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  1. Well hi there Dark Sector.


    I'm not complaining, I loved that game, and if the charge up attack means you throw it, I'll buy it without skipping a beat. I'd just be careful about the stance being so similar.


    Seeing as how DE made Dark Sector as well, I think they have nothing to worry about my making it similar.

  2. Let's look at what you said.

    "ofc the game is going to be mean to you if you're not playing it"

    This is a False Dilemma because it implies that the only option are that you are either playing the game with a positive result, or offline and facing a negative result.

    And this argument of a 3rd option, "pay for it", is irrelevant because this discussion at hand is about gaining the drops for free.

    It's actually not a false dilemma because...that's what happens. If you're playing the game which means that you are progressing your Mastery Rank, Warframe level, Weapon level, or even moving through and unlocking missions/planets. Thus, positive. If you aren't playing then you're missing out on exp you could be getting while playing the game, possibly missing Alerts (you can appreciate this one I'm sure), getting behind other players, doing less farming for BPs, etc etc. Thus, negative.

    And it really isn't an irrelevant argument because the option exists. The fact of the matter is that the game offers you two ways to obtain these items totally free, items that by many game's standards would be classified as cash shop only items. It also offers the convenient option of allowing you to pay for them. So saying my argument is irrelevant merely because you're discussing about wanting it to be free doesn't create a false dilemma, as even if there were an additional free way to acquire them then the option to buy them still exists.

    It's punishment because, unless you have the luxury of logging on whenever you the pop up, your chances of gaining a BP drop are dropped significantly, and those chances are already extremely low.

    This again falls into that "personal life" thing we keep bringing up. Your argument is that it's punishment for you as a person because you just didn't happen to be on at the time without acknowledging the fact that it rewards those who were on at the time.

    Except powerful drops like Orokins are very rarely based on RNG lotteries. Often, it's RNG drop, but on completing a certain objective. There's a difference between having a specific objective you can complete (like Assassination missions) for a chance at gaining a drop and having a RNG lottery (Alerts and Daily Login Reward).

    When I say "reliable" and "consistent", it does not mean "every 5th time I kill X boss, he drops a BP".

    What it does mean is that I can keep grinding the same boss for a chance to get a BP drop. And each time I kill it, I am actively working at increasing my odds that I will get a drop the next time I kill him. It means that I can actively work towards gaining an item, rather that wishing and praying that the RNG gods are feeling charitable on a given day.

    It's important to note that this is a much more engaging, and is much more likely to keep people actually playing the game. This is Skinner Box psychology, which is commonly used in games with grind and heavy progression to keep people playing long after they would normally quit.

    Giving a person the idea and hope that they can gain something through hard work and perseverance is much better way to keep people interested in actively playing the game (which increases the odds they will become a paying customer too), than an RNG lottery that you merely have to log in once a day to get, or watching the Alert forums and just hoping on for the few minute it takes to complete an alert and start building a BP.

    I understand where your position on it being from an RNG lottery, but even an RNG drop is a lottery. So saying that you're actively working towards bettering your odds is actually a gambler's fallacy, which really isn't all that bad of one really, merely because killing "xxx" guy does not affect the actual % chance of you obtaining that item. It works like this: you not killing the guy who drops the item you're after is going to result in you having a 0% chance of obtaining that item. You killing him has a % chance of him dropping the item. However the next time you fight him, he still has that same % chance to drop it. So while in theory you would have better odds the more you killed him, in practice the odds of you getting it are the exact same the 1st time you killed him as the 100th time. So if it were included in the game, your odds would more or less be what they are now. The only difference would be that you would be able to do it more than once as opposed to the lottery. Which then begs the question of what will happen to those who are extremely lucky, who would get a BP once every 3 runs or so (It can happen strangely enough) once they implement trade. After all, if one person can just reliably get them then why even bother buying them anymore?

    Again, it's disingenuous to imply odds like "once a week", because that ignores the fact that these alerts are only available for a small time period, and the reality that players will not always be available to play.

