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  1. Only 15 wolf credits pr. level af 30. Not worth my time, ill stop doing all the time consuming and only do the casual ones.
  2. DE has to stop trying to control the meta, they can change the riven disposition as much as they want, it will not make a bad weapon better and it will not make me stop using my favorite weapons. Looking at the list, its all the popular weapons that has gotten a nerf - but come on Amprex and Arca Plasmor for the second time. What annoys me with these changes are all the time spend (or money used on plat) to getting the rivens and obtaining the kuva and the endo that goes into them. Looking towards the Melee 3.0 I expect a bloodbath especial on the zaw weapons. all those hours spend……..
  3. Im on Xbox, being watching all day long, iFLynn, TacticalPotatoe, Brozinme and others, no drops all day long..... Got a few yesterday. Its so broken. Im linked and have gotten twitch drops before. DE please fix this.
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