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  1. Until the last melee rework one of the amalgam mods provided 9000% (yes, 9 thousand %) damage reflection. And, what do you know, it has actually managed to kill sortie level enemies in about... 10 seconds? Per enemy. Now you know how useful the 200% would be.
  2. It hasn't been noticed because even when Ghost was still functional, it sustained so much nerfing that it was practically useless. For example, your idea about using it when prowl runs out of energy wouldn't be feasible, because Ghost had a activation delay of 10 seconds after coming out of any invisibility effect. And then you would have to move so your sentinel was in melee range of an enemy to get it to actually activate. And after the effect is active, the moment your sentinel is 10m away from that one specific enemy which was used to activate Ghost (or randomly decides that it no longer has line of sight) - no more Ghost.
  3. Launch distance depends on the amount of boost meter consumed during drift. Boost meter is bottom right, under flux energy.
  4. If your issue is with heavy attack being bound to mouse 3 - you can rebind it. I fully agree on "nothing (important) should be on mouse 3", and my "heavy melee attack"/"secondary fire" is bound to "C". As said earlier, we have an entire keyboard of buttons.
  5. The "multiple functions on one button" is one of the worst "features" that ever spilled from consoles to PC gaming (and I don't mean just Warframe). We have an entire keyboard of buttons! We don't need to cram a pile of actions onto every single key. It's bad enough we still aren't allowed to unbind "sprint+roll" even after having multiple bindings for both "sprint" and "roll" assigned. Please don't add to the pile - or at least give us keyboard+mouse players a toggle.
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