    Once again, I never imply that the alerts last all day. Anyone reading this should have enough knowledge of the game to know that.

    The problem I have with this mindset, is I don't see why "no-lifers" should have arbitrarily better odds than others.

    Why not give them equal odds, and let them increase those odds by how much time and effort they're willing to put into the game?

    The current system doesn't do that. It favors those who have the luxury to log on and play at any given time, not those who are actually willing to put in more effort into the game itself (ie: Effort involved in actually playing Warframe, not rearranging their life so they can play).

    They have better odds because they're around more often. It's no different from anything else really. The more time that you have available to commit to something, the more you can expect a return of it in. If you don't have as much time to commit, you generally don't net as much.

    You're misunderstanding.

    By "vocal", I mean people who aren't just whining about a missed opportunity.

    What I mean is, you can't cite that it must be okay because you don't see everyone complaining about it because a majority of people are not willing to analyze what is causing their frustration, and then present a criticism of that factor.

    Saying that just because you don't hear people complaining about it, it must not be a problem is an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy (http://en.wikipedia...._from_ignorance).

    I'll agree with you on this fallacy. Me saying that people aren't complaining because they're unwilling to comment about it is in fact arguing from ignorance, but the same applies when saying that everyone is just as upset as you are about it even though you don't see it spamming up the chat/forums is the exact same thing.

    How many T3 rewards are there, and do that have different odds on likelihood being a drop, or are they all equal?

    I require sufficient information in order to make an accurate calculation.

    You'd have to ask a dev about that. What I can tell you is that the whole "If you click it you get what you clicked on!" thing is BS.

    While I do have a problem with the title, that's besides the point.

    The real issue is, the meaning you've put behind the title. The entire thing is an ad hominem attack designed to discredit your opposition by making them look silly.

    The problem is, you make tremendous leaps in logic and make implications about things people never said or implied themselves. You make up statements (in other words, you lie) that are cosmetically similar to arguments made by your opposition, but are taken to a point of absurdity or just complete fabrications that don't have anything to do with what was actually said. The conclusions you come to would only be logical if the individuals themselves identified as such, or you were telepathic.


    Yes, but it's a very rare occasion that they don't fit the title. It's the same as people who complain about others stereotyping, but then behave in stereotypical fashion. "If the shoe fits" and all that jazz. So it's not so much ad hominem as it is me telling them the truth with brutal honesty. Only if it's untrue does it become a lie and therefore ad hominem. I still make sure to attack the issue as well as the man though, so ad hominem wouldn't quite be what I'd use to describe it.

    As far as me skewing things, you've obviously never watched any form of public debate. The thought process behind a public debate isn't to be the nice guy and win on pure facts, because there's also a flaw with any argument. It's to make sure that you're not wrong. Because to many people, if I'm not wrong in an argument then I must be right.


  3. Since they will add the slots to the free players, this debate about catas/reacts is a big joke. After that, there is not a single interesting thing left on the real money market besides catas/reacts.

    Mind linking a source?

    Do go back and read more carefully please. It's silly to make such simple mistakes like this, especially when you're accusing me of stupidity.

    I did not say misINTERPRETATION.


    What you are doing is not breaking down my argument to it's core and removing fluff. You are making a alleged simplification of my argument that maliciously alters the core idea behind it. This isn't even a case of reductio ad absurdum, because you are not taking my arguments to the extreme to make them look bad. Essentially, you are lying about what I said.

    If we had to boil down my argument to it's very, absolute core, it would be "Luck is bad", yet that's not what you're saying my argument is. You are saying that my argument is "I don't like it, so it is bad".

    The problem with that is, is that it's not a logical counter-point. Rather than arguing why luck is good, what you have done is attack me (or similar thinking individuals) as being selfish. Continuing with the theme of pointing out your logical fallacies, is seems prudent to show that this is a ad hominem argument. Instead of attacking the argument, you have attacked person.

