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  1. Hello DE, Tnx for the update. never really got the chance to say tnx for FORTUA, so i am saying it now. I wanted to say as someone whos been playing this game for more than a year now, that i really liked the difficulty that came with fortuna. enemies were well balanced, everyone unique, there were those that needed to be payed attention to, some to kill faster, other to dodge. if one is not challenged in combat, they will never evolve. Wanted system is gr8 too. i just wanted to point out, dont nerf enemies too much. befoe this patch they were fine. i still didnt try the game after the patch, but i guess on higher lvls they will be the same, so i am not too worried. tnx again for fortuna. WE ALL LIFT TOGETHER \p/
  2. my feedback n revenant: his one is okey now, but in team, teammates kill them all either way so who cares xD his second.... i never had problem with it. only place where its weak is ESO. his 3rd is useless.... i mean useless, really. heals u only on thralls but they r dead in team play. why not make it so that they mark targets and that market targets can also make pillars of energy once killed... would be way more usefull. or make it so that it heals off normally on regular units and not just thralls. his 4th was fine... dunno why u nefred it .... just reverse it back.. or if u dont, make pillars do more damage and make overshields stronger tnx in advance for all your hard work DE \p/
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