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  1. U want to tell me that each Nec gived u 3.6666 Scint, cmon, or u Cat goved u buff so u got that many.
  2. U played a lot this days, that does not count to much days have passed.
  3. Show me the screenshot and i will trust u, sharing lies will not make u good person.
  4. If u ask me 100 tines I will always say that is Mesa cuz of helmet, now when i look closer i dont see pistols. Yea it is a minor thing.
  5. Oh that is what I did put Empower on Mesa 🙂 I dunno did I uderstand u, but u can add more than one infusion on configuration simply add ✔️ on the right. Or maybe if u infuse in more that one config it will say infused in A,B,D for example.
  6. Can we now get bonus reward at the end of bounty for completing all bonuses in bounty stages ? Cuz i saw that is also RNG based for no reason.
  7. Got those, it seems that they are rare spawn. Just use ur Archwing with Tranq rifle and fly left and right near the edges of the map and they will spawn, max 3 those Avicheas can spawn, for me atleast.
  8. Did anyone got additional reward at the end of the bounty for completing all bonus objetives in the bounty ?
  9. Just grinded Ivara and frames parts that drop from bounties if now I did not got burnout I dunno will i get one 🙂
  10. Tnx for the info, hope it will be soon, not next year.
  11. Is this still recurring event ? Anyone got something when will be avaible again ?
  12. I just wonder when i install Roar on my Nova what sound will see make when i use ability 🙂
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