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  1. Dodge-rolling no longer prevents knockdown (from any source) during the roll. Consistently observed on Kelpie (grineer disruption node on Sedna): rolling through eximus fire wave, heavy unit ground slams and scorpion harpoons results in the roll being interrupted and warframe getting knocked down.
  2. Resonating Quake is an Warframe Augment Mod for Banshee that replaces Sound Quake's channeling feature for a single, large shockwave that deals bonus damage at the epicenter, but decreases damage as the shockwave spreads. Personal agreement/disagreement with some listed stuff notwithstanding, I feel like your list would benefit from separating facts (e.g. PoE drones sometimes getting stuck) and opinions (e.g. pricing of cosmetics).
  3. Given that a single run can take less than 7 minutes, this is quite an improvement from several previous frames. Compare Hilldune, for example, each attempt requiring 20 minutes, not to mention having to max SU and rank twice in VS.
  4. Repair Kit still doesn't show in the codex and cannot be linked despite being owned. Obtained after installing the hotfix.
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