    Here you go misusing logical fallacies again. An ad hominem attack is me attacking your person. I haven't. I've yet to go "Well he's wrong because he doesn't like kittens" or anything like that. It doesn't fall under poisoning the well or an abusive fallacy either.

    I've stripped your argument down to what it essentially is. Now since you want to say that your core argument is "Luck is bad", let me explain why that doesn't work either. You're implying that for everyone involved, "Luck is bad". So you're generalizing your entire argument around "Luck is bad", which you can't possibly do because you can't hope to look at it from everyone's perspective (case in point being this thread for example).

    Unfortunately, your idea of "proof" comes down to nothing more than anecdotal evidence. This is bad because all it does is create a "he said, she said" situation.

    Since you are fond of Wikipedia, I'll link this: http://en.wikipedia....cdotal_evidence

    You may also want to take a look at this: http://en.wikipedia...._generalization

    What you did was not conduct a survey (More Wiki for you to read up on:http://en.wikipedia....vey_methodology), but merely ask people in chat. Furthermore you didn't even bother to set up proper controls or document your methods and findings.

    Sloppy. Very sloppy.

    And yet you still haven't haven't provided me with anything. Classic case of burden of proof. Now you're also demanding more (moving the goalpost much?). It's amazing that you can sit here and be looking at a list of fallacies and yet still commit so many...and I'm just in your opening statements.

    Implying that it's merely 2 drops in 10 days is disingenuous. That would only hold true if those drops were available for a full 24 hour period. But alerts are rarely up for more than 45 minutes.

    That means those drops were only available for 1.5 out of 240 hours. So instead of your implied 20% chance of a BP alert being available, it's closer to less than 1%.

    I don't recall saying that it was for 24 hours? I said "So that's 2 in 10 days". Is it my fault that you weren't around for them? Is it the system's fault? This again comes down to that personal life thing that we've been talking about.

    It's not in reply to me, but you don't indicate who it's meant for, while putting it in the middle of multiple replies to me, and while directly quoting and in response to me?

    That's a curious formatting decision. Care to explain to me how that's a logical move?

    *Points out the bit where I'm quoting and arguing against multiple people* Hmm....yeah, I think this one has something to do with that. Not 100% sure, but I'm fairly certain the two could be connected. Call it a hunch.

    And yet you dragged the DayZ reference into our conversation, despite knowing it was irrelevant. I think that actually supports my claim that it was a Red Herring rather that helps your image.

    Overall, that whole "And yes, forgive me for forgetting that every time you log in the words "YOU FAIL BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T PAID US YET" appear on your screen. Total alienation. It's like DayZ up in this place." is absurd because it is an appeal to ridicule. (Seriously, did you bother to read the list of fallacies that you linked to me? http://en.wikipedia....eal_to_ridicule)

    Yet I wasn't the one who brought DayZ up? Blame your fellow forum person...uhh...whatever his name was for giving me that nice bit of info to fall back on. Had he not mentioned it I'd have not made the mock comparison between the two. So saying that it's an appeal to ridicule is actually just mocking you.

    Except you said in reply to me, "If you're unwilling to pay, accept that you will need to work harder than those will do." which is the implication that I do not accept that concept.

    On the first page I demonstrate said concept and provide methods in which a free player has to work hard to attain drops. This shows that I do accept the concept that free players need to work harder than those who play. You also acknowledge that you viewed and understood the post where I pose those ideas. And yet you argued as if I didn't understand that concept which implies that my proposed suggestion are mutually exclusive.

    Yet you're continuing to argue the point of them being made ridiculously available? Look at my posts. I've yet to say "I don't believe that Orokin Catalysts/Reactors should be made available for free users in anyway." I've said nothing against working for them. So my post saying that "you need to work harder for them" actually goes hand-in-hand with your own method of obtaining them. So essentially...you're arguing to defeat your own method. Which is kinda strange imho.

    Except the obvious use of sarcasm makes it clear that it's a mockery. Which fails to address the fact that frustrating game mechanics generate bad word of mouth and the problems that causes.

