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  1. vor 2 Minuten schrieb Drachnyn:

    How about we get momentum back on the melee weapon classes that had it? Or will it stay shadow nerfed to strong arm people into either Rhino or Primed Sure Footed?

    Maybe they "fixed" it like the staticor.....

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  2. So, if I understand it correctly DE makes the mode harder without fixing it's problems (of course these problems come from normal gamplay; e.g. amor scaling, no incentive to go longer than one full rotation).

    Seems legit...

    The number one problem - apart from spawn issues and some remaining cases of crashes and failing host migrations - are the bs rewards. I mean we have so many places to get endo and relics. Flooding the drop table with these items in EVERY rotation is absurd. It would have been a great opportunity to put e.g. some cosmetics into the drop tables (I don't consider absurd quantities of photora scenes as cosmetics).

    So please DE put some interesting rewards in there that keep us playing the mode. Otherwise I see the same destiny for sanctuary like for defection (or is anybody playing it after getting the harrow part?)

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  3. vor 5 Stunden schrieb A7xConnor:

    Big chunk of bugs I've experienced since the last hotfix that still exist (or potentially new) or seen others experience;

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    - Eidolons still teleport all over the place randomly and don't stop, causing you to have to restart the instance (most commonly the teralyst at the start, causing you to have to restart, as I said) but also sometimes they'll teleport after destroying a synovia even when you have lures attatched to them, or sometimes just after taking down their shields and not even destroying a synovia at all, then they come back with full shields.

    - Shrine randomly becomes uninteractable for all players between killing Eidolons forcing you to restart your triple Eidolon bounty.

    - Can't self revive randomly during Eidolon fights if you go down.

    - If you're midway through reviving someone with multiple people, if one of those people die or go down it cancels the revive for everyone.

    - Randomly stop being able to use abilities or go into transference mode after being in transference mode and going back to Warframe, also stops you from being able to aim glide and roll after bullet jumping.

    - During the Hydrolyst fight Vomvalyst's can become invunerable even when there are no Vomvalyst Blooms left or around (often resulting in just one or two Voms left which no one can damage, keeping you from being able to attack the Hydrolyst until its shields are completely refilled) which wastes a huge amount of time or causes you to fail completely because of the time loss.

    - Void Strike can sometimes stop working after you die/revive as a client.

    - Damage numbers and waypoints can randomly stop showing as a client (only noticed this happening during Eidolon hunts).

    - Atlas's rubble can sometimes be consumed but give no armour (even when health and shields are full) as client. Very often at the start of a mission as well.

    - As a client you can still often have desync issues with the actual location of your Warframe and where you are visually seeing it (often from going from transference mode quickly as a client) causing issues like not being able to pass through doors and everyone else seeing your Warframe static in one location or often not moving but seeing their jump, roll, bullet jump, shooting etc animations. (This can often be fixed by going back into transference mode and "updating/refreshing" the position of your Warframe and it corrects itself, or sometimes it doesn't correct itself and the only way to get through doors and such is to go into operator mode). This only started happening after The War Within and the operator mode that comes with it was introduced.

    - Clients can still get stuck in the infinite loading upon trying to exit the plains with a host.

    - Getting locked up at end of mission reward screen when back on your orbiter.

    - If you lose connection during an endless fissure mission the "Items Recovery" can often give you the item your relic had rather than the item(s) you picked. Also if you have collected 10 reactant and lose connection after that moment you get neither reward or your relic back. So you just waste/lose a relic.

    And please do something about lures being constantly in your face, it's incredibly annoying having 50% of your shots blocked by the giant lure hitbox which is flying around infront of your aiming reticle and damaging/killing yourself with your own amp because they keep blocking that as well.

    Also the hitboxes on the synovias are awful, especially the two new ones at the back and more so the arms when the Eidolon is in an animation (which they're impossible to shoot during so). You can very often be shooting them with nothing seemingly blocking it and it being a clear shot but it doesn't register the hit until you are super finicky with it and get the right angle.    

    I would like to add another bug to this list that gets really annoying:

    Sometimes, your rifle refuses to shoot or reload until you to a melee attack. (So far only experienced with snipers)

  4. 16 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    As far as Part II: Specters of the Rail... you can look forward to that in a couple of weeks. We'll be sticking to mostly Hotfixes until it's ready, although Prime Vaulters may have something to look forward to soon....

    a couple of weeks :D

    So let's hope that it will be released before tennocon, need that starchart :D

  5. Thanks for the alerts DE,

    I remember that the verteran players (me to) fought hard for event weapons, esp. the twin vipers (cicero crisis) was much more demanding than these alerts. I konw the gorgon wraith is not the ultimate weapon but event weapons shound't be just thrown out for a simple alert. Why don't you make an easy alert with a Snipetron Vandal as reward :D...

    Just kidding.

    What i want to say, is that even if you want to give the event weapons away a second time, you should make more demanding alerts and definitfly not Baro K'teer selleing them.

    But all in all keep up the good work, you're awsome.


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  6. Another thing I just noticed... Doing the event missions and meleeing everything (about 60+ kills every run) only gives 1700 experience + bonus, and enemies are level 23+. Is this supposed to be this low or has the experience gained from kills secretly been nerfed to hell? I mean, trying to level a weapon is a real pain now and almost impossible to do. 10 missions, half a level, using same weapon exclusively, this is not even remotely funny anymore. And considering there is a risk I will run into Stalker who will just laugh at my S#&$ty equipment (because leveling is so ridiculously slow) it really isn't fun.


    DE, is this your new business strategy, to force players to buy affinity boosters with platinum to be able to progress anywhere, together with Prime Access?


    P.S. Neuter the Stalker please.

    The problem is that as afr as you got a ruptor mod you didn't recived anything( no XP no mods no Keys etc) and i still didn't recived the missing items. Only in the profile it is noted: "hey you made XP but you don't get it" ^^ hope this will be fixed very fast...

  7. And what is about our items we didn't got.... Yesterday i got a Tower III Extermination Key, about 120000 XP and 45 mods in a defense at Xini and of coure I didn't recived the items (caused by the Ruptur-Mod)...I would be happy to get them back...well ok it isn't getting them back...first of all i had to recive them^^I mean in my profile it is noted that i got XPs but the rest of the game didn't notice it :-(. Greeting Automatix0042

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