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  1. Did a bit of testing just now, as I was affected by the Bloom glitch too. Lower Resolution to 50 > Lower Bloom to 0 > Disable Bloom > Raise Resolution to 100 > Enable Bloom, make sure to save settings between each step. That order seemed to have fixed it for me. Would need others to recreate the steps to see if it fixes it.
  2. A temporary fix is to disable Bloom in the Display settings. You'll get small black pixels on bright surfaces, but your screen wont be covered up. This is a long time glitch that shows up at random. Even more so for console players as of this Plague Star events return. It is entirely a Bloom glitch. Currently there is no fix.
  3. This video pretty shows the problem I had. The spawning of collectables spawning in a dead end rooms that I can't enter in the derelict tilesets. Prevents picking up items and even scanning them.
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