    Yes, it was a mockery. I stated in my response that it was a mockery. Thank you for reiterating my point for me. Much appreciated.

    If people believe that an optional item that is in no way, shape, or form a prerequisite to completing the game nor enjoying it is the sole cause of frustration with the game, they should probably re-evaluate themselves. If you're seriously frustrated over what....2 items? and you believe that alone entitles you to badmouth a game, then you're probably not in a reliable position to offer a critique of the game anyway. If I were to equivalte that to say, our argument then it'd be like me saying "Well I don't like one of your points and therefore your entire argument is BS and invalid and I will now insult you." It's not constructive, it isn't helpful, and it more than likely isn't true. Now would idiots still listen to what I said and take it at face value without exploring it for themselves? Probably. But then there's also the chance that they see an ad or a review of the game and are intrigued by that.

  4. It's a good idea in theory, but there are many who don't even spend the FREE platinum they're given on slots. So it'd essentially null out a large portion of the game's revenue simply because they could just retrieve the reactor from a Frame before selling it, and essentially never need to buy a slot.

    It's one of those things where it sounds good and all, but when you actually do it it can come back and horribly backfire.

  5. It helps to actually type out a small summary instead of adding your response in the quotes. Makes it easier for me to break apart the stupidity of your statements and show it to you rather than having to do a wall o' text with numbers leading you to each point. But oh well. For every response you made, there'll be a number. 1 will obviously start with "That's a gross misinterpretation".

    1) It's not so much a misinterpretation as it is your unwillingness to admit that it's what your argument devolves into. I told you straight out, that at base value, that's what your argument revolved around. The system not working for YOU and a small demographic of the community. Even the bit where you do your own breakdown of your core argument includes fluff and wording to make it seem justified and nice. My breakdown removes all the fluff and gets down to what the issue is.

    2) You can tell that it's only a small demographic that truly find it "such a problem to grind for these" just by the reaction both in-forum and in-game. I've yet to see a million threads concerning this issue, and those that do crop up always end the same: the OP was just a free player who wanted free things. But since you asked for a survey: Out of 264 (probably closer to 400, however region chat does present trolls so they've been excluded for integrity of the argument. Otherwise I'd have to include in my post that a majority of those who had an issue with the current system followed it by "All da free stuffs we can get") players interviewed in region chat (NA-East), only 82 admitted to having an issue with the system as is. The others were either perfectly happy with the system as is, or acknowledged that orokin items were a major source of income for the company and were fine solely due to that fact. Now since I went and did all that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophic_burden_of_proof . Your turn. And before cherry picking gets thrown around, I refuse to corrupt a survey with someone who responds "I WANNA HAVE EVERYTIN" with chat. Ergo, trolls.

    3) So that's 2 in 10 days, with the strong chance of a 3rd today. Now to further show my argument of "It's not fair to me" that you want to throw around, you probably shouldn't have included time zones. I could go off on a tangent about this showing that "WELL IT HAPPENED WHEN I WAS ASLEEP SO IT'S UNFAIR", but I'll stick to the actual argument. For me, those times are quite fine. What is 12 am and 3 pm for you are 2 pm and 5 am for me, respectively. I see no issue with the times as is. I keep my laptop on me at work merely so I can peruse the forums and whatnot and look for alerts. If one shows, I just hop on real fast. 5 am? I'm already awake getting ready for work and everything. So just becuase it doesn't work for "US Central time" doesn't mean it doesn't work for the rest of us.

    4) It's actually not. It's in response to the "half as good as me becuase they didn't spend $5" post on page 1. Remember that I'm arguing multiple people here. I don't have the luxury of doing nice single responses, such as you do.

    5) Actually the comparison to DayZ is one your buddy Mr.Pava brought up. He's not arguing the issue anyway and is therefore unrelated to our argument. So that's another two fallacies that you fail to use properly. But since you seem so concerned to only check on my posts:

    I hate how I can't hit the thank button more than once. I couldn't have said this better. The DE devs are amazing. This is one of the only games that has this level of dedication and time put into it. The devs actually do care about the players, and they always keep us in the loop. I challenge all you complainers to find another game with such a great dev team.

