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  1. well that's lame every update has been bringing more and more disappointments lately
  2. Whoever they delegated the rigging to did not do this skin justice. The modeling and texturing is great, it saddens me that DE then apparently skimped on the actual translation of the former onto an in-game skeleton. I hope this was just a mistake and they used some alpha-build rigging on accident, and that they didn't actually think this would pass muster and then charge us 165 plat for the privilege of a live beta test. If you look on the preview on the market, it shows the shoulder plates hovering, whereas if you actually equip the skin, the shoulder plates are just mashed into the arms, causing clipping and not looking like the preview, so like I said, I hope this was unintentional and is fixed soon.
  3. The rigging on the upper back is terrible, it stretches really weirdly when you use any animation set (even nova's base sets), and ESPECIALLY badly when you use a melee weapon.
  4. how about instead of nerfing what few good elements we have left, we buff the other ones? Also heats armor strip is not instant, it takes a couple of seconds after application.
  5. I would say 50% max and the scaling starts at the outer edge of the blast, not at the center.
  6. I am quite sure, others are reporting it as well. Go into simulacrum and use it on some targets, wait for the initial bleeds to wear off, then shoot it with anything that doesnt have slash or HM on it, and no slash procs will appear.
  7. AoE doesn't get weaker on the sides, it gets *significantly* weaker EVERYWHERE that isn't the exact epicenter. The way it is now, if you shoot one enemy in the face, they alone will take full damage, the one right next to them will take half damage, and the third a couple feet away will take pretty much no damage. In short, all AoE weapons have become precision rifles, except they are worse. Worse accuracy, worse fire rate, worse ammo capacity, and now they also stagger you if you are too close. There is no reason to use AoE weapons anymore with this update.
  8. I think self stagger in general has been very poorly received and should not have been applied to ANY weapon that lacked self-damage before this patch
  9. Gas aoe now does gas damage, not toxin damage. Toxin mods will increase it slightly in that it increases the overall gas damage, but it does not interact the same way it used it.
  10. Astilla didn't have it's status chance changed, as it is a slug-based weapon to begin with. The only thing that changed for it was the UI CORRECTLY showing the per shot status chance, as opposed to this weird (and incorrect) "average" status chance when multishot was applied. It sounds to me like your astilla had multishot, and thus incorrectly showed 55.1% status chance before the patch, but was actualy doing 33%. All that changes for the astilla is that it now displays the correct status chance.
  11. My Zarr went from taking 3-4 blasts to kill a level 100 corrupted heavy gunner, to now taking around 12, even if I switch from corrosive, blast to corrosive, heat. Also is it just me or is the acceltra really weak now? I swear even direct hits are doing less damage than before the patch.
  12. Speak for yourself, the amount of my weapons and builds that are useless now, and thus the wasted forma and hours of my life? I don't think the small QoL changes that *aren't* broken were worth that.
  13. It appears to be, with the caveat of it has to be AFTER viral is applied. For example, if you hit with a shotgun that does 6 viral and 6 slash procs, it will have the damage increase equal to those 6 viral procs, but the 6 slash procs will be applied at normal damage. Any follow up slash procs applied during the viral procs, however, seem to benefit from the damage bonus.
  14. Impact is terrible. I love shooting an enemy in the head only for them to ragdoll to the ground and I can no longer hit their head, awesome. Having blast do the knockdown was better, because almost everything has innate impact, whereas blast you had to purposefully mod for in 95% of cases.
  15. IPS is no longer more likely to proc than elemental. In some cases a good thing, in some a bad.
  16. You won't get the same performance by using a toxin 60/60 and 90, most (read: all) serious gas builds used two 60/60s (for gas) and a 90 toxin to boost the toxin damage of the clouds. Simply removing one 60/60 and not replacing it with anything in those builds is not "the same performance"
  17. Both of these are working fine for me
  18. I can safely say impact is even worse now than before. It still remains the only IPS in the game that actively detriments the player by making you miss shots, and unable to get headshots. At least you had to intentionally mod for blast for that effect before.
  19. It seems fine to me, still kills high level corrupted grineer quickly
  20. Garuda's 4 (seeking talons) no longer guarantees slash procs, even if at 100%. It only gives very very weak slash procs during the initial activation, then after much testing in simulacrum, I couldn't get any more slash procs to apply. This effectively renders this ability useless.
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