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  1. Corpus railjack? We will have it before or after sentients ships? 😄 see you Soon
  2. Thanks, btw seems like sometimes some weird stuff happens when i play railjack
  3. Welp got tons of stuff in my operator face if i dont have the helmet on XD So it doesnt really mean a lot.
  4. Yes, its worth. A lvl 40 weapons that has aditional damage to sentients and restart their armor with each impact. Yoy said you are mr 10, well there is no need to rush it but recomendable to get it a soon as you can.
  5. The infestation got you XD. The grineer revolted. Ran out of food and ate your kavat/kubrow. NO ENERGY!!!! So many ways to die XD
  6. Idk when but an operation will come by soon. Scarlet spear
  7. Eidolon or tridolon(terralist, gantulist and hydrolist)? Woud be awsome 😄 Well,i mean, a regular ones is awsome, but a tridolon in that short time, woud be interesting. Also, when will the hydroid delux come?
  8. warframe riven mod mmmmmm infinite damage buffs from banshe XD, amaizing range for equinox, full duration for gara 🥴
  9. If i must say, above 100-150 ish, depends on how strong you weapons are, not the same a headshot with a rubico than a headshot with a soma.
  10. Finally a squad link, and other ships like the sentient one
  11. Baro dump_space_truck brought goodies XD
  12. There are to many reasons of a death in this game man we coud even make a "dumb ways to die" video. -Autodamage -Nullifiers took out your abilities -Run out of energy that keep you alive -Those bombards guided misilesXD -You didnt look at your health -Toxic/slash damage procs -Puncture proc active -It woud take a while,man we coud even make a topic of this "Dumbs ways to die" "Hello guys put randoms ways to die in warframe" XD
  13. Something similar but was after destroying the first radiator, and just was an UI bug i coud hack the second one and then go to destroy the core. Might be another bug.
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