    The war z

    day z

    spiral knights

    killing floor

    micro volts





    That's what started the entire DayZ argument. So saying that I started it just to throw off OUR argument, when you weren't even responsively posting in the first place, is actually false. Good job though. Little tip: Don't throw in arguments that don't affect your own. It just gives me more ammo to shoot down some of your more credulous arguments with. After all, to a majority of the community the winner of this argument is going to be "Who makes the other guy look dumber first".

    6) I was actually about to skip this one over till I read that you'd put my "quote" in the orange font as well -_- Thanks for actually making me work hard there guy. On to the actual issue however: I've not shot down your theories. In case you haven't noticed, I haven't even touched your post concerning possible ways to get Orokin reactors/catalysts. I've gone for the idiotic suggestions that have been presented. I then went after your arguments because they were rather poorly planned arguments. Your actual suggestion however has yet to be touched. So saying that I "ignored the part where I suggested xxxx way to get them in-game" is true. I did ignore it, merely because I didn't have an issue with it. So saying the "poor reading skills, shows off ignorance, etc etc" to a post that I haven't quoted, broken down, or even argued against at this point really just says to me that you're running out of decent arguments. Which is a shame really.

    7) Different people have different tastes. I can't go around forcing the game down people's throats anymore than you can. What I can do is give those who have played the game an argument to stay however. So it wasn't so much as much as I was "mocking the concept" rather than I was mocking those in the population that would do them

    8) First off I'll comment that that isn't a false dilemma. A false dilemma is when you create the argument that there's only one or two ways of possibly doing something, even when more exist. A good example would be "The only way you can get Orokin artifacts are to either be extremely lucky in the daily lottery or be lucky enough to be on when an alert dropping them happens" (Look familiar?). It's stating that those are the only ways that exist to gain those items, when in actuallity the third (and much more convenient) option is to just buy them with irl currency.

    On to your actual argument now: This game doesn't "punish you for not logging in". It resets the daily counter for the lottery sure. That's...to be expected. This game is also one of the few that doesn't reset your daily lottery as soon as you hit the max (meaning that once you've logged in for 7 days, on day 8 you're essentially back to day 1). Soo...how exactly does it punish you??

    9) I agree that it doesn't matter how many people I bring to the game. For me it hasn't been so much as "showing the right footage" as it has been just playing the game. As far as people not liking mechanics that involve luck.....that's 90% of games. Almost all games have their loot tables based on RNG. Very rarely is a "For every 5th time you kill this guy, you get this. For every 9th kill, you get this." In most games, all enemies have a %-% chance to drop something.

    10) This again could be used against you. It brings out the "I wasn't here for it so something must be wrong" issue that I can keep tossing around. 3 alerts for an item that doubles your mod energy (and what some in this thread have referred to as "you need to have it or your equipment is trash") is actually fairly decent imho. That's once a week, roughly. Which I'll have to change after the Livestream later when one of the Devs more than likely hands out another special alert for either a catalyst/reactor. So to have a weekly shot of obtaining a free item that people think "is the only thing that makes your equipment good" (paraphrasing as I CBA to scroll through this atm) and what would probably institute being a Cash Shop only item in well over 70%+ of F2P games out there....those are damn decent odds. Also note that I said I've only seen 3 since U7, hence why I asked if anyone was willing to go back and check the alerts section to find out for sure.

    11) I haven't been implying anything. I told you straight out that real life interferes with your gaming life. I haven't said "quit your job, drop out of school, go live in your parent's basement, wear a diaper so you don't have to leave the chair, etc etc". I told you to just accept the fact that when real life affects your gaming time, don't expect as much as those whose time it doesn't affect.

    12) I actually wasn't even touching the forums when I said that. It was more to the people screaming in the region chats that I visit. As far as "not being vocal" goes, missing out on an Orokin artifact BP alert generally tends to illicit the "vocal" response.

