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  1. 2 hours ago, Giantconch said:


    You've proved me right when I spoke of people using his 1-trick as a crutch. Thanks for admitting you use his invincibility as a crutch because you can't mod other frames.

    I’m happy to admit that lvl 100 content that’s restricted on energy with enemies that can 1 shot most of my frame is hard no prob bro and thanks for agreeing that Inaros atm is as useful as dirt since you never denied me

  2. Personal statement here->wukong without defy being a GM ability even if you try to improve the movement or “activity” will not be a wukong so basically keep defy improve everything else as you don’t need to change an ability that truly isn’t godmode as you can die even if it’s activated just sit in the middle of any group of enemies for 6 lives oh wait without recasting you can’t.

  3. 2 hours ago, Giantconch said:

    This looks pretty solid actualy. I'd comment on the changes before they go in but that doesnt seem like a wise move. I'll wait until after the changes drop to give feedback and hopefully needed tweaks can be made then.




    Defy in its current form is a broken 1-trick-pony ability. Cloudwalker is a joke currently, iron jab is essentially useless, his 4 is also a mobile meme. Though he will no longer have defy, having a clone with boosted damage you can send after a target, a better cloudwalker that could actually be useful in spy missions that doesnt feel like a glaciar receeding, and a potentially better version of primal fury which doesnt take a few hundred kills to actually start working like an exalted weapon should be a good improvement.


    His passive sounds a lot like Defy currently but not an infinite unkillable state. To those saying he's ruined as a result of no longer having Defy, like, do you even Inaros bro? If you crutched Wukong on Defy when the going got tough then I hate to say it, but its time to git gud. ...I feel dirty saying that.

    And have you realized Inaros is useless for lvl 100 sorties like bruv I use wukong as a survival frame for sortie love him as a support for my friends who try new stuff also defy a 1 trick pony that’s for the wukong players who haven’t been kill five times in a matter of 2 minutes say do you know how hard it really is to not lose your life on wukong he has a limited amount of lives before he is dead it’s not god mode if you sit take damage and never reset his defy but back to Inaros I barely with a tank efficiency build Inaros can play lvl 50 content I’d say Inaros is what needs wither a buff or rework as his little 4 that gives a way to survive isn’t good enough please replace Inaros with Mr.Op tank rhino who thanks to the iron skin ability where he can take his 1-2 second pre application damage onto his iron skin when you activated it so in truth haven’t seen Inaros be useful for a team or solo other than stunning things sorry about no punctuation I feel this is best delivered as trash as possible I feel that defy is fine with is immortality field but needs to be more active like instead of taking it away and being a active-time-release built dps to a activate-build dps-die/lose a life-explode- still active-repeat 2 more then reset which will make him be deemed as a nyx type tank release but restricted by his health, shield, and immortal time so he is a moving nuke something like a bl2 nova shield ya know but I feel everything else is mostly good wish cloud walker which I use for escape to be in a place to recast the defy also the Inaros thing you don’t have to take to heart just feel he needed more help than wukong for now

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