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  1. [completed]
  2. Increased fighter health to compensate? DE, do you run your own numbers? With those increases, actual EHP has only been reduced by about 10% even at higher levels. Even the elites are only down to ~70% of their original EHP. We lost Rhino Buff and over half of the cryophon's damage for that? EDIT: Also, Cryophon crit damage was similarly nerfed from 2.0 to 1.5, which DE failed to mention.
  3. Yes, they apply to Archwings across the game. The stat screen won't show it in the arsenal but once you are in a mission the effects apply.
  4. Depends on what you mean by solo. DE Rebecca in this thread notes that in a randomly chose day, 8% of players were purely solo. But with a lot of missions, its fairly easy to just pub with randoms, so even solo players don't necessarily play purely solo all of the time; I pub because it doesn't matter, I don't have to work with the other people most of the time, but for anything that requires commitment or coordination I.E. Eidolons, PT, Railjack, I prefer solo. IIRC people who were playing raids was an even smaller %, though.
  5. The archwing buffs are actually kinda nice. Your blink is noticeably faster and you can hit 75% efficiency. Beyond that though, yeah, its just for the mastery.
  6. Mods may or may not be unlevelled. 25p for each of these. 50 for these that might be rerolled into something usable... On advice of the guy below me I'm increasing these to 300 each. Maybe its supposed to be higher, but the massive riven prices I see just befuddle me.
  7. Just here for the mastery, don't care about stats or anything else. EDIT: Got a trade.
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