    13) And I've told you that real life affects gaming life. We seem to keep coming back to this issue. Fact: The more times you spend doing things that affect your real life (school, sleep, job), the less time you spend gaming. Also in your arguments for "showing me how infrequent they are" you've yet to factor in the daily lottery, which stays at Tier 3 (Day 7) even after you've rolled for 7 days. So say that you have logged on at least once every day since April began, and say that you'd maybe missed a day or something so April 1st was your login day. That's....3 days that you've been stuck on Tier 3 now? So 3 additional chances to receive an Orokin? Since you seem so fond of math, run that one in for me.

    14) And you've forgotten the part where I said that's what I label people as such. It's my personal label for people who cry about not receiving enough in a F2P game. Does that make it the 100% deciding factor "If Deuc said that I'm a self-entitled gamer then it must really be true. Now pardon me as I commit sudoku"? No. And if it does then....well, it's kind of flattering that you think so highly of my opinion....creepy as well.

    TL;DR: After all the S#&$ you've tried throwing my way, I still come out smelling like a rose. Please, continue your earlier efforts so that you can continue to make me look better by comparison.

  6. With this style of her fighting, I'd keep it closer to a famous rapier. After all, a broadsword's style of fighting (i.e the Durendal) is different than that of a Rapier. I'd say to keep in line with the fencing/rapier theme merely because of the skill's atm. Riposte is a term more familiar with fencing whereas parry would be the rough equivalent if using a broadsword.

    As far as extra names, if you're not interested in the whole "keep it with rapiers" bit and any mythos sword names are open:

    Curtana (French)

    Balmung (Eat me .Hack fanboys who knew nothing of the legend. It was cool before you knew about it). (Probably wouldn't use this since we already have Gram, which is essentially the same thing) (Norse)

    Nothung (Same as above) (German)

    Hrunting (Anglo-Saxon)

    Naegling (Anglo-Saxon)

    Dyrnwyn (Celtic)

    Nagelring (German)

    Arondight (British)

    Clarent (British)

    Galatine (British)

    Secace (British)

    Almace (French)

    Balisarda (French)

    Colada (Spain)

    Lobera (Spain)

    Tizona (Spain)

    That's the list I can remember anyway....there's probably more. I'd personally enjoy Secace or Arondlight simply because they're swords that were used by Lancelot. Figured it'd be cool to have one of those along with Excalibur.

  7. To make it charge the throw attack you'd probably need to do it's regular melee similar to that. I say this because if you look at the different examples of charge weapons, Melee and Paris, you see that the charge is just an extended version of the regular attack. For Melee the regular is just a bunch of swings whereas the charge is you just lean back for your first swing and unload. For the Paris the regular is just a semi-quick fire Robin Hood-esque style shooting whereas the charge is moreso similar to an actual archer.

    My point in this being that if you started doing different animations for a charge and a melee attack, it runs the risk of the weapon bugging out and getting stuck in animation a lot more. i.e For the glaive you could do a bunch of slashes starting from the hip and escalating towards the chest in a diagonal pattern, then crossing the entirety of the chest and swinging back in the other horizontal side for the regular melee attacks. It'd make it easier to introduce the charge attack then, which would result in the same "from the hip" action except you loose the glaive about halfway through the animation to throw it. Makes it have that realistic "discus of death" feel as opposed to have wonky mechanics for it.

    Edit: I used a word similar to "lean"....forgot it subs as a dirty word though ._.;

  8. They do a small tutorial. Plus it's not like there are things in this game that are all THAT difficult to discover if you bother exploring the game a little bit >,< I personally prefer this to having the game hold my hand the entire time with useless tutorials about things I discovered 3+ hours ago.

  9. It's not so much fangirling/fanboying as it is appreciation. The only people who start shouting around "stupid fan-insertgenderhere" are those that can't win in arguments and have to resort to personal attacks to make themselves feel better.

