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  1. still got a match making problem its nothing to do with the other player not having the latest update because both of us have the latest update still cant invite each other
  2. clan name: wayward wonderers clan tier: ghost clan platform: ps4 clan role: founding warlord only one player in the guild and that's me all work on rooms done by me and no one else haven't got huge mechs or giants i have only worked on small themed rooms with atmosphere tried to max out every room so cant fit any more in them hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them https://imgur.com/nnAOYpx https://imgur.com/Rb9xops https://imgur.com/BtF1ovG https://imgur.com/DirDf2x https://imgur.com/x18HoT7 https://imgur.com/J4N86Dg https:/
  3. when throwing the bait at the door in the first iso vault it doesn't open been doing this a number of times now
  4. same here having the same problem with [scan aquatic lifeforms] not dying the fish and sometimes not catching the fish going strait through them
  5. cant seem to remove these 3 smoke decorations there just stuck there clan name wayward wanderers the problem is in the throne room
  6. clan name: wayward wanderers clan tier: ghost clan platform: ps4 my role: founding warlord i have done all this dojo by myself no other clan members and slowly got the resources that i needed to be able to get this far in building i hope you like it i have tried to max out every room i have a few big builds but most are small atmospheric rooms ARMAGEDDON CHANIWA GARDEN DAGOBAH DOWN IN THE BAYOU HALL OF TROPHYS TENNO LAB THE BABYLON CLUB THE THRONE HALL THE WARPED OZ TIKKI HUT
  7. on all rotations 50 endo is becoming a drop more then anything else it isnt even in the drop tables making it extremely hard to get nidus parts
  8. reconfirmed my email address number of times in game no conformation email has come through and nothing has gone into my inventory and restarted the game done everything you said to do and nothing
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