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  1. And still not a word of the screen resolution not 'sticking' for some folks thru client restarts forcing them to go to the settings page every single restart or to alt-tab out and back in to warframe to get the actual resolution the game should be running in, not the horrid minimum resolution and details.
  2. Anyone know if DE has addressed/acknowledged this as an issue? I've not seen it mentioned at all in any of the hotfix notes
  3. Yeah, alt-tab back to windows and then back to Warframe works as a stopgap for me as well. It's almost like during startup it's not reading the config and saying screw it and starting in the lowest possible graphics mode for compatibility sake.
  4. Yep, hitting me as well, and since whatever resolution it's changing to is non-native to my monitor, it looks HORRIBLE till I can "change" it to the proper "actual" resolution.
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