicative with pressure point?
  9. Thanks for the update :CaWaa: That's always nice to see new mechanics and new ways of playing the game, but... Nightwave. I don't want to talk about how easier nightwave is now, with elite challenges being easier than daily challenges, but rewards. Why should I play this current nightwave if the rewards are the same of the previous intermission and the series 1? For a player which got already the Saturn Six armor and the Eidolon Ephemera, why giving duplicates? You could replace them with more useful rewards instead of items players already got from previous series and intermissions, if those players obviously got them in the past, that might allow more players to actually play this intermission. Loadouts. I know we do have loadouts for weapons, items and archwings, but wouldn't be better to allow players to also combine, in a loadout, operator loadouts? Let's set an example of two different gamemodes which requires two playstyles: Farming and Eidolon Hunting. For Farming, I would take a different loadout in terms of operator arcanes and operator amp compared to Eidolon Hunting, but each time I am forced to get into my operator room and manually swap my configuration (which also changes my operator look) to get my items, since everything is getting added in the same arsenal screen to make things quicker, why not thinking about this too? Crafting & Foundry. I've been talking about this in earlier patches, but yes, a quick reminder. Foundry is where every player has to step to proceed in the game, everything needs to be crafted, which is perfectly fine, but this is not that great for consumables. As a player which uses a lot of Squad Energy Restores and Ciphers, sadly waiting 1 minute to get 1/10 is not efficient. This could be fixed with either x100 blueprints or with a crafting-queue system which allows the players to queue multiple items to be crafted one after another. Adding such a QoL functionality will allow players to play the game without checking every minute their foundry to claim and rebuild their consumables. Eidolon Lures and Magus Lockdown; there is a common bug since the release of Magus Lockdown where if the tether hits an Eidolon Lure as client (not as host) it might bug, after hacking it will not move and will stay still on the place of where it got hacked without any chance for players to kill it or to un-stuck it. This is a major problem in Eidolon Hunting since Eidolon Lures are required to proceed in the hunt itself. Arch-weapons and their stats screen: They are literally not shown and they cannot be potatoed since the action menu is empty too.
  10. Thanks for the hotfix. Is it possible to add an operator arcane which works like the Handspring mod? It could work the same as Magus Cloud, On void Dash: 100% chance (if max rank) to deny Operator knockdown/stuns for X amount of seconds, while we do use our Operator sometimes we do get stunned from enemies and we don't have enough time to get into void mode again, a massive QoL enhancement such as this arcane would fix a lot of problems while using our operators. Is the Machete blueprint drop ratio 0% after 1000 logins? I saw people with more than 1000 login tributes with all weapons missing a machete! 😂
  11. Thanks for the update! Also a big thanks for reverting the looting synergy between warframe and companions. Is there a way to make Unairu Wisps client-sided like ammo or credits? In a cooperative-based activity such as Eidolon Hunting it's hard to "save unairu wisps for teammates" since they do couple each other and the first player stepping into them gets all of them, making them client-sided like drops, mods and items would be awesome and would solve this problem. Any news about making 100x blueprints for consumables? As players we would like to play the game, not to stay minutes and minutes over the foundry to claim one item every minute.
  12. Thanks for the hotfix! Warframe's QoL enhancements last patches were great. We do have a auto-install for Ayatan Stars, an Auto-Claim for Foundry, all nice to see. When players starts to upgrade their own mods and playing missions, duplicate mods starts to pile up. Even the mod segment does count duplicates, adding a button which allows players to automatically remove duplicates (maybe with some filters, such as sell only common and unranked mods for endo or credits) would be nice to see. Last time we had a double (Resources, Credits and Affinity) global boosters was months ago! What about a rotation of those boosters each weekend, when players do play more often, maybe each month or 2 months? For example, first weekend of the month will have Affinity Booster, second week of the month will have Resources Booster and go on. You guys got a lot of positive feedback when Resources booster ended, players played and had fun in a lot of gamemodes! Why not keeping them up again?
  13. Thank you the update. Like faction bosses and Eidolons, I do think that Orbs should be counted in profile stats as well. Two lines which indicates "Profit Taker Orb Killed" and "Exploiter Orb Killed" with their values would be nice to see for profile stats. Also, a feature which allows people to see (like mods) which arcanes are equipped would be extremely helpful. Most players and traders do share the same arcane in multiple builds, when sold every build has to be checked twice to see if arcanes are equipped.
  14. Thanks for the hotfix; Clans are a great part of this game, which allows players to unite themself, fund researches and play together, which is nice. But some problems comes when administrating a clan, such as not being able to see who invited who in the clan. A logging system which would allow warlords to track who invited who, for example "Tenno joined the clan, invited by Tenno2" would be nice to see. Since mainline, Eidolon Vomvalysts does not have a fixed spawn level anymore. Is this intended? It's not mentioned in patch notes.
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