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  1. Histori


    PM me with offer, thanks .
  2. Is it gonna be today in late hours for Eu or in few hours from now ?
  3. PM me with offer, tnx
  4. Bad luck i got all of those duplicates but not Broken War bp .
  5. I understand that, but u need to sacriface this weapon and for that ot should be a way to get it easier, not have to pray RNG for it.
  6. It is a bad luck, i know how that feels )
  7. I got parts to build 10 Broken wars,only if I a have Bp. I think Bp sould be aviable to get much easier since u need that weapon to build another.
  8. So log in weapons and some quest weapons Bps and parts are added to Cephalon Simaris, why not add Broken War BP there also ? We cant trade Bp only parts and considering that one is needed to build War melee, we need to waste it. I know som players dont care if they have all weapons in ther arsenal, but I do and I think som players like to have all ther weapons that have been mastered in arsenal. I just ask som easier ways to get this weapon, since one is needed to build another, and not have 2.75 % chance to get it.
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