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  1. Hey everyone, my name is Kremo, pationate WF-Veteran & Founding Warlord of the Nintendo Switch Clan: Oath of Blood. A few hours ago i uploaded my latest Drumcover to my YouTube Channel ! I created this with the blessing of RustyFIN himself, who provided me with a special track without any Drums, so i could do my own thing. I hope guys enjoy this
  2. The idea to get like a multiplier would be something positive yeah. Higher enemy levels for the "trash" enemies wouldn't help because every enemy has a set in stone score that dont increase with the enemy level rising. The Score increases only for the Orphixes themselves overtime. But nice to see replies already, i hope DE picks up on this 🤗
  3. Hi, my Clanmates made me aware of problem with Orphix Venom Scores on Nintendo Switch. (This problem could also plague Playstation & XBOX but i cant say that for certain) In my opinion this is kind of a big deal so let me explain: On PC average Points on a "Endless" run, taking down 36 Orphix is 22k+ on a Squad. With a bit of communication Scores of 30k are easily obtainable up to 42k on the topend can be achieved. On Nintendo Switch however this is impossible due to the Switch spawning fewer enemies which results In the topend only being able to get 22k-ish poin
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