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  1. Are you still talking about the lich system? Are you still talking about Warframe?
  2. Are you sure about that? Did u play a mission solo? Did you see the whole system ignoring phoenix renewal or wukong's passive? Did you try levelling your weapons while collecting murmurs?
  3. Let's face it. We have almost 0.3% chances to kill our lich the first time we encounter it. And to get that 0.3% chance we have a 50% chance to get a relic from a kuva syphon (100% from flood but it's a time limited mission) and we need 8 mods to get from 4 relics. The relics drop chances are 25% when you get one. IF we use void traces (that must be farmed in void fissures) on those relics we get a 20% chance to get a mod. You can enhance the chance to kill your lich by doing the same old content on the same old missions by killing the same enemies but with a blue aura around them. And they are immune to status now because screw status. Repeat until you find out what mods you need and their order and you can safely kill your lich. Everything else above is certain death.
  4. Personally I actually enjoyed the high level missions. They were pointless, since you don't get extra rewards, but fun. And I have to agree with you on how bad and incomplete the whole system is. You did a great job at explaining it. I truly hope they'll fix all these issues so i can reinstall the game
  5. Expectations: a developed system where you and your lich would hunt each other while doing different missions. Example: go into a capture mission, capture the target just to realise it was a trap and his henchmen are now trying to kill you; him showing up in survival missions with the intention to sabotage your life support therefore trying to make you fail the mission in a genuine way etc; After defeating him a couple of times he "decides" to find new allies and the next time you encounter him he'll have some corpus or sentient tech giving him new buffs or new allies. Similar thing with the infested and he becomes like old Alad V. Reality: The same missions you did in 2017 with the same exact enemies you faced back then. Rising enemy levels was the only good thing but it's nothing compared to the grind to see what mods you need, farm them and equipping them in the right order. Same old content nothing new here. Kuva liches: why do we have to die if we stab him with the wrong mods equipped? that,to me, makes 0 sense. If they spawn in a mission, and we don' have the right parazon mods equipped, the only thing that can make them leave is us dying. To make it simple; I punch you, you run. And not: I punch you, I die. Why would we ever choose to actually convert any lich? They show at random places for 1 or 2 minutes, they do little to no damage (mine couldn't bring a lvl 55 bombard to half in a decent time) and if we choose to do so we don't get his weapon. Maybe let us use them in Framefighter or make an arena mode in our clans where we can make them fight other liches . Or send them back to the Kuva fortress and boost our kuva gains. I get that we'll be able to recruit them on our railjack but, as of now, this mechanic is useless. A couple more weapons or the chance to get some new cosmetics from them would have been nice. Having 7 recoloured weapons and 3 or 4 new can't be called good rewards. After this Ima go cry in a corner alongside all melee frames that could've been changed with the new parazon system and melee 3.0. Edit: Scale down the damage of the grab attacks. Make it %hp maybe. I got oneshotted playing as a full hp with full vex armor ice Chroma with 385 strength. Same thing with Oberon with 1600 armor.
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