    Glad you enjoy the game. Also be sure to check out the livestream tomorrow (later today for me ._.;) for more Dev & Fanbase interactions :D

  10. A) I hate to be the one to break it to you but if you never knew that having a social life affects your gaming time a bit then uhh....yeah. It kinda does -.-

    B) Or you can just wait for it like the rest of us do. I don't see everyone and their grandmother screaming "OMG THERE'S NEVER A CATALYST/REACTOR ALERT" unless they literally just missed one.

    C) Or again, you can wait. Like the rest of us do.

    The problem is is that you face the same problem the rest of what I like to call the "self-entitled gamers" do. You believe that due to your mere presence in a F2P game (or a game in general), you should have everything given to you. If you don't get it, then it's automatically the game's fault. Hate to break it to you but: DE does a reasonable number of Dev alerts where they manually activate a Catalyst/Reactor alert, there's a reasonable number of them done by the game's generator for an item that you all deem to be "the essential item where everything is trash if you don't have it", and they're available in a cash shop for a next to insignificant sum. Your thinking, and what a majority of those who agree with you think as well, is that "Well it doesn't happen when I'm here so that's absolutely no fault of my own and the game needs to change to accomodate me." Hence the "self-entitled gamers" title that I've dubbed upon you all.

    I'll be waiting. I'm sure you've had plenty of time to read over that list I was kind enough to provide you with so you should have had time to learn just what a logical fallacy is by now. Maybe you'd be kind enough to throw out a few more examples for me to point out to you.

  11. 1) Will be added next update.

    2) Totally. Abilities and different stats don't differentiate the Warframes at all. Cuz ya know, Volt just turns invulnerable in a mob of enemies and just sits there while Rhino activates his OP Ultimate that lifts all the opponents into the air and crushes them into dust.

    3) You mean to tell me that per shot, a weapon that shoots out friggin harpoons is doing more than a light machine gun? Shocker.

    4) The entire purpose of rank is to encourage you to switch equipment around. The rank isn't really anything according to you anyway, seeing as how "end-game weapons are all lawl compared to the AkBolto". Mastery Rank is there for those of us that want to show that we're proficient in multiple styles rather than just "Grab Mag, get Energy, Crush everything, win".

    5) It's better than a majority of F2P MMOs ._.

    6) UI is buggy sometimes. DE knows it and they work towards fixing it. And as much as people are gonna cry for me saying this, BETA. Don't hop in and expect the "crisp clear 100% this is how everything is going to work" feel.

    Cuz fanboys can be unreasonably tough at defending things they like, if you know what I mean.

    The fact that you call anyone willing to argue the points of a game "a fanboy" really just goes to show your lack of maturity ._. Like seriously, I argue all the time with people. And if I'm wrong, I admit it. I don't resort to "you stupid fanboy just shut up" arguments though smh

  12. Things to consider:

    1) Your primary task is a DPS.

    2) You have a DPS...who can set up a shield to weaken enemies? So now we're crossing into debuff territory.

    3) That "get shot ahead at xxx% speed" works well, until someone screws up and slaps one somewhere where the result is the person passing through getting flung off the map.

    4) Having decoys that shoot with only a slight nerf of damage compared to mine...means I'm just slapping either Snipertron or Strun on and blasting away.

    5) Replay needs to have a duration. Letting me fire through just the clip alone means my Gorgon will be the singlehanded most op weapon in the game.

  13. Fantastic job at missing the point entirely of that comment. Since you seem to be having a hard time with this, I'll make it very clear.

    The point is, what good does being alerted do if you can't play the game at that point in time?

    What good is being alerted that there's a BP alert if it's 4am and you're asleep, of if it's 10am and you're in class, or it's 4pm and you're at work, or it's 7pm and you're having to feed your kids?

    The problem is that it's a complete matter of luck on whether or not you'll be available when a BP alert pops up.

    And as we've said, there's plenty of opportunities for you to acquire these. The fact that you just happen to not be on at the time has less to do with the system and more to do with your personal life.


    Yeeah, you are. Actually look up "DayZ controversy" before continuing to discuss this.

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